ACNH Trick or Treat

During Halloween night, the atmosphere gets horrible and spooky. At this time, the villagers will gather in the town square. They should begin to stock up on candy. However, the candy is very important for Halloween night.

What will the villagers do during Halloween night? Yeah… They will follow ‘Trick or Treat’ where they should perform a number of activities. Jack the Pumpkin Czar will also appear for a visit. Then, if you give them candy, you will receive spooky rewards.

How to Begin ‘Trick or Treat’ on Halloween Night?

To start for ‘Trick or Treat’, the villagers will be outside throughout the Halloween event in New Horizons. Afterwards, the villagers try to get Jack to start the Halloween night event. Then, Jack will tell you to gather a number of candies and lollipops for him.

Jack to start the Halloween night event.

If one of the villages finds and sees  you, they will run up to attract your attention. If you do not want to, you do not need them. However, if you do not, you will not be able to take part in their ‘Trick or Treat’.

Here, to pick between ‘Trick or Treat’, you should talk to the villager. If you pick the ‘Trick’ option, it will cause the villager to change your eye colour, body paint. They will also place a unique piece of face paint on your body.

If you pick the ‘Trick’ option

Need to know, the face paint that you give will be chosen from a number of options randomly. That face paint will be also removed by opening the clothes option in your inventory just like a common piece of clothing.

Here, you are able to change your body paint and eye color back with a vanity or mirror to open the character customization screen. At the first time you pick ‘Trick’, the villagers will give you a Wooden Table Mirror, so you do not need to return home to change your character back.

Meanwhile, if you choose the ‘Treat’option, it will allow you to exchange a piece of Candy for a reward. The reward includes certain Spooky items, various colors of pumpkins and also any Spooky furniture DIY recipes that you may be missing from your collection.

choose the ‘Treat’option

If you give a villager a piece of Candy, this is the only one way to earn the Spooky Flooring, Spooky Rug and also Spooky Walls. So, if you wish to complete the Spooky furniture set, make sure that you choose the ‘Treat’ option.

Afterwards, the first villager that you give a treat to will teach you the Scare reaction. If you want to reset the ‘Trick and Treating the villagers, you need to enter and leave any of the buildings on your island.

Where to Buy Candy?

Where to Buy Candy

As we’ve mentioned, to celebrate Halloween night in Animal Crossing, you should have some candies to be given to Jack. Sure, you may need to buy Candy from Timmy and Tommy’s Nook Shop if you missed out on buying candy during the month of October. Well, the candy will be available through the month of October, but this is limited to one purchase per day.

Aside from that, you will also earn candy by simply dressing up in a costume on Halloween night. You also need to speak to your fellow islanders as they are inside their homes between 5:00 P.M. to midnight. Well, you will receive one piece of free candy per neighbor.

In the case of receiving the Jack’s Face mask and Jack’s Robe, you can place it on and approach your island residents. By giving you a single piece of candy, they will be scared. It can only happen once. After a few minutes, they will recognize it is you and will not be fooled again.

The Jack’s Face Mask and Jack’s Robe items can also be obtained from Jack himself. When you give him your first piece of candy, Jack will hand over the mask. But if you give him a second piece of candy, he will then hand over his robe.

How to Find Lollipops for Jack?

In Animal Crossing, Lollipops are the unique candy used to get exclusive Halloween themed rewards from Jack. The fastest and easiest to obtain the lollipops is by giving candy to your island residents during the Halloween Event on October 31.

The island residents who are outside their home during Halloween night, especially between 5:00 P.M. and midnight (local time) will ask you for candy. Then, if you meet their request, you will earn an item in return.

Even though the item will be Halloween, it’s not guaranteed to be a lollipop. Instead, they could be new Halloween furniture, Halloween items or Pumpkins. From this event, you will also receive two new reactions: Haunt and Scare.

Trick or Treat’s Rewards

Since the lollipops are Jack’s favorite treat, he will give you the first reward with a replica of his costume if you give him two pieces of candy. He will then begin asking for lollipops in exchange for some unique and exclusive rewards.

After giving Jack a lollipop, he will give you exclusive DIY recipes for Halloween-themed items. If you want to get all three unique recipes, you will need three lollipops. Here are the Halloween themed DIY recipes that you will receive:

    • Lollipop 1: Spooky Carriage
    • Lollipop 2: Spooky Carriage Recipe
    • Lollipop 3: Spooky Wand

It’s important to note, all the special DIY recipes were only available during the Halloween event. At this time, Jack would visit  your island for the Halloween event on October 31st from 5:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M. So, make sure rti make the most of this visit.

Costume for Halloween

Of course, to get into Halloween in New Horizons, you will need a Halloween costume. No worries! You can buy a number of Halloween costume items from the Able Sisters. Here are the Halloween costume included:

    • Animal nose
    • Flashy animal costume
    • Flashy pointy-ear animal hat
    • Flashy round-ear animal hat
    • Impish horns
    • Knee high socks
    • Mage’s boots
    • Mage’s dress
    • Mage’s striped hat
    • Magic academy hood
    • Magic academy robe

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