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Let’s learn how to use admin commands on Xbox One on our post below!

Admin commands or also known as ‘cheat’ commands are commonly used in either single player mode or a private mode including dedicated, non-dedicated and also PC hosted third-party servers.

To enter any command, you have to ensure that you have the correct permissions on the server you’re currently playing. However, it can be found either through the use of an admin password or in the server settings.

ARK Xbox One

Here’s a List of Admin Commands on Xbox One

On the ARK’s previous version, an admin command bar was shown at the top of the start menu, however because of the recent updates (v.757 on Xbox One), a combination should be input simultaneously in the start menu to enable the admin command bar.

    • PS4 = L1 + R1 + Square + Triangle
    • Xbox One = LB + RB + X + Y

After you have the admin command bar, you can then input admin commands below!

Commands written in <…..> are just to provide the information and examples. Please don’t include the <or> when you enter the password, only the text or value within it. In addition, several codes may or may not require ‘admincheat’ at the start, so if you don’t see the desired outcome, you can try to add or also remove it from the command bar.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Basic Commands

    • Enable Cheat: enablecheats <passcode>

This command will need to be input into the admin bar before inputting any other admin “cheat” commands. The password is within the server control panel which can be composed by the server owner/ admin.

    • Set Cheat Player: setcheatplayer true or setcheatplayer false

When you enter “true”, the cheat commands will be enabled. When you enter “false”, the cheat commands will be disabled.

    • Add Experience: admincheat addexperience <How much to add> <From tribe share>

For example: admincheat addexperience 50000 0 1
In this case, the Experience can be used to level up and unlock engrams. However, it can be used for  either your tribe up, level you up or even a dino.

    • Allow/Disallow Player To Join No Check

admincheat AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <XBox ID>

admincheat DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <XBox ID>

This command will either allow or remove you  from the server whitelist. The players on the whitelist will not need to enter the password after entering the server.

    • Ban Player: admincheat BanPlayer <SteamID> or <PSN ID> or <Xbox ID><

This command will add a player who has been selected to a ban list. So the server will no longer show them in the console’s server menu.

    • Broadcast: admincheat Broadcast <Enter Message Here>

This command will be received by all players who are currently on the server.

    • Change Size: ChangeSize <Size Multiplier Value>

This command will set the model of your character size which will either make your character smaller or bigger.  Then, altering this value can deliver the issues with sinking, clipping, or mobility problems resembling rubber banding. If you want to reset your character size, you just simply have to enter the value or “1”.

    • Clear Player Inventory: ClearPlayerInventory <Player ID> <ClearInventory> <ClearSlotItems> <ClearEquippedItems>

You’re able to enter all three “clear” tags or just the specific ones. For example, if you only wish to clear your equipped items, you should input : ClearPlayerInventory <PlayerID> ClearEquippedItems</pre>

    • Debug Structures: DebugStructures

This command will present the structure information and ID when you’re looking at a building or structure.

    • Destroy All: admincheat DestroyAll <Type>

On the <Type>, you can enter the unique code or line for a dino. So if you want to destroy all Troodons, you should input: admincheat DetroyAll Troodon_Character_BP_C

    • Destroy All Enemies: admincheat destroy all enemies

This command actually will destroy all creatures either wild or  tame which do not belong  to the player who inputs the command.

    • Destroy My Target: admincheat DestroyMyTarget

Your crosshairs will be destroyed after entering this admin command, whatever is in your characters. No corpse will be left.

    • Destroy Structures: admincheat DestroyStructures

Need to know that all structures that you own will be destroyed instantly on the map. So, please be careful!

    • Destroy Tribe Dinos: admincheat DestroyTribeDinos

By using this command, all dinosaurs will be decayed which depend on the player or character you’re looking at including all those which belong to the different members of the tribe.

    • Destroy Tribe Players: admincheat DestroyTribePlayers

By using this command, all tribe members will be decayed which  depend on the player or character which you are looking at.

    • Destroy Tribe Structures: admincheat DetroyTribeStructures

By using this command, all tribe structures will be decayed which depend on the player or character which you are looking at including all those which  belong to the different members of the tribe.

    • Destroy Wild Dinos: admincheat DestroyWildDinos

This command is totally useful when servers are over/underpopulated with certain types of dinos. It’s important for you to type this command once any change in wild dino behavior or stats to add the changes made.

    • Disable Spectator: admincheat DisableSpectator

As a player commonly entering spectator mode, their characters will die. So, when you turn off and “log out” of spectator mode, you automatically will see the respawn menu.

    • Do Exit: admincheat DoExit

This command will cause the server when you’re on the shutdown

    • Enemy Invisible: admincheat EnemyInvisible true OR admincheat EnemyInvisible false

Well, all wild dinos will not attack you on sight, when ‘true’ is active. While, ‘false’ will disable the enemy invisible and result back to the normal settings.

    • Exec Set Sleeping: admincheat ExecSetSleeping true or admincheat ExecSetSleeping false

When you type “true”, it will put a player to sleep, while, when you type “false”, it will wake a player up.

    • Fly: admincheat fly

This command will allow you to fly around the map which can  move freely without restraints of gravity. Meanwhile, the ‘Walk’ command will cancel this and you will fall, so be close to the ground.

    • Force Tame: admincheat ForceTame

This will automatically force tame any all creatures which are immediately in front of you and within your crosshairs.

Sure, there are still a lot of basic commands that you can enter for any purposes. However, this post only shows you some of them.

Ascendant Armour Sets

Here’s a list of armor set commands:

    • admincheat givearmorset cloth 100
    • admincheat givearmorset chitin 100
    • admincheat givearmorset metal 100
    • admincheat givearmorset riot 100
    • admincheat givearmorset hazard 100
    • admincheat givearmorset tek 100
    • admincheat givearmorset flak 100

Ascendant Weapon Sets

Here’s a list of weapon sets commands:

    • admincheat giveweaponset 0 100
    • admincheat giveweaponset 1 100
    • admincheat giveweaponset 2 100
    • admincheat giveweaponset 3 100

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