16 Ways to Save Electricity at Home and the Benefits

Electrical energy is an important part of human life. Almost all human activities require electricity. It is a primary need for humans. Unfortunately, most of the electricity used comes from non-renewable energy. Therefore, it is very important to save electrical energy. Well, here we are going to share 16 ways to save electricity at home and the benefits.

The Ways to Save Electricity at Home  

Here are the ways to save electricity at your home:

16 Ways to Save Electricity at Home and the Benefits

Way 1: Unplug electronic devices which are no longer in use

For those of you who are users of digital technology such as cell phones or laptops, surely, you cannot be separated from chargers and electricity. At your home, you may often find the charger that is still stuck in the electrical socket. In fact, it can make electricity wasted. So, it is highly recommended to unplug cables or electronic devices when not in use. Also, this applies to television cables and other devices at your home. Aside from that, disconnecting the electricity to electronic items can also make the device last longer.

Way 2: Using energy-saving lamps

Currently, there are many manufacturers of lamps with low electrical energy but still bright. To save electricity, the use of energy-saving lamps can be the solution. Electricity-saving lamps are known as LED lights. This type of lamp has less power, however, the lighting is still optimal. Also, the use of LED lights will reduce electricity bills.

Way 3: Turn off electronic devices when not in use

To save electrical energy, you should turn off electronic devices such as fans, televisions, and air conditioners that are not in use. Besides saving electricity, turning off those electronic devices can also reduce electricity bills. Not only that, it is also great to keep these electronic devices from being easily damaged.

Way 4: Save water

Also, saving water is an important thing to do if you want to save electricity at home. Of course, by limiting the use of water, it can reduce electricity usage. This is because currently there are many water pumps which need electricity. Thus, saving water will reduce the use of electricity too.

Way 5: Manage room ventilation and lighting

Managing room ventilation and lighting is also one of the ways to save electricity at home. So, when building a home, it is good to manage the ventilation and lighting in each room. This will be able to reduce the use of air conditioners and lights. Thus, the use of electrical energy is more efficient.

Way 6: Using an AC timer

The use of AC can make electricity wasteful. To anticipate this, you have to install a timer every time you use the AC. Also, a timer is needed to prevent you from forgetting to turn off the AC when it is no longer needed.

Way 7: Ensuring the rice cooker after use

To save electrical energy at home, you have to unplug the rice cooker after use. Usually, many of us leave the rice cooker on to keep the rice warm. This habit makes the electricity bill go up. Thus, it is highly recommended to turn off the rice cooker when the rice is cooked. You are able to turn on the rice cooker at least 30 minutes before eating if you really want to enjoy warm rice. Please turn it off again after eating.

Way 8: Reduce the use of washing machine

Washing machines make household chores easier. However, using the washing machine too often makes the use of electricity more and more. Thus, you should only use the washing machine when it is really needed. We suggest you make a fixed schedule for washing, so that the use of the washing machine is not too frequent.

Way 9: Routinely clean the freezer

Regularly cleaning the freezer at your home is also one of the ways to save electrical energy. This is crucial because too many ice cubes in the freezer will make the refrigerator work harder. Thus, the electricity used is also more. Aside from that, ice cubes also can make the refrigerator become damaged quickly. So, you have to clean your refrigerator regularly.

Way 10: Using a low-temperature refrigerator

You are able to set the required temperature inside the refrigerator. To save electricity, you should use a refrigerator with a low temperature, especially if your refrigerator does not store much food. This will affect the use of electricity at home. The smaller the temperature, then the smaller the electricity needed.

Way 11: Dry clothes in the sun

After you wash the clothes using a washing machine, usually you will also use the dryer at the same time. Remember that the use of the dryer makes the electricity used more and more. Thus, it is better for you to use the dryer only when necessary. It is better to dry clothes in direct sunlight if the weather is hot.

Way 12: Turn off the lights when sleeping

To save electricity, you should turn off the lights when sleeping. Also, the habit of turning off the lights when sleeping is good for health. When sleeping we do not need more light, so it is better for us to turn off the lights. In other cases, if lighting is needed, you are able to replace it with an energy-efficient sleeping lamp.

Way 13: Cooking rice using hot water

Cooking rice using hot water is also one of the ways to save electricity at home. Need to know that cooking rice with hot water will make the rice cook faster. Thus, using a rice cooker becomes faster and less electricity is used.

Way 14: Do not connect electricity to dispenser

As we know, a dispenser is an electronic device used to collect drinking water from gallons. This electronic device can be used in two modes; cold and hot. If you want to get hot water, the dispenser needs to be connected to electricity. To save electricity usage at your home, it is best not to connect the dispenser to the electricity. If you need hot water, you are able to cook hot water on the stove.

Way 15: Using prepaid electricity

Using prepaid electricity can be applied to those of you who discover it difficult to control electricity usage at home. With prepaid electricity, you are able to set a maximum monthly electricity usage limit. Of course, this is very effective to reduce electricity bills at home.

Way 16: Utilizing renewable energy

If you are interested, you are able to use renewable energy to save electricity at your home. Even so, it is still rare for homes to use renewable energy. You are able to replace the power source at home with solar panels. Although the use of solar panels costs more at the beginning of the installation, but the impact will be huge. Besides saving electricity, the use of solar panels can also reduce pollution-causing gas emissions. We are able to say that the use of renewable energy is a valuable investment to preserve the earth’s energy resources.

Benefits of Saving Electrical Energy

If you can implement energy-saving habits, here are some of the benefits you will get.

  1. Reduced expenses

There are bills that must be paid every month for the electricity usage. The more electricity we use, then the bigger the bill. Therefore, when we get used to saving electricity at home, it is certain that the electricity bill will be reduced too. And of course, monthly expenses will be more efficient.

  1. Make electronic equipment more durable

When you use electronic equipment continuously, its function would decrease over time. Goods are also like human. They need rest so they do not get damaged quickly. Thus, if you save electricity, it will make the items in your home last longer.

  1. Preventing electrical short-circuits

You may often hear of fires caused by electrical short-circuits. This condition can occur anywhere, including at home. The great way to avoid this danger is to turn off electronic devices which are no longer in use. Besides avoiding the risk of fire, this action can also save electricity at home.

  1. Reducing air pollution

The habit of saving electricity is also an effort to reduce air pollution. Moreover, if you save electricity using renewable energy. Then, air pollution will be reduced and non-renewable energy will remain sustainable.

  1. Healthier living Earlier

As we explained before, one way to save electrical energy at home is by managing ventilation and lighting. Using this way will make us healthier. The room in the house will get enough sunlight. Also, the air will continue to be replaced with new, cleaner air.

Types of Renewable Energy for Electricity

Here are some types of renewable energy for electricity:

  1. Solar heat

Solar energy can be utilized as a source of electricity. Its existence makes the development of solar power as a source of electricity very necessary. To change solar power into electricity, it is known as a photovoltaic system. It is a system to convert sunlight into electricity with the help of solar panels.

  1. Wind

Also, wind can be used as renewable energy for electricity. The wind will be able to convert electricity with the help of turbines. The advantage of wind is that it has the ability to produce cleaner and healthier energy.

  1. Hydroelectric

There are many regions that have dams. Apart from functioning as irrigation for agricultural land, dams can also be utilized as power plants. The way to get electricity through a dam is that there needs to be a dam turbine which can be passed by water. When the water passes through the turbine, then electricity can be generated.

  1. Geothermal

Usually, Geothermal heat is released during a catastrophic volcanic eruption. When this occurs, a lot of damage is experienced. However, that dangerous geothermal heat can be utilized as renewable energy. The heat generated can be captured, and then utilized for power generation.

  1. Ocean

Some of the countries have the potential for renewable energy from the sea. The energy produced is divided into two types: thermal and mechanical. Thermal energy depends on the temperature of the water surface. Mechanical energy depends on the ebb and flow of sea water resulting from the rotation and gravity of the earth.

  1. Hydrogen

Need to know that Hydrogen is an important element that forms water. However, when hydrogen is used separately, Hydrogen can be used for fuel and electricity. Also, Hydrogen is known to be a clean burner and can reduce pollution.

  1. Biomass  

Biomass derived from organic materials can be a renewable energy. The utilization of biomass can be done by burning or by utilizing methane gas from composting. But you have to know that the use of this energy source must be balanced with the planting of many trees. This is because biomass production will produce carbon dioxide. When the number of the plants is abundant, then the carbon dioxide will be absorbed by the plants and converted into oxygen.