ACNH: Most Profitable Items to Craft

Crafting items is also a great method to make bells and free up precious inventory space at the same time. Well, in this page,we are going to share some most profitable items to craft in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Most Profitable Items to Craft in ACNH

Here are some most profitable items to craft in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:



This DIY recipe just uses iron nuggets to craft that are abundant in the rocks on your island and Mystery islands. Although iron may be a precious item early in the game, but you are going to find your own inventory overloaded with iron after some time. Instead of selling the iron nuggets to Nook’s Cranny, craft this barbell to make more of a profit.

Why barbell is profitable item to craft:

    • It just uses one material to craft
    • Easily, you are able to  get iron from rocks, on your island or on Mystery islands
    • The iron nuggets are going to sell for 3,750 bells, while the Barbell sells for 7,500 bells

Floral Swag

Floral Swag

This is another good recipe which allows you to make a lot of money from clumps of weeds that eventually accumulate in your inventory. Although you will not become a millionaire from making and selling Floral swags, it is a very easy method to obtain bells and clear your inventory of weeds at the same time. In fact, you will be able to make four times the amount from the Floral swag which you will make from selling the same number of the weeds alone.

Why Floral swag is profitable item to craft:

    • It is a great method to clear your inventory from an overabundance of the weeds.
    • This recipe just uses one material for crafting.
    • You are able to make 200 bells from the Floral swag and 50 bells for the weeds.

Crest Doorplate

Crest Doorplate

The Crest doorplate just uses iron nuggets to craft in a small amount. Thus this is a great project to craft if you want to earn Bells. The deal will get sweeter if the Crest doorplate occurs to be the Hot Item of the day. Usually, Iron will pile up in your own inventory when you strike the rocks every day.

Why Crest doorplate is profitable item to craft:

    • Only needs four iron nuggets to craft.
    • Iron is easily obtained from the rocks on your island or on Mystery islands.
    • The iron used in this recipe will sell for 1,125 bells. While the finished Crest doorplate will sell for 3,000 bells.

Shell Arch

Shell Arch

Shell arch takes more materials than most of the other DIYs. We discovered that we naturally obtained a large number of different shells early on in the game because we were not yet sure what we would need so we only grabbed everything. Also, the Mermaid series uses seashells for crafting, thus it is worth it to grab all of the shells when you are first starting out.

Why Shell arch is profitable item to craft:

    • There are many shells along your beach and the beaches of Mystery islands. So, the materials are easily obtained.
    • Picking up shells does not need the use of any tools, so you are able to grab as many as you want without having to worry about the cost of a tool.
    • The shells used in this recipe will sell for 5,930 bells. While the completed Shell arch will sell for 12,360 bells.
    • You are able to find shells along your beach at any time of the day. And they are able to be sold at Nook’s Cranny or used to craft the items.

Shell Partition

Shell Partition

One of the most profitable items to craft with these shells is the Shell partition. It just needs two types of shells: the Venus comb and the conch shell.

Why Shell partition is profitable item to craft:

    • The Shells are abundantly available on your beach and on the beaches of Mystery Islands.
    • This recipe just needs two different kinds of shells.
    • The shells used in this recipe will sell for 3,400 bells. While the completed Shell partition will sell for 8,000 bells.

Hanging Terrarium

Hanging Terrarium

Hanging terrarium just needs two ingredients to craft. After you have already settled into your island, and you hit the rocks on a daily basis for crafting items, then you are going to find a lot of iron. Since materials such as stone, iron, and clay are worth more than clumps of weeds or tree branches, it stands to reason that the items made with these materials are worth more.

Why Hanging terrarium is profitable item to craft:

    • Just needs two ingredients: Iron nuggets and clumps of weeds.
    • Weeds and iron nuggets are easily discovered on your island and Mystery islands.
    • A Hanging terrarium will sell for 3,240 bells rather than the 1,620 bells for the raw materials used to craft it.

Flimsy Net

Flimsy Net

Flimsy net is another DIY that you are going to acquire in the very beginning of the game. Usually, it is used to hunt bugs. This is the first step to make a sturdier bug net. But, some players think to craft the Flimsy net to sell. In fact, Flimsy net has the same recipe as the Flimsy fishing rod. You are able to sell the Flimsy net for 100 bells. Of course, the Flimsy net will work on the same premise as the Flimsy fishing rod. The two recipes are interchangeable, which is extremely good if you are just starting and you do not know about both recipes.

Why Flimsy net is profitable item to craft:

    • Just takes one component to craft: tree branches.
    • This is one of the earliest recipes you are going to learn, thus it is great for earning bells early on.
    • Sell the Flimsy net for 100 bells, whereas the five tree branches are only going to sell for 25 bells total.

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