Solution for Asus Flash Tool Unzip Image Failure

Now, we are going to explain you how to use Asus Flash Tool as a great tool to solve unzip image failure. This tutorial come out when we already failed few time to flash our phone. In that case, our phone is stuck at Asus logo and cannot boot to normal state. If you having error message something like this, “Unzip Image Failure” then there is 100% chance your firmware is wrong. Remember that firmware from Asus site is only for upgrading manually when your device still can boot to Android normally. Using the firmware with Asus flash tool will not success.

Asus Flash Tool Features

Asus Flash Tool is a powerful tool when comes to the processing. Now, let us see how it functions through the features it takes.

  • Flash Stock Firmware

Asus Flash Tool supports flashing Stock firmware on any Asus Zenfone model. With correct firmware downloaded, you are able to upgrade or downgrade easily through download Asus Flash.

  • Offers to Backup Apps

In fact, not all of the flash tools are ready to support in the backup apps. Fortunately, this Asus Flash Tool performs it perfectly, supporting backup apps and also restores. The applications include which the user has installed on the device. Here it lacks support to backup application data that related to restoring settings of the app.

  • Backup System Apps

Also, it carries support in backup system apps that you could be restore easily. For the ease of the user, the application files will save in the format of .ab on the computer.

  • Progress bar Feature

One of the interesting things that make you should download Asus Flash is its simple and upfront UI where you only required for choosing the correct file and direct to process. Aside from that, with the live progress bar, you are able to see the process of the program from that you can see whether data is connected and the program is still going.

Asus Flash Tool 1

Asus Flash Download

The flashing app is compatible with all Windows platforms up to Windows XP. Considering the compatible field it shows Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 as results. Genuine Asus USB driver installation is an urgent requirement. Asus Tool download is able to do on both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems as well. Now, you are able to click on respective direct download link and pick the great flashing app to solve Asus devices in an easy way.

Download Asus Flash Tool Latest Version

Apparently, the developers keep updating Asus Flash tool in the match to various requirements. Currently, we find Asus v2.0.1 tool as the latest version with the following changes.

  • Addresses closing the program automatically after several seconds
  • Giving to the layout in the tab Backup and restore.

In addition, this Asus Flash tool latest version is bringing guaranteed success since it takes improvements to the work frame as well. However in case if you fail getting paired with the latest tool update, you have to try any previous and check the compatibility for several times.

How To Install Asus Flash Tool On PC?

  • Firstly, you have to download Asus Zenfone USB drivers software on the Windows PC and install it.
  • Then, you have to download Asus Flash Tool on the Windows PC and extract to get workable extensions.
  • After that, double click on the exe file and continue with “next”. Please go to “Install” option for which you will get a security message that needs to be continued with OK.
  • That will be able to make the Asus Flash Tool to be installed on the PC

How To Use Asus Flash Tool To Flash Stock Firmware?

Before moving to process, you will need to boot the Smartphone to Developer mode while enabling the USB debugging mode from settings. Then, you are able to download correct Asus Zenfone Stock firmware file to the PC. Please give concern to back up the whole device from which only you are able to save all your existing data.

To use Asus Zenfone Flash Tool for Flash Stock Firmware, do these steps below:

  • At the first step, you have to launch Asus Tool and connect the device.
  • After clicking on disconnected button, you are able to browse and add the Stock firmware file in the right place
  • Now, allow the process start and restart the device automatically. Here, you need switching to Recovery mode by long press and hold Volume down and up keys
  • In the Recovery mode, you have to go to update ADB with “apply update from ADB” and start from where the flashing is paused
  • At the end of all processing, you need to restart the device and then disconnect from the Windows PC.
  • Lastly, you only need to wait the process until finish completely. Usually, it take 5 up to 10 minutes.

Another Method For Unzip Image Failure

Firstly, download these component and install to your computer:

  • Intel USB Driver download
  • ASUS Flashtool v1.0.0.11 download
  • ASUS Zenfone C ROM download

Please get your phone to boot into bootloader menu. After that, connect phone to computer and then open Asus flash tool. If your device not showing reboot into bootloader again until you see a blue circle. It means that your device is ready to flash. Choose model suitable with phone from dropdown menu. In this Zenfone C tutorial choose ZC451CG and then choose your .zip file brown box icon. Do not forget to tick wipe data. This picture is for reference only. The process is still same. You will use .zip file not .raw file. The last step is to start flash. You are able to click the green arrow and your device is going to start flashing new firmware. Please wait about 10 to 15 minute until completely flash. You do not unplug your cable or end up brick. Now, you have flash and revive your phone successfully.