When Does the Fortnite Item Shop Change

Fortnite has a shop where everyone will be able to get cosmetic items such as outfits, harvesting tools, wraps, and emotes. Not only that, those who want to buy the battle pass, starter packs, battle pass tiers, and bundles can also visit the shop.

The name of the shop is Item Shop and it is available in Fortnite Battle Royale and not in Fortnite Save the World. Apparently, the items that are featured in the shop change. When does the Fortnite Item Shop change?

When Does the Fortnite Item Shop Change

According to some sources, the Fortnite Item Shop changes every day at 00:00 UTC, 5:00 PM PT, 8:00 PM ET. Usually, the shop is updated once per day. However, there are times when the special cosmetics are added in the morning on occasion, which usually happens after a new patch or update.

After knowing the time when the Fortnite Item shop change, you might want to know the details about the Item Shop.


    • Type: Cosmetic shop
    • Mode: Battle Royale
    • In game  description: “These cosmetic items grant no competitive advantage. Gliders and Contrails are not useable in Save The World mode. Outfits and wraps do not include weapons.”

The contents that are included in the Item Shop have some sections. The first one is the main sections. This section includes:

    • Featured
      There are usually two parts of Item Shop: a Featured section and a Daily section. The ones that are included in the Featured sections are usually the new ones or the ones with unique style. These cosmetics are usually in the terms of outfits, back blings, harvesting tools, gliders, emotes, wraps, or sometimes contrails. When it comes to the rarities, they are almost always be Rare, Epic, or Legendary, and sometimes Uncommon, except for the Dark Series, Star Wars Series, Marvel Series, Icon Series, DC Series, and Gaming Legends Series.
    • Daily
      In this one, there are the items that have come back to the shop a few times and the list resets every day at 0:00 UTC. The rarities include Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. As for the Legendary ones, they are pretty rare in this section. If you want to find the Legendary outfits, you are encouraged to check out the Featured section. Aside from the cosmetics, there are also music packs and some other things.
    • Community Choice
      Sometimes, the Community Choice shows up. This one has 24 hours to vote the outfit that will come back or will be added first to the shop. The one that comes first will be available in the shop for one day. Besides, a bonus cosmetic such as harvesting tool, back bling, or wrap is also available with it in the Daily or Featured section.
    • Special Offers & Bundles
      The Special Offers & Bundles section was used to be Limited Time Offers. This one includes bundles that range from around $14 to $30. Besides, there are also starter packs that cost $4 thanks to the FreeFortnite campaign. Instead of V-Bucks, the items listed in this section cost real life money.
    • Battle Pass
      This section is where you will be able to but the battle pass at the Item Shop. In the same place, there is also the Battle Bundle shown.
    • Fortnite Crew
      This this section, you will be able to see this months current Fortnite Crew pack.

There is also the Special Sections. For your information, these ones do not always show up, meaning they only show up on the special occasions and they are not part of the normal Item Shop rotation.

In Item Shop, you will be able to find the Server Downtime/Shutdown, What Happens?, consisting of:

    • The Black Hole: When it is there, the Item Shop will not be able to be accessed.
    • Countdown to Zero: Countdown to Zero is the situation when a message that says “To be Continued is Season Five!” is seen on the screen. It is shown with a countdown until the new season released. While it is true that the Item Shop is refreshed, it will not be able to be accessed.
    • Rocky Ridge: Just like the Countdown to Zero, you will be able to see the To be Continue message on the screen. However, there are some differences. What makes it different compared to Countdown to Zero is it has 8 instead of 5 and the color on the background is also different.
    • Updates/Downtime: Every time there is a new season or a new patch released, servers will go into the downtime. During this period, the main game will not be able to be accessed. Just like the main game, the Item Shop will not also be able to be accessed until the servers are back online.

This paragraph will talk about the Sound Effects. There are three sounds that are able to be played when an item from the shop is purchased by a user. Aside from these, there is a sound effect of Deadpool getting your attention during the Deadpool Shop. In addition, there is also another sound effect of Deadpool revealed the Deadpool Shop.

For those who want to check out the previous transactions, there is the Item Shop History. In the Item Shop History, you will be able to find all the existing item shops from the start of Season 1. Everything will be able to be found in just one page.

Talking about the Item Shop, you should know that there are some Item Shop Backgrounds. Basically, when there is a special event or a collaboration, the background at the back of the Item Shop changes. Some of the Item Shop backgrounds include Original Chapter 1 Background, Season x Batman’s Background, Star War’s Background, 2020 Winterfest’s Background, Travis Scott’s Background, Captain America’s Background, 2021 Cosmic Summer’s Background, Ariana Grande’s Background, J Balvin’s Background, and Balenciaga’s Background.

For more information about the Fortnite Item Shop, the best thing that you can do is to visit its official website. If you have any question, you can try to address it to the community.