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If you are looking for some tips and a guide for playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Reddit can be one of your alternatives for finding information about it. On Reddit, there are a number of threads about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Tips & Guide. We will give you some of the tips & guides to play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp from Reddit below.

Pro Tips to Play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

A user named ZoomBoingDing posted about pro tips to play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Here are some of the tips that he shared.

  • You have to diversify the friendship of your animal. Every villager animal in the game has an associated crafting resource such as wood, cotton, steel, preserves, and paper and essences including cool, sporty, cute and natural. When you complete requests for a given animal, they will give you some of their associated basic crafting resources. Also, they will give you their essence and sometimes craft resources when leveling up their friendship. Sometimes, you also receive a bonus resource when you succeed in completing a request. Then, if an animal is invited to your campsite, chatting with them sometimes will prompt them to give you bells or resources/ essences. The animals you befriend have an important impact on the income of your resource. If you do not diversify your camp animals, you will be starved of a resource while having an abundance of another.
  • You have to get chummy with Tex. Amenities in the game permit villagers of the corresponding essence type to have a higher maximum friendship cap. An amenity does not have to be put to affect maximum friendship. After it is made, the effect is permanent. But, you need to know that they can be expensive and time consuming to build. The default friendship cap of 7 is reached fast. Tex has cotton as his associated resource which is needed to make all the initial tent amenities before you can progress to the cooler set pieces. So, you will be starved for cotton early game. If you have extra time and resources, you can use request tickets with Tex early on.
  • Make sure that you do not try to sell rare bugs or fish in your market box. Why? It is because the prices are a little bit ridiculous. Also, they are very infrequently asked for by animals in requests. If you throw a football fish in your market box for 25,000 bells, it is a waste since it will very likely never sell. Even if you needed one for a request it will not be worth the price. So, it is better for you to sell them directly to the game if you want extra space.
  • You can plan on 30 minute game sessions multiple times per day. To be able to fulfill all of the visiting animals’ requests, to collect all of the available resources and to resolve crafting needs about 30 minutes. Having multiple sessions in a day is the best way that you can do. After all, your progress is limited by the amount of requests that you can fulfill. Picking it up every 3 hours can be the most efficient way.
  • You need to make a lot of friends. If you want to get to Shovelstrike Quarry, the sensible way is to have 5 friends. For your information, the quarry bonus reward changes every 3 hours. However, the help of friends will reset at the end of the day. To make sure that you get enough help before the end of your day, you generally will need 10+ active friends to help you.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Reddit Tips & Guide

The Extensive Guide of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

There is also another user named SenorDeeebs who shared an extensive guide about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Below, you can see some points of the guide.

  • You have to choose your theme in the game. This is the beginning of the game. This thing does not affect in regards to your game entirely, but it is simply which villager you automatically start with, and also your base starting furniture. You still can get the other 3 starting villagers and the furniture which is associated with them.
  • In this game, you will make progress in a lot of ways. There is experience that you have to gain and it permits you to be able to progress in levels and unlock more things.
  • Each level that you obtain, it will unlock various things. If you want to get experience, it can be obtained by leveling up the happiness of a villager. For your information, every happiness level from a villager is 1 exp to you as a player.
  • There is a catalog. It is a feature in all Animal Crossing games, clothing, details all the furniture, amenities and special furniture that you can obtain.
  • In this game, there are villagers. They are an integral part of the Animal Crossing franchise and they are the animal in Animal Crossing. In the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, you are able to do requests for your villagers, hold conversations and invite them to your campground. They are also integral to you leveling up yourself. When you can level up in player level, you will be able to unlock more and more villagers.
  • In your campsite, you are able to have up to 8 villagers at a time and 4 which will randomly come up in the 4 Explore locations on the map. Outside in the 4 exploring locations, there will be a random villager that will appear.
  • Your end-goal with villagers in the game is to be able to invite every single one that you can to your campsite. Then, you must be able to level them all up to their maximum level of 20. If you are able to complete requests and do specific conversation missions, you will be rewarded varying amounts of experience from 1 to 3. When the happiness level of your villagers increases, you will be given certain rewards when hitting certain milestone points.

Well, those are some points of the guides and tips for playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp from Reddit. To see completely, you are able to access Reddit directly.

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