What Infinity Gauntlet Mod Does Ssundee Use

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Infinity Gauntlet Mod that Ssundee Use

Based on the research, the Infinity Gauntlet mod adds the Infinity Gems & Infinity Gauntlet into Minecraft. You are able to find the infinity gems and use their extreme overpowered abilities in Minecraft. You will be able to kill anything which stands in your way, teleport across the land quickly, set mobs to attack each other, and more. Just collect all 6 gems, several gold, and diamonds. Make the Infinity Gauntlet and discover the true and extreme powers of the gems.

Minecraft allows the players to build anything. But, it is not quite as good as having full control over the elements of reality, space, mind, time, and power. Fortunately, Thanos has the choice of mods to unlock the power of Infinity Gauntlet. The Infinity Gauntlet mod will offer you to build Marvel’s ultimate power source with some precious jewels, metals, and a dash of red stone. It goes in your offhand slot, and it can be utilized with a right click. You will not have the ability to snap half of your world out of existence, but you are able to use all five stones individually. For example, Reality stone has an ability turn any nearby hostile mobs into passive ones, or turn projectiles into the bats. You will be able to freeze time, mind control mobs, and build portals to teleport between locations in a blink. For those who are looking for more straightforward powers, you need have access to a massive beam that will make anything it touches explode.

What Infinity Gauntlet Mod Does Ssundee Use

Insane Craft by SSundee and friends (Modpacks)

In this modpack, you are able to expect all the mods Ssundee and his friends are playing with. We are going to keep up with all the mods we see in the videos. Also, we keep all the mods up to date (and add some extra features) anyways if we have already missed any mods to add or any tweaks need to be done inform us we are going to do it anyways. If you do not know regarding the series and do not know what to expect, the pack consists of the magic, superheroes, and exploration mods that we got tech mods such as thermal expansion, AE2 ender io, etc. Also, magic mods like mystical agriculture, Electroblob’s Wizardry (SSundee’s popular ray of purification is from this mod), etc.

If you like farming, we would got pam harvest craft if you like space. We got galacticraft and also a bunch of its addons if you like explorations and like challenges we got a ton of dimensions for you to explore. We got mods like ice and fire. Need to know that the Lycanites Mobs have the ability to spice things up a bit. If you like to build, we got chisel mod for you if you want to be a superhero like iron man, superman, flash, spiderman, or Thanos and much more.

Infinity Gauntlet in Minecraft – Five attacks

The Infinity Gauntlet is a ranged weapon. It has 5 attacks. You will be able to switch attacks by jumping. Then, it is going to tell you what attack you are on at your bottom middle.

Here are those five attacks:

    • Explosive gem
      This attack will shoot with a space ingot that explodes after colliding with a block or mob dealing 25 hearts of health to nearby mobs and players with no any armor.
    • Time control
      By sneaking, you are able to freeze time in the world. Any mobs will apply the same effect. However, the effect will not work on the players. To resume time, you are able to sneak again. Aside from that, you will not be able to change to another ability on your gauntlet until you have resumed time.
    • Gravity control
      By right clicking on a mob will be able to make it, so you are able to control where the mob goes. To release the mob, simply you are able to right click again.
    • Weather control
      By sneaking you will be able to alter the weather to sunny. Then, if you sneak once again, it is going to alter the weather to rainy. If you sneak one more time, it is going to change into a thunderstorm.
    • Lightning
      By right clicking a mob or player, it can summon a thunderbolt near it doing 10 hearts of damage with no armor.

Warning: You are able to craft this in the ultimate crafting table.

    • Si–Sb–ns– sb–si
    • Vi–Vi–bv–vi–vi
    • Gb–Gb–Gb–Gb–Gb
    • A–A–A–A–A
    • A–A–A–A–A

For note:

    • sb=space block
    • si= space ingot
    • vi= void ingot
    • ns= nether star
    • bv= void block (crafted with 9 void ingots in a normal crafting table)
    • gb= gold blocks
    • A= nothing

Crafting the Infinity Gauntlet in Minecraft

Here are several steps to craft the Infinity Gauntlet, you need to drop:

    • 1x Netherite ingot
    • 1x Copper ingot
    • 1x Redstone dust
    • 1x Lapis lazuli
    • 1x Amethyst shard
    • 1x Emerald
    • 1x Gold Ingot

Having different hotbar slots will allow you to use different stones.

    • Reality Stone

The stone has an ability to transform hostile mobs in a radius around the player into passive ones. Crouching while utilizing this will affect entities that you are looking at.

    • Space Stone

The stone will make a portal where you look. Using it one again will make a second portal linked to the first. Walking through a portal will teleport you to another and damage both portals shortly.

    • Power Stone

The stone will shoot a beam which explodes anything it touches.

    • Time Stone

The stone will freeze or unfreeze the time.

    • Mind Stone

By right clicking while you are looking at a mob, it will be able to control it.


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