ACNH Airport Entrance Ideas

You may want to have a nice airport entrance. It is good because the airport entrance is the first place that will be visited by visitors when they visit your island. There are a lot of ideas to decorate your airport entrance. You can read them below.

About Airport Entrance

In Animal Crossing, there is an Airport where it is a location players can travel between islands via seaplane. The Airport can be found along the southern coastline of the island of the player and it mostly extends over the water. Outside of the building, the flag of the island is hoisted on a flagpole. In the terminal, there is a departure lounge with eight chairs. There is also a gate that leads to the seaplane and a service desk. To the right of the desk, you can see a card stand where letters are able to be made and sent to other players and villagers.

Decorating Airport Entrance

You are able to decorate the airport entrance. However, it is important for you to note that you are not able to move the location of the airport because it is permanent. You are also not able to change the color of the airport, but if you want to have a certain color that you like, you can restart the game several times until you get the airport color that you want.

Some Tips to Decorate The Entrance

According to Screenrant website, there are some tips to decorate your entrance as you can read below.

    • You need to choose an island entrance theme. For the entrance, the theme can be the same or not with the rest of the island. If the theme of the entrance is different from the rest of the island, you can choose themes that can complement one another. You can consider the space you have whether you want to make it look natural, urban, or any other themes.
    • Find popular trends for the island entrance designs. You can see that there are a lot of players in the Animal Crossing community who make island entrances based on themes and trends. Some popular trends are gardens or parks; sweeping entrances with large waterfalls, staircases and cliffs; hedge or fence mazes; long and lit pathways; Japanese-inspired; and outdoor retro arcade.
    • You can use appropriate fencing for your island entrance. Using appropriate and strategic fencing around the area is one of the ways to make an island entrance awesome. There are fence designs in different styles in the game where those can fit any aesthetic. If you want to add fences, make sure that you choose a fence that fits the feel of your entrance.
    • You can use appropriate path and ground designs. If you add paths, ground designs and dirt, it can add a more realistic, landscaped feel to your island entrance.
    • You can use color strategically in your island entrance. And island entrance design can be elevated by the color that you choose. Not only that, color can also create desired aesthetic effects.
    • You can use custom designs for your island entrance. In Animal Crossing, there are some players who use the custom design portal to create subtle and natural designs for their islands.
    • You can terraform your island entrance. If you unlock terraforming, it opens the possibilities for landscaping. With terraforming efforts, players are creative especially to make bold and dramatic statements with their island’s entrances. You can terraform waterfalls and double waterfalls to create a path to the main plaza of the island. You can also make ponds and pools in all manner of shapes and styles by using terraforming.
    • You can combine island entrance design techniques. If you combine design techniques, it can create a more dynamic effect. It can also give visitors a memorable first impression when they arrive on your island for the first time. Let’s take an example. You can choose to create a stone path with a single accent color. Then, you can include terraformed double waterfalls as the fence.

Some Entrance Ideas For Animal Crossing New Horizons

According to Fandom Spot, here are some entrance ideas for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    • Town Center
      Town Center
      You can put some city paths, some lamp posts and some trees to make the entrance like a town center. You can also use some simple panel exteriors with custom home design patterns. With it, it can give the appearance of houses.
    • Jungle Feel
      Jungle Feel
      You can make your visitors have a summer feeling by setting your entrance to be a jungle. You can add coconut trees and colorful flowers. You can also add some fruit trees along the beach area so that it can fit with the tropical theme that you have.
    • Moon Landing
      Moon Landing
      It is very easy to set this cute entrance. With this design, it can give visitors an adorable welcome. The good thing from this design is its symmetry. If you want to set it up yourself, you have to make sure to create both sides identical. You can create two similar cliffs with space to pass through the middle and then you can choose your favorite path and then put it from your airport and make it lead through the two cliff edges. After that, you can put two moons up on the cliff tops and it is better if you add a waterfall at each side.
    • Bright Lights
      Bright Lights
      It will be awesome if your entrance is filled with glowing lamps, moons and star fragments. If you want to create this kind of entrance, you have to build a set of cliffs two tiers high. Within these cliffs, you have to create a series of waterfalls. Around the cliff edges, you can add nova and mush lamps and then you can add some crescent moons and a full moon to complete the glowing look.
    • Cherry Blossom
      Cherry Blossom
      If you love cherry blossoms, you are able to have this theme in your island entrance. You can add cherry blossom trees, custom paths and lanterns. You can make a lot of things pink here by choosing pink items for your island entrance. You have to make sure to build some cliffs with a path which leads into your island. Then, you can put some custom cherry blossom paths to make it beautiful.

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