Blast Furnace OSRS Money Making Guide

In the game called Old School RuneScape or OSRS, the money making method that requires an official Blast Furnace world is named smelting steel bars at Blast Furnace. If you are curious about this method, you will be guided below.

To smelt steel bars at Blast Furnace, level 60 is highly recommended even though the requirement is level 30 Smithing. The reason why it is recommended is because there is no need for you to pay an entrance fee to the Blast Furnace. It is such a good news for the players as they are able to get the decent profits by making a good amount of steel bars that is worth 356 each. They are all apparently used by low to mid level smiths.

Blast Furnace OSRS Money Making Guide

As one of the players of the game, you are able to make between 3,000 and 5,400 steel bars in just an hour with the moderate attention. In the other words, the profit margin falls between 292,008 and 618,408 hourly.

As mentioned above, smelting steel bars in this game is the kind of method that needs an official Blast Furnace world. There are a few things that have to be brought such as the coal, iron ore, sufficient stamina potions, and a minimum of 72,000 coins. If you want to use the furnace that is operated by the dwarves, you will have to deposit the coins into the coffer. A total of 1,200 coins will apparently be removed by the cover every minute and it will be done automatically. First of all, you can place the coal on the conveyor belt to avoid making the iron bars. Then, place iron ore on the conveyor belt and then make the bag that is full of coal empty. After that, do not wait and just deposit it immediately. The next thing that you have to do is to go to the bar dispenser and then get the bars, which can be done by clicking on it if the ice gloves are equipped. Aside from that, another alternative is to pour the water and then gather the bars. Please do it again until there are no other ores left or when the coffer is empty.

With the coal bag, you are allowed to bring a total of 27 additional pieces of coal in a single trip from the bank to the furnace. Without the cool bag, the result that you get is likely to be less, totaling up to 292,008 hourly and up to 52,500 Smithing experience.

You are able to access both the city and the Blast Furnace once you have gone to Keldagrim once. In order to access it, you are able to use the travel option on the trapdoor located on the inside west wall of the Grand Exchange.

There are a few key points for everyone who are not familiar with using the Blast Furnace and they are able to be found on the Blast Furnace page. These key points include:

    • In the furnace, there is an interior buffer that consists of 254 ores in total.
    • There is only a buffet in the output. This buffet consists of 28 bars of every type.
    • If the coal is not in the furnace, the iron ore will immediately become iron bars.
    • The iron will become the iron bars if there are 28 steel bars in the output and more iron are put onto the conveyor. It will be like this even if there is enough coal in the furnace. If you place more, the iron ore will remain in the furnace until the room is made,
    • Putting the iron ore and then making the coal bag empty and putting the coal ore onto the conveyor is slow. Due to its slowness, the iron bars will be made instead of the steel bars. To handle this, the first thing that you need to do is to put 26 to 28 coals into the blast furnace and you should do it before staring the runs of iron and coal inventories. By following the step, the furnace always has a buffer of coal. The statement means it will be impossible for the iron bars to be made accidentally.
    • For those who are are under 60 Smithing, it is a must for you pay the Foreman 2500gp each 10 minutes manually on top of the 72000 GP per hour drained from the coffer. Even if there is no permission from the foreman, the coffer will keep draining.

Talking about money making guides from smelting, you might want to know the information of the other methods to compare. Here is for you:

    • Smelting iron bars
      Level: 15
      Profit: 400,008
      Bars/hour: 6000
      XP/hour: 75,000
    • Smelting mithril bars
      Level: 50
      Profit: 881,208
      Bars/hour: 3600
      XP/hour: 108,000
    • Smelting adamantite bars
      Level: 70
      Profit: 1,223,208
      Bars/hour: 2700
      XP/hour: 101,250
    • Smelting runite bars
      Level: 85
      Profit: 1,371,808
      Bars/hour: 2150
      XP/hour: 107,500

Smelting steel bat at Blast Furnace is not the only method to make money in Old School RuneScape or OSRS. There are a lot of methods that you can try. Some other ones include brewing greenman’s ale, claiming pure essence from Wizard Cromperty, opening herb boxes, farming Ranarr weed, picking coconuts, thieving Master farmers, thieving Rogues’ Castle chests, woodcutting oak logs, woodcutting maple logs, smithing iron bars, smithing iron knives, runecrafting blood runes, runecrafting soul runes, hunting implings, cleaning irit leaves, cleaning guam leaf, cutting diamond bolt tips, cutting ruby bolt tips, fletching diamond bolts, making magic pyre logs, cooking raw monkfish, making raw wild pies, making tuna potatoes, making raw summer pies, making anchovy pizza, cooking raw sharks, grinding bird nests, grinding chocolate bars, grinding unicorn horns, grinding desert goat horns, collecting air talismans, collecting ashes, collecting big bones from the Bone Yard, collecting bananas, collecting black scimitara from Ardougne Castle, collecting blue dragon scales, collecting bronze pickaxe, collecting buckets of sand, collecting climbing boots, collecting cowhide, collecting garlic, collecting iron ore, collecting jangerberries, collecting mort myre fungi, collecting planks, collecting potato cacti, collecting potatoes, collecting red spiders’ eggs, collecting Revenant Caves, collecting Skeletal Wyvern Cavern, collecting snape grass, collecting swamp tar from the Lady Zay, collecting tinderboxes, collecting white berries, collecting wine of zamorak, and so on.