How to Appear Offline on Valorant

Valorant will be more fun to play with a squad of friends, as this game allows you to experience tactical shooters. But sometimes, you may only want to play the game alone without having to queue with other players.

To avoid this, you may hide from your friends and show your offline status. Unfortunately, Valorant seems to not provide a way to make your status offline on the game. Thankfully, we finally found a way to make your status appear offline on Valorant. Then, what to do? Let’s dive into our post to find out the guide!

How to Appear Offline on Valorant

Can You Appear Offline on Valorant?

The answer is totally Yes. You can appear offline on Valorant, even though there’s no single way that Valorant gives to players. You can really appear offline on Valorant by downloading a third-party software called ‘Deceive’.

As the name implies, you will be able to deceive your friends and seem invisible while you are currently online. Deceive will allow you to log into Valorant and appear offline. Even if it does not technically affect your gameplay, the usage of any third-party software will be able to result in suspensions.

Furthermore, Deceive is able to cut the between Valorant chat servers that make the user appear offline or invisible in the game. So far, the risk of using Deceive is minimal in many peoples’ experiences, though Riot Games is openly against the use of third-party applications, not only for Valorant, but also for League of Legends.

Depending on what that software does, the use of such software may result in a ban. However, Deceive has been around for years and its users have not complained that the program got them banned. It may be due to the software not interfering with Vanguard, a Valorant’s anti-cheat system. So, make sure to use it at your own discretion, though.

How to Download and Use Deceive on Valorant to Appear Offline?

To use Deceive on Valorant, you may need to download Deceive first. Downloading and installing Deceive is pretty easy to do. So, here’s how to download and install Deceive on  Valorant!

    • First, you need to download Deceive on Github.
    • After the program is downloaded, you need to create a shortcut of Deceive.exe.  create a shortcut of Deceive.exe.
    • Then, you need to right-click the shortcut of Deceive.exe with your mouse. Then, you can click on ‘properties’.
    • As soon as you click Properties, there will be a pop-up screen and you will see there is a field name ‘Target’.
       a pop-up screen and you will see there is a field name ‘Target’
    • After that, you can add an extra space once ‘exe’ and type ‘Valorant’.
    • Last, you can click ‘OK’ and run Deceive via the shortcut you added.

Okay, Deceive is now running and you can start using this software on Valorant.

To use Deceive, you need to launch ‘Valorant’. When the game is open, you can look over at your friends list. Here, you should see an entry called ‘Deceive Active’ on top of it. Well, this is an indicator that Deceive is running when you are finally offline from Valorant.

Why Should You Appear Offline?

Appearing offline is occasionally needed when you instead prefer to enjoy a solo-queue session for whatever reason. There may be several reasons why you need to appear offline on Valorant. You may be able to do a challenge such as:

    • To see how you can rank up on your own
    • To dodge that one friend which keeps bottom fragging every game
    • To just log into Valorant to check out the daily store rotation

Aside from that, dealing with messages and invites as soon as you are online may become a nuisance for some, so a number of Valorant fans are wondering if there is a way to log into the game without showing up ‘online’ on your friends’ list.

So, it does not wonder if Valorant is commonly enjoyed more with a squad of friends in order to experience the highs or lows of competitive play or the relaxed session of other non-ranked modes which Valorant offers.

Last but not least, if you restrict connection to Riot Games’ social servers, you can easily control your friend list and communications.

How to Go Back Online on Valorant?

If you want to go back online on Valorant, so you will be visible again, you just do the following ways:

    • Make sure to right-click on the Deceive option and switch to Offline.
    • Then, launch Valorant directly that will also make you appear online.

That’s what you have to do about how to appear offline on Valorant and seem visible to your friends.

Reasons Why Valorant Players May Not Communicate

In addition to avoiding other player’s messages and invites, there are several reasons why Valorant players may not communicate in the game. The lack of consistent verbal communication can be the reason why a player wants to appear offline on Valorant.

However, the lack of verbal communication will be detrimental when making plays and playing the game overall. We can really understand that verbal communication will consistently be the great way to provide communication for your team compared to radio commands.

However, there are some situations in which Valorant players are not verbally communicating. What are they? Let’s see the following reasons why Valorant players may not communicate!

    • No microphone
    • Language barrier
    • Inability to hear
    • Low confidence
    • Fear of negative feedback  and toxicity
    • Inability to speak as it being late at night or background noise(s)

Considering every player has their own reasons as to why they may or may not select to do something, of course, there is not much you can do about those complications.

However, Riot Games has been providing a variety of communications that the players can do without a microphone. Of course, any way of putting those commands to use will be useful to your team as providing in-game comms.

A variety of communications to use without a microphone include radio commands, radio comand wheel, pings and text chat. Otherwise, if you want to communicate effectively with a microphone, you can take advantage of calling out.

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