Where Are the Soccer Characters in Fortnite

Here is everything you need to know about the Soccer characters in Fortnite including all the locations of where to discover them and how to talk to them.


Some days ago, Epic Games confirmed that the Neymar Jr Fortnite skin and the other cosmetics in that set would be available to unlock on April 27th. Then, Epic Games revealed the skin in a trailer together with the challenges and an upcoming cup and other rewards in a blog.

The Soccer characters are a specific character-type that you are able to interact with in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. Discovering these Soccer characters is an important part of the Neymar Jr skin quests. You not only need to talk to them, but also you have to complete a handful of their quests to unlock the skin itself. Aside from that, you have to score a goal with a Soccer Ball as part of additional quests.

The Locations of Soccer characters in Fortnite

The Locations of Soccer characters in Fortnite

You have to know that there are three Soccer characters locations to discover in Fortnite. These characters are specifically found at:

    1. Holly Hedges

You will be able to find a soccer character in the south-east of the location, with a single goal to discover.

    1. Pleasant Park

You will be able to find a soccer character to the south of the location. Probably, this is the easiest of the three locations to spot, as it is a full pitch with two goals.

    1. Dirty Docks

You will be able to find a soccer character in the south-east, with a single goal.

To make you more understand about where to find the locations of soccer characters in Fortnite, well we are going to explain it in more detail in the text below. As we know that to unlock the Neymar Jr. skin in Fortnite, you have to tackle a few new challenges which revolve around soccer characters. Indeed, you have to talk to and complete the quests for soccer players, however you will need to know more detail where you are able to discover these characters. Fortunately, it is not really difficult to track down the soccer characters in Fortnite. This guide will share more details about three locations that you have to focus on.

Finding Soccer Characters in Holly Hedges

Holly Hedges fortnite soccer
The first soccer character location in Fortnite is on the east edge of Holly Hedges. It is a named area on the west side of Fortnite’s map. At that position, you are going to find a goal which is situated against a tall hedge. The NPC is going to be wandering around right in front of it. After finding this soccer player, you are able to interact with them freely and then accept a quest to create several progress on the aforementioned Neymar Jr. challenges.

Finding soccer characters in Pleasant Park

pleasent park fortnite soccer
The second soccer character location in Fortnite is at the large field which is within Pleasant Park. From three locations where the soccer players can be found, probably this is the most obvious, due to its size and demarcations. Lots of players are likely to target it as a result. It means that Fortnite players have to expect a bit of competition on the pitch. Accordingly, they have to prepare themselves.

Finding soccer characters in Dirty Docks

dirty docks fortnite soccer
The third soccer character location in Fortnite is on a small field which is tucked away at the southeast corner of Dirty Docks. As at the Holly Hedges, this is also a single goal setup, making it little more inconspicuous than the place located in Pleasant Park. Even so, with lots of players who are interested in getting the Neymar Jr. skin in Fortnite, the players should not be too surprised if they meet an enemy or two enemies when they try to approach this NPC.

When you are talking to a soccer character for the very time, you are going to accept a soccer ball toy. It is used in two other Neymar Jr. challenges. More specifically, you are going to be instructed to kick their toy 500 meters and score a goal with it. If you are able to do that, then you will be able to get a special back bling and pickaxe. Nevertheless, you must have the Neymar Jr. skin equipped in order to complete those additional challenges. It means that you have to focus on unlocking the new Fortnite outfit first.

If you are trying this quest after Neymar Jr skin’s debut, the above locations might be really busy to begin with. If they are overrun by the players and you cannot have a full conversation with NPC, it might be worth hanging back until other players are out of the way. Or if you are really struggling, please wait several days until the quests become less famous.

Aside from that, you have to remember that it is possible to pick up some quests from each Soccer character in Fortnite within a single match. Based on some experiences, these were related to utilizing the Soccer Ball toy (rewarded when you speak to one for the first time) and running a certain distance on foot, both easy enough to complete.

Talk to Soccer Character in Fortnite

Talk to Soccer Character in Fortnite

To talk to a soccer character in Fortnite, simply you need to find the soccer players at the locations explained above. Please interact with them to talk to them. Then, you are going to complete one of the challenges which will unlock the Soccer ball Fortnite toy. It will be required to complete several of the other challenges in Fortnite.

Distance drop kicking Soccer ball toy as Neymar Jr

If you go to the highest point on the Fortnite map and then drop kick the soccer ball toy, it seems like the challenge does not work properly. Sometimes, the players report the challenge completes whilst for others it does not. Your best bet is to kick the ball and make sure the ball is in view once it ends rolling.

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