Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Characters List

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a mobile game which is developed by Nintendo. Originally, it was announced in April 2016 and then on November 22nd, 2017, this game was released worldwide. In this game, there are a lot of characters or villagers that you are able to meet. Who are they? We will list them below.

List of Characters in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

According to Nintendo Animal Crossing Pocket Camp site that can be accessed at, there are 17 characters and here is the list of them.

  • Isabelle


She is a female dog and her birthday is on December, 20th. In the game, she helps players in their new role as the town mayor as their secretary and assistant. She is polite, friendly, hardworking and eager to help players in any tasks that she can help with.

  • Cyrus


He is an alpaca and he works at Re-Tail with Reese, his wife and his business partner. He is a master craftsman. He can build any piece of furniture that you order. Even he can craft larger amenities such as tree houses and tents. He has blue color fur, black eyes and tan skin. His birthday is on January 26th.

  • Reese


She is a pink alpaca and her birthday is on July 5th. She works at Re-Tail together with Cyrus, her husband. She has pink hair, a white face, black eyes, pink lipstick, and a brown nose. Also, she wears a red apron. She spends most of her time at Re-Tail, but sometimes she also helps Cyrus.

  • Giovanni


He is a black bird and he is the boss of OK Motor. His birthday is on September 5th. He wears the OK Motors jacket uniform and also a cap on his head. He also has big eyebrows.

  • Beppe


He is a black bird and he is a character which cooperates with Giovanni and Carlo in OK Motors. Among the three blackbirds, he is the tallest one and he is the head painter. His birthday is on July 17th and he wears the OK Motors jacket uniform. He also wears a cap on his head and a pair of googles.

  • Carlo


He is a blackbird who cooperates with Beppe and Giovanni in OK Motors. He is the head mechanic and his birthday is on May 3rd. Same as other back birds in OK Motors, he also wears the OK Motors jacket uniform with a cap. Among those three blackbirds, he is the one who has a beard.

  • Timmy


Timmy is a raccoon and his birthday is on June 7th. Timmy, together with Tommy which is his twin, runs the town’s store. It is described that from time to time, Timmy likes to get away from his day job at Nookling Junction and set up a shop at Market Place.

  • Tommy


He is the twin of Timmy. So, he has the same birthday as Timmy namely on June 7th. It is described that whenever Tommy needs a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, he will go to Market Place to sell things the old-fashioned way from his truck.

  • Mabel


Mabel is a female hedgehog. Her birthday is on May 22nd. She is co-owner of the Able Sisters tailor shop with her older sister, Sable. She has a blue body with brown orange cheeks. She also has black eyes, nose and eyebrows. If you find the smile of Mabel at Market Place, you will know a selection of fashionable clothing and accessories that cannot be far behind. She always be happy to make a deal and also she will buy something from you happily.

  • Sable


She is a female hedgehog and her birthday is November 22nd. Together with Mabel, she becomes a co-owner of the Able Sisters tailor shop. She is shy and she prefers to work in the background while Mabel helps customers. Usually, you can find her behind a sewing machine.

  • Labelle


Her birthday is on October 31st. She is a hedgehog and he is the younger sister of Sable and the older sister of Mabel. She brings a high-fashion pedigree to her curated selection of hats and accessories.

  • Kicks


His birthday is on November 30th. He is a skunk and he runs a shoe shop named after himself.

  • Lloid


He is a gyroid which was born on August 28th. He monitors the conditions of mining at Shovelstrike Quarry. Also, is described that he is always in the market for minerals and will offer Bells and craft materials in exchange for them.

  • Jay


He is a bird which was born on July 17th. He is not exactly brave. He is just empty-headed.

  • Apollo


He is an eagle and his birthday is on July 4th. Based on his appearance, he is often misunderstood.

  • Goldie


She is a dog and her birthday is on December 27th. The luxurious locks of her are famous for their natural fluff and sweet aroma.

  • Rosie


She is a cat and her birthday is on February 27th. She is a town celebrity. If there is a crowd of people in a state of frenzy, you are able to be sure that Rosie is on the other side of it.

List of Villagers in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

According to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Wiki at Gamepedia site, there are about 234 villagers in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. You are able to see some of the villagers in the list below.

Name Personality Species Theme
Agnes Big sister Pig Cool
Agent S Peppy Squirrel Sporty
Alfonso Lazy Alligator Natural
Al Lazy Gorilla Natural
Anabelle Peppy Anteater Harmonious
Alice Normal Koala Modern
Angus Cranky Bull Cool
Anicotti Peppy Mouse Hip
Annalisa Normal Anteater Harmonious
Antonio Jock Anteater Sporty
Aurora Normal Penguin Civic
Ava Normal Chicken Rustic
Avery Cranky Eagle Rustic
Bam Jock Deer Sporty
Bea Normal Dog Rustic
Beardo Smug Bear Historical
Beau Lazy Deer Natural
Benedict Lazy Chicken Historical
Bianca Peppy Tiger Sporty
Big Top Lazy Elephant Sporty
Bill Jock Duck Harmonious
Billy Jock Goat Civic
Biskit Lazy Dog Hip
Bitty Snooty Hippo Cute
Bluebear Peppy Cub Cute
Boone Jock Gorilla Rustic
Bob Lazy Cat Hip
Boris Cranky Pig Cool
Boots Jock Alligator Natural
Bree Snooty Mouse Civic
Broccolo Lazy Mouse Hip
Bruce Cranky Deer Cool
Buck Jock Horse Sporty
Bud Jock Lion Sporty
Bunnie Peppy Rabbit Cute
Butch Cranky Dog Sporty
Buzz Cranky Eagle Cool
Carmen Peppy Rabbit Modern
Candi Peppy Mouse Historical
Cashmere Snooty Sheep Historical
Carrie Normal Kangaroo Cute
Celia Normal Eagle Elegant

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