ACNH Entrance Ideas with Bridge

Do you want to decorate your entrance? If so, it is a good idea because it can give a good impression for visitors when they visit your island. You may want to add a bridge in the entrance to make it look beautiful. If so, you may need some ideas for this.

Entrance Ideas with Bridge

You are able to watch a video from Lex Play on Youtube where the title of the video is 15 Entrance Ideas for Your Island // Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This video was uploaded on March 18th, 2021 and the length of the video is 16 minutes 31 seconds. This video has been watched more than 152k times.

ACNH Entrance Ideas with Bridge

In this video, you are able to watch 15 ideas for entrance for your island. Here, you can also find the ideas for entrances with bridges. In this video, you are able to see a design by spellbound.crossing (IG), and as you can see that there is a wooden bridge in this entrance design. Near the bridge, there are some purple flowers which make this entrance look gorgeous. There is also a white garden light and some other flowers in different colors. Under the bridge, there is a stream of water coming from the waterfall near it.

In this video, you are also able to watch an entrance design by alex.dianee (IG). In this entrance design, there is also a wooden bridge. Near the bridge, there are some green pumpkins and also a yellow pumpkin with some flowers. Across the bridge, there are some cherry blossoms and they are beautiful.

You can also find an entrance design by laurs_crossing. In this entrance idea, there is a wooden bridge near a waterfall. There are also some trees near it and also a brown telephone box. If you cross the bridge, there are a bunch of flowers in a cart as a decoration.

Well, if you want to see how these designs are, you are able to watch the video on Youtube and watch it until the end.

Bridge Ideas for Your Island

After you see some ideas of entrance with bridges, now you may be looking for the ideas for the bridge. There are  a lot of designs of bridges and you can choose what kind of bridge that you want for your entrance.

In the Youtube video from Lex Play entitled 15 Creative Ways to Incorporate Bridges on Your Island // Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you are able to see various designs of bridges and how the creator incorporates the bridges in the island. This video was uploaded on March 8th, 2021 and the length of the video is 14 minutes and 23 seconds.

In the video, you are able to see an orange bridge where it is a brick bridge. This is a diagonal bridge and the color is suitable with some orange flowers there. Next, you can also see a wooden bridge where the handle is made from rope. In this video, you can also see a diagonal bridge from wood where on the handle there are some black circles. There is also a bridge made from stones and the shape of the bridge is diagonal.

Well, you are able to watch the designs of bridges and also decorations for your island by watching the video until the end.

The Other Entrance Ideas for Your Island

If you need more ideas for your island, you can access the Akrpg site where there is an information of 10 ideas for your island entrance in ACNH. Here are three of the ideas.

    • Island Cottagecore Entrance
      It is created by Crossing.lorien (IG). This entrance design is peaceful and there are cliffs on the side of the entrance where it looks really nice. It also contains a lot of cute details such as a small lucky cat, butterfly models, the shelf fountain which can be found up on the cliff, and many more.
    • Festival-Themed Entrance Idea
      Croakoid is the creator for this entrance design. Its design is like fall and holiday season. Here, you are able to find a lot of different little festive items and the color combination is also amazing.
    • Tropical Island Entrance
      Wolfgangcrossing is the creator for this design. In this design, the marble tiled pathway around the whole island looks nice and  the colors of the flowers are also beautiful. A surf rental area can be found with some bicycle parking, a lot of bamboo trees and also coconut trees. The entrance is colorful and if you go there, it is refreshing.

Some Tips to Design Entrance in Animal Crossing

When you design your island, you can start with the entrance and you can start it by adding basic decoration. When you decorate your entrance, it is better for you to make it beautiful and nice so that it can give a good impression to the visitors.

According to the Gold KK website, here are some tips to design the entrance of your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    • You do not need to be afraid to experiment. Sometimes, you are not able to plan it completely and you just need to  make it. When you design it, you can see if it feels right. As you go along, you can tweak it.
    • You can design a unique welcome sign with unique typeface, exquisite text, and patterns. It must show your name, island name or welcome slogan.
    • It will be nice if you add a sitting area. It will be needed especially when you are trading or waiting for someone.
    • You can add some ACNH custom designs such as stone path, spring path, and you can combine with other items in the game. Also, you are able to use the design codes from other players.
    • You can add fences and it can help you enclose the entrance area. It also will differentiate the entrance from other parts of the island, but it can make the landscape categorical.
    • If the entrance is near to the Resident Services, you are able to hide or show the building. Let’s say that you want to hide it. If so, you are able to use trees, diagonal bridges or statues in front of the Resident Services. However, if you want to show the Resident Services, you have to place some floor tiles or custom paths on the way to the Resident Services.