ACNH: How to Download Custom Designs with Code

Custom Designs is an app that the player can use to make designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons by using the NookPhone. The interface is similar to previous games. But, there are many added features. When first opened, the players are going to see 10 pre-made designs and room for 40 more designs. By the way, how to download Custom Designs with code?

Download Custom Designs Using QR Codes

The Able Sisters is closed for the night, and you are still hungry for a custom design or six. Never fear. Using your real NookPhone instead of the one in-game, it is possible to scan QR codes which you are able to download into the game later. The first thing that you need to do is download the Nintendo Switch Online app onto your real life smartphone. After that, for the first time since you started playing Animal Crossing, you have to load up the game and do not only press A to start. Instead you have to hit the minus button to bring up the settings menu. Here Tom Nook will give you the option to enable NookLink.

After NookLink is turned on, you are able to log into the Nintendo Switch Online app with the same account you are using on your Switch with Animal Crossing. Then, this will allow the game to appear under your Game-Specific Services menu on the phone app. You have to tap it, then your own NookLink will appear with a keyboard choice to type at lightning speed. That is a crucial Custom Design app. Using this, you are able to scan a QR code. After you have scanned a QR code with your camera, then you are able to open the design app on your Switch and press the plus button to download that design.

Download Using the Custom Designs Portal

Download Using the Custom Designs Portal

Visiting the Able Sisters is a nice method to download the new custom designs in ACNH. Apparently, the Able Sisters store is not there from the start and requires to be unlocked. After you have done that, you are able to go to the bright pink touch screen at the back right of the shop. And you are able to connect to the internet and access the Custom Designs Portal. It is here where all your dreams of fancy decking, intricate paths, and artsy wallpaper will be able to come true.

Head to the back and interact with the pink kiosk.

Formerly, when the game first launched, you needed to know the design ID or the creator ID of the items you were looking for. But now, simply you are able to do a Criteria Search to find anything which has been named a similar thing to what you are searching for, like the stone path or vine panel design. Also, you are able to search by design type, such as a Face-cutout standee for a quick photo chance or the latest sweater designs.

Of course, if you know what you are looking for, you are still able to search by design ID or creator code. Remember that a nine-digit number prefaced by MO is the design ID. While MA is the creator code. Then, you will be able to see everything they have made. Also, you are able to switch between regular custom designs and Pro versions which have been made with a particular clothing item.

The good places to discover creator codes are Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter where you are able to search #acnhdesigns or #acnhpattern. Need to note that some more complex designs like the paths will need more of your design slots, so you have to download it wisely. Fortunately, the number of design slots available has improved dramatically since launch, so you are going to have plenty of space for custom creations. Also, if you are changing an existing design, ensure you do not have it anywhere else on your ACNH island as the new art will fill any area occupied by the previous creation.

Make Custom Designs in Game

Make Custom Designs in Game

It is easy to download new creative designs, but you do not forget that you have the ability to create your own pixelated masterpieces. It will take a bit to get used to the Custom Designs tool in your NookPhone, however the expanse of different palette and shape options means that spending several times only playing with all the different options means you are going to have a better chance of creating something special in the future.

Always keep an eye on how things will look in the boxes on the left hand side. Unfortunately, you do not have the ability to edit designs which you have downloaded from the internet. Thus, if you want to get creative with someone else’s work you will need to start from scratch. A nice place to feel like a design master is by switching to the Pro Designs tab and making clothing. Here you are able to select from a range of 6 different tops, 6 dress styles and 3 hats to customize. Then, each segment can be designed separately to ensure you have the perfect custom threads to wear around your island.

Original Custom Designs and Creator IDs

Froggy Designs

Item Description Design ID Creator/Town
Froggy Kimono (Robe) MO-9FCD-LHY0-FSSG NEZ, Tatoruairu
Froggy Cap (Brimmed Cap MO-VPMK-G10X-J2YJ Imane, Honey Isle
Froggy (Hoodie) MO-DS2Q-952R-PLMW Imane, Honey Isle
Froggy (Short Sleeve tee) MO-00R3-8NQT-DFYF Imane, Honey Isle
Froggy Dress MO-YYQS-VMH6-5971 Imane, Honey Isle

Food Hats

Item Description Design ID Creator/Town
Honey Pancake Hat MO-CP5V-X6LD-GHGG Eggy, Isla Miel
XioLongBao Steamer MO-XL17-JHGJ-VGC9 Eggy, Isla Miel
Sushi Hat MO-1X13-F1YR-M3V9 Bready, Covenstead
Rice and curry MO-B4TV-LHDK-F9Xn Bready, Covenstead

Villager Inspired Looks

Item Description Design ID Creator/Town
Celeste Cardigan (Coat) MO-LXRB-1W5S-WX0H Rosie, Glimmer
Celeste Hat (Brimmed Hat) MO-1TD6-MCM8-Q03V Rosie, Glimmer


Item Description Design ID Creator/Town
Daisy MO-HJ7F-1V0V-3YY0 Imane, Honey Isle
Princess Peach MO-S0WD-Y5NR-3CWF Imane, Honey Isle

The Legend of Zelda

Item Description Design ID Creator/Town
Zelda Skyward Sword MO-37BT-CK7C-MRV3 Luaeghl, Ember Isle
Link Between Worlds MO-1Q1C-PRXG-4YJN Luaeghl, Ember Isle
Twilight Princess MO-RRDK-K9J4-RGBK Luaeghl, Ember Isle

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