Where is the Last Log in Fortnite

One of the new Spire Quests to Fortnite Season 6, asked you to find a thief or play the last log in Fortnite. Here is how you can complete this challenge.

Overview – Finding the thief and the last log in Fortnite

Fortnite’s 16.10 update has introduced several new quests which will let the players obtain a bunch of free XP. As usual, there is a variety of simple tasks to complete, along with some more difficult treasure hunts which will have you exploring the Fortnite map. This week, after you complete some other challenges, you are going to be asked to discover the thief and listen to the last log; some sort of hidden audio recording giving us in to some behind-the-scenes story developments. Like many other challenges in Fortnite, if you do not know where to look, this quest will be a pain. Fortunately, we have got you covered. Here is where to find the thief and last log in Fortnite.

Where to find the thief?

The thief is Raz

The thief is Raz. He can be found at Colossal Crops. The thief is located on the upper floor of the big central building. Because he is only an NPC, you have to keep an eye out for the speech bubble icon and you are going to find him in no time. Because Colossal Crops is a famous drop spot and tons of Fortnite players are trying to get their challenges done, please watch out for opponents when you are on your way to the thief named Raz. After you find him, you have to speak with him and choose the Spire option. After exchanging some words, he will give you your next Spire quest: finding the last log.

Where to find the thief

So, we are able to conclude that you can find the thief named Raz over at Colossal Crop, the farm location which replaced Colossal Coliseum. You are going to find that northeast of the Spire. The thief himself is like any other NPC in Fortnite, so he will be walking around the location in somewhat random loops. We suggest you to find him at the large farmhouse in the center of the area. If you are having trouble finding him, you have to look for the textbox icon which indicates an NPC is nearby. Do not forget to speak with the thief and then choose the “Spire” dialogue option. He will give you some details and ask you to go listen to the last log in Fortnite.

The location of the last log in Fortnite

You have to know that the location of the last log is not far from Raz. So you will not need to go too far out of your way to get this challenge done. After you talk to Raz, please jump down off the balcony and face the cornfield. The last log is wedged in a brick wall which is connected to the west side of the building where Raz is. It has a distinct blue glow, so it is  hard to miss.

Where to Find the Last Log

After picking it up, several mysterious dialogue is going to play. For now, it does not tell us much at all. With the log in hand, you are able to return to the thief named Raz and he will give you the next quest step. You need to complete 5 uncommon or rarer quests while Raz decodes the log, but once he has done, you are going to have much more work to do.

Once again we inform you that the last log is actually quite close. Just go back to the front side of the large farmhouse you found the thief, Raz. The last log is located wedged into the castle wall which makes up the west side of the building. Please interact with the audio log, that plays some seconds of dialogue. After that, you will be able to return to the thief “Raz” and talk to him, agreeing to let him decode the log. It will trigger the end of the quest, and start another quest in Fortnite.

How to play the Last Log in Fortnite?

After speaking with the thief named Raz and getting this challenge, here is what you have to do:

    • Please go down the stairs out of the building.
    • Then, search for the glowing device on a nearby wall.
    • Next, hold the command button to ‘play audio log’.

The audio log consist of a mysterious voice which will tell you to “listen to the crystal song”. This mysterious message is scary, and may ties into the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 story. Remember that you have to make your way back to Raz after completing this challenge, and then inform him that you have found the last log. This will result in you obtaining an XP boost to help you progress through the Battle Pass. Also, the NPC will task you with five more uncommon or rarer quests. You are able to complete these to unlock the next Spire Quest. We are going to keep you posted about these, and everything you need to do to complete them successfully.

Fortnite Update 16.10 Patch Notes

Based on the research, Fortnite patch 16.10 released on 04:00 AM ET on March 30. There are lots of new skins and cosmetics were added to the game of Fortnite, along with a new game mode; the spring break mode in this update. In the text below, you are able to read some notes for the Fortnite 16.10 patch notes as revealed by Fortnite on Twitter.

    • An apex predator stalks the Island Crafting and plunder adjustments.
    • Now, creative Powerups support Team, Class, and All combinations.
    • Primal Shotgun fire rate reduce the Makeshift Shotgun adjustments.
    • Now, crafting material costs scale with Makeshift rarity.
    • Animal Bones and Mechanical Parts are able to appear as added floor loot.
    • The Zero Crisis Finale is going to remain available as a playlist until the downtime for Fortnite v16.10 update.
    • Fortnite 16.10 patch size will be larger than normal on PC.

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