Soft Reset for Shiny Rayquaza Guide

Soft resetting is the term to all the act of getting a Pokemon or encountering a one time only encounterable Pokemon. You are able to do it by saving prior to the encounter. Another way is to get the Pokemon. In case your encounter is not considered either Shiny Encounter or Shiny Pokemon, you might want to make a second attempt to get the shiny one by quitting the game or reloading the file that you save. There is a thing known as the Shiny Charm that can help you to increase the chance of soft resetting.

It is worth noting that soft resetting will not work for most of the Pokemon that is usually used for due to some encounters being Shiny-locked. Actually, there is one situation to use this way of getting the Shiny Pokemon, Fossil Pokemon for the exact. Soft reset means saving before getting the Pokemon for the fossil. Basically, you will get the Pokemon. And when you have it in your hand, you can just simply check if it is indeed the shiny one or not. In case the one that you have turns out not the shiny one, you can close the game and then reload it to make the next attempt to get the shiny one. Feel free to repeat the process until you succeed getting the shiny one.

Soft Reset for Shiny Rayquaza Guide

Method to soft reset for Shiny Rayquaza

A user on Neo Seeker forum named anip shared his plan to soft reset Rayquaza. You can try to faint Amadant Synchro Ralts in slot 1. You can also use the Pokemon A with 158 speed and intimidate. In orfder to equip this Pokemon A, you can use Smoke Ball in slot 2. You are suggested to run away if intimidate active first. In case it is not active first, you can switch to Mawile with False Swipe. When you see Rayquaza is at 1HP, it is a sign that it is your time to switch to Pokemon B, the kind of Pokemon that uses Hypnosis. Please spam pokeballs and capture. Do not forget to check IV on the web when Zennia battle starts. When the Zennia’s battle is ongoing, you will need to click on Pokemon, Rayquaza, and then check the stat with the online IV checkers.

Another user named Ciel Phantimhive said that the first thing that you will need to do to in order to soft reset Shiny Rayquaza is to make a decision on what nature that you want and then get a Synchronizer. Do not forget to make it paint and then place it on the first slot of your party. Then, calculate the speed for Rayquaza depending on the nature that you want. The stat will be 174 if it is a +Speed nature and it will be 159 if it is neutral. Let the Pokemon to get a speed stat 1 point lower to that owned by Rayquaza and put it on the second slot of the party. The third tip is to buy PokeBalls. You will also need to battle it. Please reset the game if your Pokemon is faster and if the extreme speed is used, it is OK to capture it. You will be required to send a Pokemon from your party if you want to accommodate Rayquaza after the capture and then start the battle with Zinnia. In the end, Rayquaza will be the first one that you have on your party. Head over to Pokemon, Rayquaza, and Summary. The stats of Rayquaza can be seen but not its nature. Upon seeing the stats, calculate them with either an IV calculator or with Showdown’s Damage Calculator.

The chances to get a Shiny Pokemon

There are a few ways to increase the chances of getting a Shiny Pokemon. Below are some of the popular ways:

  • Masuda Method: You can use this method if you want to breed for a Shiny Pokemon.
  • Encounter Chaining: You can use this method if you want to hunt Pokemon in the wild.
  • Shiny Charm: This one is able to be used with the other ones to increase the chances.

Can you increase the chance of finding a Shiny Pokemon?

The chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon have been increased a lot over the years. Apparently, the base rate for Pokemon Sword and Shield is 1 in 4096 or 0.024%.

Another way to increase the chance, beside soft resetting

Apart from soft resetting, another way is called event Pokemon. Sometimes, Gamefreak will inform about this kind of event during the time event. These events give you a chance to claim a Pokemon through a feature called Mastery Gift. Some of the Pokemons that are offered are the shiny ones. If you do not want to not miss the chance of getting these Shiny Pokemons, you need to keep an eye on the official page on Pokemon. By doing so and by following their official account, you will be informed about the Mystery Gift. The Mystery Gift is able to be obtain by pressing the :x2: button and choose Mystery Gift. Then, pick Get a Mystery Gift. Doing so will get you a few options to choose to get a Mystery Gift. Apparently, most of them will be available through Get via Internet. You will need to search the internet to check if there are any gifts available. If there are any, all of them will immediately be brought to your game.

Is it possible for all Pokemon to be shiny in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

It is unfortunately impossible for all Pokemon in the game to be shiny. On the other words, they will never be shiny even do you do everything to make them so. There are actually some shiny locked in Pokemon Sword and Shield, including Starter Pokemon, Trade Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, and Pokemon in the wild with too high level.

For more information about soft reset for Shiny Raquaza and some other ones, it is better for you to visit the community where the ones with the same interest as you gather.

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