What Does Karma and Discipline Do in BitLife?

In BitLife, you will find an element called Karma and one of the hidden stats called Discipline. You definitely can increase both Karma and Discipline through meditation. So far, doing mediation will increase your discipline level along with your karma and your health.

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand what Karma and Discipline do in BitLife. If you really want to find the information about them accurately, you can dive into our post. as we’ll try to show you everything about Karma and Discipline. Let’s check our post out!

What Does Karma Do in BitLife?

In BitLife, Karma is an element to BitLife that will help you live longer and get through hard situations easier. Well, the most positive impact of having high Karma is to allow you to live longer. To get high Karma, you may need to boost it by doing some good activities.

In this case, doing good actions will boost up your Karma, while doing bad actions will lower your Karma. The higher Karma you have, the longer you will live. If your character dies, it will inform the level of Karma that your character had along with their overall happiness.

To see your character’s Karma, you will need to take a meditation or after your character dies. It means that selecting the nicest option in random scenarios will improve Karma, while selecting the rudest will actually lower it.

To see your character’s Karma,

Along with this, the level of your Karma will really help you live longer and get out of any bad events like becoming sick easier. If you have a high Karma level, it will also be extremely beneficial if you’re trying to complete some of the age achievements which require you to live a long life.

How to increase the level of your Karma? Of course, you will need to increase the level of your Karma by doing some good actions. As we’ve mentioned, to live longer, you must have a high level of Karma. We’ll give you some ways you can do to increase your Karma level.

Here are some ways to increase the level of your Karma!

    • Adopting
    • Apologizing
    • Meditation
    • Helping people
    • Saving life
    • Calling police
    • Donating Heirlooms
    • Serving the Military
    • Giving money to your family
    • Giving money to the needy
    • Giving gifts and cars to people
    • Working on your Mind & Body
    • Complementing and wishing people good
    • Donating your Assets and being generous
    • Giving gifts and spending with your loved ones
    • Doing some good things for your friends. Ex: Report them when they are addicting to drugs

Okay, those are some things that can increase the level of your Karma.

Otherwise, there are some things that will lower the level of your Karma. We suggest you avoid these following bad actions!

    • Arguing
    • Assaulting
    • Crime
    • Insulting
    • Not saving a life in danger.
    • Passing on STDs
    • Cheating on a lover
    • Going to prison
    • Skipping a funeral
    • Trying drugs
    • Trying to get away with bad things done in a Life.
    • Anything that is bad

How to check your Karma? In BitLife, Karma is invisible to the player in the game most of the time. In the previous BitLife version, you can see your Karma after the death of your life. Now, in the latest release of the game, Karma is not showing either.

The only way to see the level of your Karma is the pop up that you can see after taking a meditation. However, you cannot see Karma every time a meditation result pops up. Only sometimes BitLife shows you the Karma BitLife that you have currently.

In other words, it is a random thing that you cannot predict, since you can only see your Karma after meditation. However, you may notice that you have a great Karma level if you view some unexpected luck in your life, i.e. you may win a giant lotter since you had a perfect karma level in your life.

What Does Disciple Do in BitLife?

In BitLife, Discipline is a hidden stats which can affect characters in a particular way, however what it exactly does or how it affects players is not clear, so here is what it does and how to improve it.

Discipline is used to control how easily your character can resist from getting addictions and how well your character performs in school and work. The characters with low discipline will be more likely to get new addictions and can most likely do worse in school and work.

In this case, the characters with high discipline will perform better in work and school, so they will have a higher opportunity of not getting new addictions, along with being less likely to get severe disease and obtaining STDs such as HIV in events.

How to check the level of your discipline? You definitely can check your current discipline level by navigating into the Mind and Body tab. Then, you need to click on the meditation activity.

In this case, meditating will sometimes boost up your discipline level, along with your karma and your health. To keep the level of your discipline high, you should avoid everything that involve addictions such as gambling, doing drugs  and drinking.

Get to Know About God Mode

God Mode in BitLife is the third feature that is not included as part of Bitizenship. This mode costs $4.99 and is a one-time payment. This feature allows you to edit anyone’s name, appearance and stats in the game and can also change this as many times as you want, but changing your character’s skin color is an exception.

Moreover, the God Mode also lets you edit your character’s appearance and attributes before you begin your custom life. Aside from that, you can customize how your character would look at the age of 21 to 44 and other ages depend on it.

Additionally, you can change your character’s look and change your royalty status in Nations which have monarchy. But, you cannot change your conception method, birthday, siblings or pet color. In addition to discipline stats, there are some other stats included into God Mode such as Happiness, Craziness, Health, Smart, Sexuality and Willpower.