ACNH Island Planner Template Ideas

Is there an island planner for Animal Crossing? You may come to this page to find some information about ACNH Island Planner, if so do not hesitate to read this entire article. Here you will information you need.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Planner

You may still hard at work on attempting to decide how you want to design your Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands and make them as nice as possible. With many possibilities for designs, sometimes it will feel overwhelming working on your island and the slowness of the Island Designer tools in the game make the process ponderous if you want to test out the new ideas. Thus, the Island Planner app was specially made to design your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, showing a complete 3D environment to replicate and design your island.

When you load up the ACNH Island Planner app, then you are going to find a blank grass canvas with a lots of tools replicating in the game choices like making cliffs, painting tiles, adding water, removing water, building the bridges and inclines, and placing big buildings like the houses and shops.

ACNH Island Planner Template Ideas

With several clicks, easily you are able to use this ACNH Island Planner app to manipulate the 3D environment as you were using the in-game tools discovered in ACNH. Using this Island Planner app makes for a great method to test out and prototype new island design ideas before you implement them in your actual game.

ACNH Island Planner app

Also, some different camera options are available with an overhead view, and various zoom levels to select from, plus you are able to select to enable a handy tile grid. When you are done with your design work, you are able to save the virtual island plan to your computer for loading later.

At this time, one of the biggest missing elements are landscaping choices like rocks, trees, and fences. However, the developers have those additions right at the top of their to-do list. Other features of the app such as a mini-map, beach shape editing, selection for moving, and more are available in the Island Planner too. Despite those limitations, we have discovered the Island Planner app to be an extremely useful tool so far for planning abstract cliff, path, bridge, river and incline concepts for your island before taking the time to commit to them in the game.

This app has a long road of development ahead to be completed. But, the concept is surely promising, and the developers seem to be in it for the long haul from what we are able to tell. Given enough time, we are very confident this ACNH 3D Island Planner app is going to become the best method to plan out your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island. You will be able to test out the 3D Island Planner app within your browser on the website by clicking this link; Also, proper executable downloads for Windows and MacOS are available on the page. If you like what you see, then you are able to consider creating a donation to the developers Rob Fichman and Carmela Diaz on the page so they are able to continue working to improve it.

For note: A new update for the 3D Island Planner has been released including fence features and new mini-map. Note that you will need a decently capable computer to run this because it is relatively complex tool, and it is not currently available on mobile devices. In other case, if you are looking for a 2D Island Planner for your island, then you are able to check out the Happy Island Designer app.

ACNH Island Planner Controls

In this paragraph, we are going to explain about ACNH Island Planner Controls. It is able to be a little confusing at first and hard to discover on the page.

Here are the Island Planner controls and keyboard shortcuts that you can use:

    • WASD/Arrow Keys
      You are able to use this WASD/Arrow Keys control to move.
    • Left Mouse
      You are able to use this left mouse control to place object.
    • Right Mouse
      You are able to use this right mouse control to lower cliff or remove object.
    • Middle Mouse/I
      You are able to use this middle mouse/I for Eyedropper tool.
    • Scroll Wheel/Minus/Plus
      You are able to use Scroll Wheel/Minus/Plus controls to zoom.
    • R/F
      You are able to use R/F control for Camera Angle.
    • Q/E
      You are able to use Q/E control to rotate Incline/Bridge.
    • G
      You are able to use G control to toggle Grid.
    • H
      You are able to use H control to toggle Greybox mode.
    • 1/2/3/4/5/6
      You are able to use this control to change Mode.

ACNH 3D Island Planner App Update Adds Fences And Mini-Map Features

The ACNH 3D Island Planner app was a huge hit. The developers are back at it already with a new update bringing several highly requested features. The main highlight addition to the 3D Island Planner app with this latest update is the introduction of Fences. Now, you will be able to use the new fences tool to plop down the fences anywhere you want as part of your ACNH island designing process. The fences made by using this tool will connect to each other automatically, like they would in the game. For your information, only the Simple Wooden Fence design is available now. We are hoping that other fence designs from ACNH might added in the future.

Another nice addition in this latest version of the ACNH 3D Island Planner is a handy keyboard shortcuts and also controls menu on the right side of the screen, because many of the helpful shortcuts were not particularly clear to everyone. We get information that many users wanting a grid layout choice to be added before that actually existed already in the previous version by using the G key shortcut. Thus, we hopefully this new controls menu assist discoverability for the features.