Where to Play Heardle Unlimited

If you are a music enthusiast and master almost every genre of music, even know various songs and singers across the world, it is likely not wrong if you try to play a music-player game called Heardle Unlimited. This game requires you to guess the music and the name of artists or singers after listening to the song.

You may be interested to play the Heardle game, but you do not know yet where to play this game, whether it is available on mobile app or not. Since Heardle is a fun game to play, you can try to play this game to test your knowledge on music. Okay, let’s see our post below to find out the information on where to play the Hardle Unlimited game!

Where to Play Heardle Unlimited?

This game can only be played on the official site, since it is not available for iOS and Android apps. Reportedly, the Heardle mobile app is expected to release soon and/or by the initial weeks of March 2023.

Where to Play Heardle Unlimited

    • To play Heardle Unlimited, you can just simply visit the official website of Heardle Unlimited called Heardle.app.
    • Once you are at the Heardle.app page, you can then press ‘Play’ to listen to the first segment.
    • Then, you can make a guess or reveal more of the song.
    • After six guesses, you will fail the puzzle and of course you need to wait for a second chance until tomorrow.

During playing Heardle, you will see two different colors. You should know that almost every color will hint at something different from each other. So, every time you select and choose your answer a colorful x-sign will be shown at the end of the answer submission, as follow:

    • Red X indicates that you guessed the wrong song
    • Yellow X indicates that you answered the wrong song, but it is from the correct artist.

Clues of Guessing Songs on Heardle

It is important to note, Heardle will also grant you 6 tries to guess the song of the day correctly. The hints come in the form of sound clips from the song. The first clip is a 1-second intro from the song and as more guesses are entered, Heardle will then increase the length of the clip. An additional 1-second will be added after the first guess, then 2 more seconds after the second guess, and so on.

Thankfully! You do not need to have encyclopedic music knowledge to play Heardle, since this game provides a search bar which brings up songs from its database based on your guess, to make it easy for the player to guess the song.

Additionally, you also do not have to know the exact name of a song or the artist, however Heardle already has that covered. The official site of Heardle also claims that the songs are ‘plucked from a list of the most-streamed songs in the past decade’ where its claim will make your experience even more smooth.

What Are Features Available on Heardle Unlimited?

It is known that the Heardle game was basically developed by Omakase Studios that uses the Soundcloud music app to play a variety of songs for players. Among online guessing games, Heardle stands out to be one of the delightful spin-offs which has taken on a life of its own.

Creating the jump from words to sound, Heardle game has captured the attention of music fans across the world. Of course, fans take pride in their depth of music knowledge.

Talking about the features available on Heardle, this game actually has attracted the great attention of the players with a number of features available on. Well, here are several features available on Heardle that you can get:

1) Having a huge collection of popular music in the world.
2) With time-bounded, this game allows the users to guess the real track and artist name of the song in 16 seconds.
3) Featuring memory-based games which exerts immense pressure on the mind to work and also respond within a few seconds, so Heardle is considered as the best online memory game.
4) With sophisticated designs, it really helps you boost your memory and capacity to remember.
5) This game is among the top online games on the internet.

How to Get More Guesses When Playing Heardle?

Keep in mind, Heardle is a daily puzzle game that you can only play once on its website per day. If you fail and want to play this game again, you may need to wait till it resets and it will be available tomorrow. Regardless of whether or not you guessed the song correctly, you may need to wait till the clock strikes 12 a.m. in your region to get the next daily puzzle challenge.

Of course, you will look for more guesses when playing the Heardle game in order to guess the song as correctly as possible, won’t you? However, your right guess will depend on how extensively you know the songs, music and the singers’ voices.

It cannot be denied that Heardle might be a little hard if you do not master all music genres. To win the game, you have to guess the song correctly in 6 attempts. Otherwise, if you struggle to guess today’s soundtrack and you do not want to waste any more of your attempts, the easiest way to get more guesses is by playing this game in another web browser or in incognito mode.

It would be better for you to play Heardle in an incognito window and make your guess if you really want your Heardle streak to be intact. Of course, you can see the correct answer and can play the full 30-second clip of the song, even if you fail in all 6 of your attempts or skip them.

What Are Heardle Hints for Today?

According to nme.com, there are three hints to make it easier for the players to guess the songs. Here are the Heardle hints for today:

    • Released in 1986
    • Artist is an Australian rock band
    • Artist also sang ‘Something So Strong’ and ‘Weather With You’

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