Tayvion Cole Roblox Game

Recently, there’s a Roblox meme video which shows a house party. The party initially went smoothly and people enjoyed it with fun. However, the situation rapidly gets very chaotic when someone comes and shoots a guy with 8 shots, making him die on the spot. So, why does the Roblox community make it?

However, a Roblox meme video was based on a true story where Tayvion Cole was suddenly shot by Zach Bryson in his upper body. Tayvion was a future Division 1 college athlete, and also a gamer. He was shot at a house party hosted on August 7, 2021 at Shaffer Village.

Responding to the shooting case that caused the victim to die on the spot, of course Roblox community eventually created a meme video showing exactly the same events as experienced by Tayvion Cole displayed with Roblox characters. So, let’s find out more information about the Tayvion Cole Roblox meme in our post below!

Tayvion Cole Roblox Game

A Roblox Meme about Tayvion Cole

Roblox, this online massive gaming platform comes to entertain people by giving them a digital experience through a number of inviting games within. This platform seems to allow people to imagine, create and enjoy 3D games with their friends. Certainly, the Roblox game creators will get a chance to create any games and events.

Well, the Tayvion Cole meme video was definitely created by a Roblox creator. The reason why the incident of Tayvion Cole was shown in Roblox video is to grab people’s attention about the tragic death of this 19-year-old guy.

Well, the death of Tayvion was reported on August 11, 2021 and that’s now becoming a popular meme on Roblox. However, the community of Roblox was shocked that this violence had taken place in a house party where it’s such a place for people to socialize, gather and also make friends.

Finally, a lot of gamers picked out this incident and reported it on their social media platform, featuring the real case as a Roblox meme. Suddenly this Roblox meme video got a positive response which could raise people’s awareness of the inhuman act.

Chronologic of Tayvion Cole Death in Roblox Meme

A Tayvion Cole Roblox Meme was shown in a video. You definitely can watch this Roblox meme video on YouTube. Certainly, there are some YouTube channels which have uploaded videos chronologically of Tayvion Cole death. If you watch a video, you will know what the chronology of the Tayvion Cole incident is.

Well, we will also show you the chronology of the Tayvion Cole death, based on some YouTube videos. Here’s for the chronologic:

    1. On the video, you will see that there’s a house party hosted in a certain house.
    2. Tayvion Cole  participated in a party at a Roblox game.
    3. The party was hosted at a house at Shaffer Village on the Sunday, August 7, 2021. He was seen to enjoy the virtual party with a few of his gang members.
    4. Then, a character named Zach Bryson walks towards Tayvion Cole, while the party is going on, at 7.34 p.m.
    5. As you can see on the video, Zach approaches Tayvion from a distance which makes his way out of the crowd in the virtual party.
    6. Zach comes to the proximity of Tayvion who was between his gang members.
    7. Suddenly, Zach grabs his pistol and shoots several rounds at Tayvion Cole and also injures another Roblox character.
    8. So, after the brutal shots many times, Tayvion passed away at the spot. Well, the Tayvion’s murder incident reported on the internet.

Well, that’s the chronologic of Tayvion Cole death which draws Roblox Community to show a Roblox meme video, as a response.

To make it for you more understanding to know the chronologic of this murder incident, you definitely can watch some YouTube videos, listed below!

    • A video from Laughability entitled The Roblox East Brickton Community that you can watch here.
    • A video from TalkingFox29 entitled R.I.P. Tavion Cole that you can watch here.
    • A video from Ace The Don XL entitled ACE REACTS||THE MURDER OF TAYVION COLE…A ROBLOX STORY that you can watch here.
    • A video from McChicken Official entitled The tragic death of Tayvion Cole that you can watch here.
    • A video from Willeezy Entertainment entitled Roblox Tayvion Cole Shooting meme that you can watch here.

Make sure to watch the chronology of Tayvion Cole’s death on those YouTube channels.

Reason for Tayvion Cole’s Murder

Unfortunately, no reason has yet been found behind the murder of Tayvion Cole. That’s because the reason why the Asian white girl has planned for his murder is still unknown. Known, the girl is someone who has planned the setup and the one who killed him both are dead now.

However, the Asian white girl is accused for planning the murder of Tayvion Cole, as she told where Tayvion is to Zach Bryson, his murderer. Well, all Tayvion fellow members could not tolerate this incident. They also do not know the Asian White girl.

Later, the same day, Zach Bryson was murdered by an unknown person. Of course, the person who arranged the house party and mastermind of Tayvion Cole murder is currently under investigation by Police.

More About Roblox House Party

House Party is such an event available in Roblox which became the scene of the Tayvion Cole murder incident. In this house party, your friends will invite you to join. Certainly, you will do numerous activities such as stuff your face with cake, socialize with other players and do many exciting things.

However, the party is for fun and to make people get rid of their stress. However, that’s not at all. A tragic incident occurs when all people enjoy the party a lot. The murder of Tayvion Cole made the party’s atmosphere changed very drastically from excitement to sadness.

Well, the tragic murder at house party in Roblox leaves the friends, family and loved ones in grieve. Last, we pray to God to give strength to the Tayvion’s family and the loved ones.

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