All Fortnite IO Guard Spawn Locations

The arrival of IO Guards in Fortnite Season 5 is such a menace for players. Why? However, the IO Guards can make or break for the players on the battlefield. Here, the players can find the location of their spawn or totally avoid them which may be better for some.

Finding the location of their spawn is quite tricky. At least there are 15 possible spawn locations that you can find through the map. Besides, those Al-controlled characters are going to spawn out in specific locations and then attack the players which are getting too close.

All Fortnite IO Guard,

This post will guide you to find all IO Guards spawn locations as one of the challenges in Fortnite Season 5. Here’s how!

Finding All IO Guards Spawn Locations, Here’s for Guides!

Before finding all the locations of IO Guards spawn, you should know that the IO Guards are a mixed bad group who litter the game. This group is totally tanky which does not offer much useful loot. However, they have determined the spawn locations around the map. It means that if you want to avoid them, you totally can do it.

The IO Guards will spawn in elevator-like terminals and they then appear to transport them from another dimension. As the IO Guards’ spawn can be determined before, we think that it’s pretty easier to find them than Gorgers or Marauders.

As we’ve explained, there are 15 possible spawn locations on the map which can be a spot where the IO Guards spawn. If you notice deeply to the Fortnite map, you definitely can locate those metallic curves which will open up if you get too close. You’ll see about 3 IO Guards are going to walk out and then begin shooting at you.

Well, it’s the best knowledge for you to avoid them at all costs before they are successfully shooting at you. Even though you will have a chance to trap the other players but the more important concern is to defeat them as they will cause more than good. In this way, you have to be careful to proceed with caution.

To find them, you totally can see the map in which the IO Guards are scattered around Fortnite island. Then, to ease you finding them, we are going to show you all possible locations where the IO Guards spawn are.

Here’s a list of IO Guards spawn locations!

  1. Weeping Woods
  2. Steamy Stacks
  3. Risky Reels
  4. Holly Hedges
  5. Coral Castle
  6. Logjam Woodworks
  7. Lazy Lake
  8. Pleasant Park
  9. Lake Canoe
  10. Rapid’s Rest
  11. Camp Cod
  12. Misty Meadows
  13. Hunter’s Haven
  14. Gorgeous Gorge
  15. Salty Towers
  16. Spaceship Crash Site

Well, those are all locations where you can possibly find the IO Guards on Fortnite. You can also see on the map below. There are several points of location that you have to go in order to find the IO Guards and then defeat them a lot.

All Fortnite IO Guard Spawn Locations

However, by seeing the map above, we guarantee that you will be easier to find them around. Aside from the locations above, there may be other places where IO Guards spawn. Your only task is to keep looking for the map and reading any posts which show about it.

What Should You Do After Finding the IO Guards?

Fortnite Season 5 has finally presented some high-powered NPC enemies to the game. As you know, Marauders have been the least popular additions in Fortnite Chapter 2. As a throwback, a lot of players really hate the music associated with their arrival because they tend to spawn at the worst times.

The Marauders group has been replaced with Gorgers in Season 4 and today with the IO Guards in Season 5. However, both of which are an improvement of their original form. Because the IO Guards were added to make mischief in Fortnite island, of course this season allows you to find and then defeat them to stop their bad deeds.

Unfortunately, defeating them is not easy at all. Instead of having anxiety with other players who can kill you in this challenge, you can also deal with the Io Guards. Indeed, they will be hunting you down until you get far away enough.

What you should do after you find them is to finally defeat and kill them a lot. It’s better for you to land nearby and then fight them early before they notice with your arrival. It’s because each guard will drop 10 Gold. They are usually about five in each spawn location. To get the advantage from this situation, here, you can come away with around 50 Gold after each engagement.

After you defeat a group of IO guards, you can then use the map to locate the next group to get more gold that you can use to buy and upgrade the weapons. Once you knock them, you can then give them a shakedown. Then, they will inform you the location of the rest of the IO Guards in their group. In doing this, please be careful though as they will revive each other if you do not finish killing them.

More About the IO Guards

The IO Guards are bots which are programmed characters added in Fortnite Battle Royale. They were added to the game in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 5. Since it was added to the game, they can spawn at random times during matches. Moreover, the IO Guards are part of the Imagined Order.

They totally came to the game to stop the players from accessing the Zero Point which can be eliminated to receive loot, XP and Gold Bars. During matches, the IO Guards are going to spawn from a cube-shaped building. Here, they will start to chase and attack nearby players which is similar to the Marauders did in the previous Fortnite season.

Additionally, when they are knocked down, they will be shakedowned by the players for a scanner which shows the players where the rest of IO Guards are. They can also be revived by the other IO Guards in the same group.

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