Waves Maxxaudio Pro Equalizer Settings

Waves Maxxaudio Pro refers to a feature that Dell laptops have. This one allows people to configure the sound quality. With it, those who have laptops are able to apply adjustments to some different kinds of things, such as submerged audio, music playback, audio capture, and so on.

If you do not have special requirements for sound, there is a high chance of you spending little time with the Waves application. So, if you want everything on your laptops to be well optimized including the sounds, there is an issue that is talked about by everyone: Waves Maxxaudio Pro best setting.

Waves Maxxaudio Pro and Its Features Dell laptops

Waves Maxxaudio Pro and Its Features 

Before going to the Waves Maxxaudio Pro best settings, it is better for you to know about Waves Maxxaudio Pro and its features, especially for those who are new to the world of PCs. Waves Maxxaudio is the name of the app that is only included in the Dell systems. This one allows the users to edit and to personalize their sound quality and settings. This app is the one that makes it possible for you to edit different features, including playback devices, submerged audio, and many more.

If you don’t really mind about the production of sounds from your PC, it means there is no need for you to use the Waves Maxxaudio Pro. However, if you want more from your amazing adjustments to the sounds produced by your Dell system, here are the things to know about the Waves Maxxaudio Pro best settings:

    • Due to the fact that the app is always active, it is always able to be found in the active tasks menu. In order to open it, all that you have to do is to open the menu and then click on the app.
    • Even though you will be informed of the method to set up your Waves Maxxaudio Pro, you are still suggested to try out new features so that you are able to find out what is the best for you.
    • Once the app opens, you will be taken to the control panel where you will find a few features. Talking about these features, they include MaxxEQ, MaxxBass, and so on.
    • Once you are done setting up to any app that you want, do not forget to save the settings. If you want to use the same settings again, you can just click on Load Preset instead of doing it again from the start.
    • It is worth noting that the sound produced is the default playback device used. Apparently, the playback device is known as a piece of equipment through which your laptop plays the sound, such as headphones, speakers, and so on. If you want to enjoy any settings that you might have, it is better for you to get quality sound systems or headphones.

Waves Maxxaudio Pro Best Settings

Waves Maxxaudio Pro Equalizer Settings

Once you have opened the application, it is time for you to click on the speaker or headphones option. By doing it, you will be able to control the panel that edits the kind of sound that is produced by the playback device. There are a few options in there, including the MaxxExciter, MaxxBAss, MaxxStereo, and more. Please check the box for every option with the exception of MaxxLeveler, MaxxNR, Maxxvolume, and Noise Rider.

Apparently, the MaxxLeveler and Maxxvolume are the ones that cause the sound of distortion. For those who are not familiar with the sound distortion, it is the kind of thing that makes your speaker sound quite unpleasant. Not only that, it also makes a high level of bass quite unbearable while playing low notes. That’s why it is better for you to not tick these two.

After checking the boxes, the next thing that you have to do is to adjust the bars for every option. Do not forget to increase the bar for the MaxxBass to maximum. As for the Maxxtreble to just 1/11 of the bar, the MaxxStereo, and MaxxDialog, they should be half of the bar. When everything is done, it means the settings for the control panel are done. After that, save up the settings and then add any name that you want for identification.

In the next step, move on to the equalizer settings, the one with the responsibility to produce the sounds at different frequencies and also the one in charge of helping to reduce the degree of sound rumbling in the speakers. It will be needed for you to set the equalizer as follows:

    • For the 31Hz bar, set it at -3dB.
    • For the 63Hz and 125Hz bar, set it at 1dB.
    • For the 250Hz bar, set it at -1dB.
    • For the 16k HZ bar, set it at 3dB.

The equalizer settings are just like that. Make sure to save it and feel free to name it anything.

The default speaker setup is the last settings. In order to set it up, all that you have to do is to click on this and then choose the highest quality available, which is the 24 Bits, 192000 Hz (Studio Quality) option. After following the last step, the settings for the Wave Maxxaudio Pro are done.

Settings of Realtek Sound Card

Aside from Waves Maxxaudio Pro, another feature with the ability to further increase the quality of sound production from your PC is called Realtek Sound Card. Unfortunately, this one is not available on every system. So, if there is this feature on your system, it means you scored. The process of setting this feature can be done by opening it. Then, click on enhancements. Next, tick the boxes for Equalizer, Virtual Surround, and Loudness Equalization. After ticking the Equalizer, another tab will be opened, the one that looks like from the control panel of Waves Maxxaudio Pro. Please choose the present data called Powerful and then reduce the 4k Hz bar to the minimum to optimize the sound quality and to further reduce sound distortion. Another step to be done include switching on full range speakers.

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