What is a Greeting in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

In Animal Crossing, you can establish a friendship with your villagers that live on your island. In the way of building friendship with your villagers, you may need to give a greeting to your villagers. To develop a unique greeting which is especially shared between you and a particular villager, you will then get a prompt regularly.

If you are new to Animal Crossing, you may wonder what the greeting is and when to use it in the game. Then, you probably want to know what makes a greeting different from the catchphrase. Let’s dive into our post to know more about it!

What Is a Greeting in ACNH?

What is a Greeting in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Greetings in Animal Crossing can be defined as welcoming words when you greet your villager. It aims to create friendships with a particular villager. Greetings are personal that will stay only between you and your villager. Greetings are not spread and used throughout the island.

Greeting can be adjusted once increasing the player’s friendship level. If you greet your villager for a few days as a daily gift, it will eventually bring a thought bubble. After the thought bubble appears over their head, your villager will ask about a personal greeting.

When the thought bubble appears, your villager may want to create or change a special greeting. The greeting can also have various other meanings, including:

    • Your villager may want to move away from a player’s New Horizons island
    • Your villager may want to sell of gift you an item
    • Your villager may need help with a task like sending a gift to another villager, among other things.

Moreover, greetings are longer than catchphrases or nicknames. If you want any part of a greeting capitalized like the first letter, you will have to capitalize it themselves. But sometimes, your villagers may want to add an ending punctuation mark or also may don’t want to give a greeting. So, adding an exclamation mark or a period is up to the player.

When to Use Greeting in ACNH?

A greeting is used when you increase the friendship level with your villager. When you establish the friendship level with your villager, there will be a thought bubble appear over their head to create a special greeting shared exclusively between you and a specific villager.

Furthermore, the greeting is used by your villagers while talking with you. Certainly, you can now set a greeting for a personal encounter with your villager in the future. You can also custom the greetings based

What Is the Difference Between Greeting and Catchphrase?

The main difference between greeting and catchphrase is that greeting will stay between you and your villager that suggests making one, while catchphrase can be adopted by villager without the player’s consent.

If other players visit an island, they can see a villager’s catchphrase if they talk to them. However, that’s not the case for greetings and nicknames in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nicknames are unique, as the other villagers will be able to adopt them, but if they ask you and you give permission for that villager to do so.

Generally, your villager will call your name and approach you if they want to create or change a nickname. You can also give your villager a custom greeting by increasing the friendship with them. To increase the friendship level with your villagers, you can give them daily gifts.

Types of Greetings in ACNH

Just like in real life, greetings in Animal Crossing can be whatever you want. The greetings can range from funny to flattering to or even rude if they want. You can also include your name or nickname in greetings if there is enough space. The greeting can be adjusted for a certain villager, as greetings do not carry over to other villagers.

For instance, if you have the popular cat villager called Raymond, he can say something like ‘It’s [Name]! How purrfect!’. You can then greet him by simple uplifting words of affirmation.

You can also use greetings with different combinations to see what feels right for each individual. If you set a greeting and continue to give attention to your villagers, they will ask about changing up a greeting, similar to nicknames and catchphrases.

You can then decide to keep the current greeting or also change it up, meaning if you are not happy with the greeting that you chose for your villager, so you can revise it then.

Greeting Ideas You Can Use

There are a number of generators that will give you greeting ideas. Before you use the greeting generator to get the ideas of greetings, we’ll also give you a list of greeting ideas that we obtained from gamespecifications.com. If you want to change your greetings, you can use the following greetings:

    • Here we go again.
    • There you are!
    • I missed you!
    • Get off my lawn!
    • Well look who it is!
    • I see dead people.
    • Good vibes only.
    • You scared me!
    • Cutiesayswhat.
    • Whoa…Where am I?
    • Behold! It is I!
    • Avada kedavra!
    • Here comes trouble.
    • “I’m not worthy!”
    • You’re a hard worker!
    • Witness me!!
    • Peace and blessings!
    • Holy cow! It’s [name]!
    • Notice me, senpai!
    • Surprise! It’s me!
    • Goooooo [favorite sports team]!
    • Bada bing!
    • Oh…It’s you.
    • Thank god you’re here!
    • I’m glad to see you!
    • Good day, your majesty.
    • Yay! It’s [name]!
    • I’m so proud of you.
    • You’re my reason for living!
    • I appreciate you, [name].
    • Thanks for all you do!
    • My person, my muse!
    • You are so loved!
    • It’s the savior of our island!
    • I’m here for you always!
    • You make me happy.
    • What a nice smile!
    • What’s cookin’, good lookin’?
    • What’s crackin’?
    • Wazzzup!?
    • Aloha, friend!
    • What up, buttercup?
    • Sup, shorty?
    • Hey, boo!
    • Hi, handsome/beautiful.
    • Hola, amigo/a!
    • Hey gurrl/boii!
    • What up, home skillet?
    • Hello, sunshine.
    • Howdy partner!
    • Namaste.
    • ‘ello!
    • G’day mate!
    • There s/he is!
    • Hi!
    • Hello!
    • Zoinks!
    • Your sweat is so shiny and beautiful!
    • Your muscles look so happy!
    • You’re too slow!
    • You’re back!
    • You smell that?
    • You look like you need a hug.
    • You lift?
    • You got any snacks?
    • Yes, you may stare.
    • Yes, darling?
    • Yeah! Woo!
    • Yaaaaaas!
    • Woomy!
    • Why, hello, dear.
    • Why are you so loud…
    • When’s dinner?
    • What’s your story?
    • What’s up, bruh?
    • What’s the hot goss?
    • What’s poppin’?
    • What is it?!
    • What a beautiful day.
    • Whaddya want?
    • Well, excuuuuse me, princess!
    • We meet again, mr. Bond.
    • Wanna see my glutes?
    • Tuck in those glutes!
    • Tubular!
    • Time to tip the scales!
    • Thought I smelt ya!
    • Think you’re tough?
    • There’s my pal!
    • There’s my favorite human!
    • The dude abides.
    • The bugs… hunger!
    • The bugs say hi!

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