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You may think whether you have to buy Animal Crossing Companion guide or not. Before you buy, it is better for you to know the review and comments from those who buy this book so that it can be your consideration.

Threads About Animal Crossing Companion Guide in Reddit

 In Reddit, there are some threads about Animal Crossing Companion Guide. You are able to visit Reddit and then you are able to read each thread about it. One of the threads entitled Animal Crossing New Horizon Official Companion Guide. In the post, he says that he is thinking about buying the official animal crossing guide, but he still doubts whether to buy it because he wonders whether it is worth it to buy it or not. He knows that there is a lot of stuff in the book, but some people said to him that the book does not include contents which are added on and after the 3rd April. So, he doubts about it.

Animal Crossing Companion Guide Reddit

From the thread above, there are a number of other users who give comments. One of them suggested that he download Unofficial ACNH.Guide app rather than buying the book. But, there is also another user which says that he heard information from people who made the companion guide that they would add their own free updates to the guide with each new in-game update in the form of PDFs.

There are also the other threads that you can find about this book and one of them is a thread which asks others whether they have a PDF file of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Official Companion guide book. There are some answers to this question and one of them is from lyssababy707 who share a link about the photos of some contents of the book uploaded on Google Drive. However, the book uploaded on that drive is only 27 pages.

There are still more threads about this Animal Crossing Companion Guide in Reddit, if you want to know more, you can access Reddit directly. However, if you need some information about the contents of the Animal Crossing Companion Guide book, you can read below.

About Animal Crossing Companion Guide

If you want to have this Animal Crossing Companion Guide book, you are able to get it from Amazon. The price of this book is $26.64. The rating of this book is 4.8 out of 5. The publisher is Future Press and it is licensed by Nindtendo. The book is written in English and it has 432 pages. Besides releasing in English, this book is also released in French, German, Spanish and Italian. The weight of the book is 3.59 pounds and its dimensions are 11.06 x 0.98 x 8.66 inches. This book was released before version 1.2.0 and it does not contain any information for any content that was released after that date.

If you play Animal Crossing New Horizons, it will take you to a deserted island and you will be permitted to craft it into your own personal paradise where there is a unique and character-filled community in it. This book is a perfect guide that you are able to buy and use for getting the most out of island life and the ultimate reference for anyone who wants to have it all.

What information that you will get from this book? There is so much information about Animal Crossing that you will get from this book. Here, we have a list about what you will get from the book.

  • You will get acclimatized. With this book, you will be settled in on your new island home as soon as possible. You will also be able to be oriented and informed on everything a new resident needs to know.
  • As we know that in this game, you are able to create your own world. So, in this book, you will be informed about the right tools and a little guide and maybe a little bit of insider information for playing the stalk market. In this book, every tool and app is explained and there are tips for design and money making as well.
  • If you want to be the one which provides the exhibits, as a museum lover, you will be in for a treat. It is a direct approach to preservation and every budding naturalist or palaeontologist needs a solid reference book to consult. You will find every specimen that is covered in the book.
  • In the game, you can shop till you drop. Your island will not be like paradise if there are no shopping facilities. In the game, there is Timmy and Tommy’s retail which will bring a wealth of desirable goods for purchase. For interior decorator and fashionista, every last option is lavishly catalogued.
  • If you want to see some of the hottest island destinations which have already found their feet, made a community and started attracting high-volume tourism, there are some true gems and arranged photo shoots that will provide a lot of inspiration for making the island that you dream of.
  • In the book, you will also be given the high-quality bookmarks which have included where one side of it has beautiful character artwork and the other side is filled with useful info. Also, there is an online calendar that you can use for keeping track of events on the island so that you will make sure that you never miss a resident’s birthday.

If you access Youtube, you will find some videos about Animal Crossing Companion Guide book ranging from unboxing to review. Here are some videos about this book.

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