Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp How Many Animals Can Be in Your Camp?

You may be playing Animal Crossing now and one of the things that you are curious about is about the total of animals that can be in your camp. Here, we will give you the information about it and also the other information related to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

The Number of Animals That Can Be in Your Camp

According to GameZebo, you are only able to host eight animals at a time. If you find that all slots are full, you will have to send someone home before you are able to invite someone new. If you want to send an animal home, you have to go to your Campsite and then you must tap the cat face icon on the right side of the screen. There, you will see a list of who is currently hanging out at your camp. You are able to tap on the animal’s icon to see their details page together with the Send Home option.

The Number of Animals That Can Be in Your Camp

Do you want to invite an animal to your campsite? If so, you have to tap an empty slot with a plus sign. Then, you have to select your invitee from the list of available contacts. If you find that an animal that you invite to the campsite is now on one of the external camping islands, the island will be empty for the remainder of the three-hour rotation. They are not replaced by another animal soon. So, you have to make sure that you have completed any requests before you ask them to come over.

The Controls in The Pocket Camp Game

In the game, you are able to walk somewhere and you can do that by tapping your destination on the screen or you can drag your finger across the screen. Then, your character will follow along. How to go to a different area? You are able to do that by opening the map and then select a destination. After that, you can choose Let’s Go.

The Controls in The Pocket Camp Game

How about making furniture? You can do that by tapping the Craft icon. If it has done, it will be marked as Complete. Certain materials are required to craft a piece of furniture. If you do not have enough craft materials, Leaf Tickets can be used to get them and then make an order. If you are not able to wait any longer to see the completed product, you are also able to use Leaf Tickets to complete the crafting process soon.

If you want to decorate your space, you are able to use the Arrange button on the right to place furniture at your campsite or in your camper van. You have to tap on a piece of furniture to rotate it or you can drag it across the screen to move it to a different spot. If you do not wish to show an item, you are able to tap the Put Away button and then you have to tap on the furniture that you want to store.

How to make friends in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp? In the game, you will see that other players will appear at recreation spots from time to time. So, you are able to reach out and become friends with them. You are able to be friends in the game with your real-life friends and you can do that by sharing your ID with them.

If you want to interact with friends, you can do that by visiting a campsite of your friend. Then, you are able to give them kudos and you will learn friend powder which is a valuable type of craft material. Also, you are able to shop at the Market Box of your friend for natural items and help him or her to get into Shovelstrike Quarry.

The items that you receive as gifts will not be sent to your mailbox. If there is something in your mailbox, the mailbox icon will begin flashing. So, you have to check it often.

If you want to catch a fish in the game, there are several things that you need to note. If there is a shadow of a fish that you see in the river or the ocean, you have to tap on it to cast your line. If the fish bites, then there will be an exclamation point that will appear over it. The thing that you have to do when you see an exclamation mark is to tap quickly to reel that fish in. If it is hard for you to catch a certain type of fish, you can use a throw net which can come in handy. Also, another thing that you need to note about fishing in the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is that different types of fish live in the ocean in the river.

If you want to catch bugs, you have to hold your net at a recreation spot. If you are holding it in that place, it means that you are able to catch bugs. How to begin catching bugs in the game? You have to tap on a bug. Then, when you are near enough to catch the bug, you will see an exclamation point. The thing that you have to do is to quickly tap again to trap the bug in your net. A certain type of bug may be a little bit hard to catch. If so, you are able to use honey to be able to catch a lot of types of bugs at once.

About Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

In this game, you are able to make the place your own and you are able to do that by crafting amenities, furniture and the other fun items for your animal friends to interact with. Here, you are able to visit nearby recreation areas to go fishing, collect fruit and collect bugs. Here, you are also able to take advantage of all that camp life has to offer.

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