Shiny Rayquaza GX Box Hidden Fates

In this page, we are going to talk about Shiny Rayquaza GX box Hidden fates. If you want to get that information, ensure sure you will read the article until the end.

Shiny Rayquaza-GX Box

It is taken from the Pokemon Hidden Fates Premium Collection.

Pokemon TCG: Hidden Fates Premium Powers Collection box. It includes:

  • 3 foil cards: Shiny Rayquaza-GX and special gold versions of Solgaleo-GX and Lunala-GX.
  • 1 full-art foil card of the Shiny Rayquaza GX
  • 7 Pokemon TCG: The Hidden Fates booster packs
  • A Pokemon TCG poster
  • A unique code card for Pokemon TCG online

Market price: $292.18

Shiny Rayquaza GX Box Hidden Fates

Need to know that the Sun & Moon – Hidden Fates is a wild set which is released on August 23, 2019. For the first time, the Tag Team Pokemon GX trio card was released featuring the legendary birds of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Aside from that, there are over 75 Pokemon featured in their shiny forms such as Charizard-GX and Mewtwo-GX. The set has over 150 cards, including 1 brand new Tag Team Pokemon-GX trio, 8 new Pokemon-GX cards, 15 trainer cards, and over 75 shiny Pokemon.

Some tips for purchasing cheap Pokemon Cards on eBay

Now, you may want to buy Hidden Fates Premium Powers Collection box. To buy it, you are able to visit eBay. Here we are going to share some tips for purchasing cheap Pokemon Cards on eBay.

There are lots of Pokemon players who said that eBay is a good way to get Pokemon cards with cheap prices. You will be able to get some serious steals for sets if you know how to look for them. Here, we are going to explain some eBay tips to not only bag you several bargains, but also to ensure that the price you are paying is really fair.

    • Start off with Bundles

For those who want to pick up a set, it is a good start to look for bundles. Normally, complete sets are overpriced, but you are able to get lucky depending on how and when they are listed.  You will be able to search for the information about how to snag a bargain in the tips section later. It is cheaper to go for near complete sets because the price is cheaper allowing you to fill in the blanks after. The advantage of Ebay marketplace is that the list includes exactly what the set of cards is. If done correctly, it will be able to help you narrow your list even more to help you get low prices.

    • Search for Holo Bundles

After you have your collection started, it is time for you to check eBay for holo bundles. Usually, these will be cheaper than if you buy the holos individually. But this must not stop you from checking out several auctions for the less famous holos because these are able to go for extremely low prices.

How to get shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon?

Rayquaza comes back to Pokemon GO during the Weather Week event. Of course, there is a limited time to catch the Legendary Dragon. It makes the idea of a shiny Rayquaza that more interesting. Shiny Rayquaza is black. It is very contrasting to the usual green that Pokemon players know. Certainly, it is one of the best – Legendary shiny Pokemon in the game. Rayquaza was launched in raids a while ago within Pokemon GO. Then, the shiny form was made available. The shiny form has been available in the game for a long time, but it is still a rare find due to the availability of Rayquaza.

Pokemon players are only able to get Rayquaza by completing raids on Pokemon GO. It can be a bit more of a challenge than easily searching for Pokemon in the wild. When Pokemon players complete a raid with the Legendary, there is a good chance that the encounter will have a shiny to catch. But, remember that the chances are low, just like any other shiny encounter. The only method to get a shiny Rayquaza is to beat one in a raid and hope that the encounter is shiny. If no, there are no other options, so Pokemon players have to complete as many Rayquaza raids as before it rotates out of the Weather Week event.

How to beat Rayquaza in Pokemon?

The Five-star raids in Pokemon GO will be a bit difficult. At least 5-6 players are required to beat a tougher Pokemon. They are able to be done with less, but it is more of a risk. After Pokemon players have a squad or jump into a full raid, it is time to pick a good Pokemon team.

Usually, Rayquaza sits at 49,808 CP in raids. It is a dual-type Dragon and Flying Pokemon. It means that Ice-types are going to be the most effective. Fairy and Dragon kinds follow up as second options. The kind of Rock rounds out a list of effective counters.

About Hidden fates and shiny Vault

According to the research, the Hidden Fates set was released on August September 23, 2019. This Hidden Fates set has a Shiny Vault subset containing all Shiny Pokemon cards. For your information, there are 69 Pokemon cards in the Hidden Fates set. 68 Pokemon cards in the base set. In fact, the Pokemon cards from the Hidden Fates set have their set symbol.

The Shiny Vault subset has 94 cards such as Shiny Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon GX, Ultra Rare, or Secret Rare cards which are reprints from previous sets. The Pokemon cards from the Shiny Vault set do not have their set symbol. You are able to identify Shiny Vault cards by checking their numbering. They will have a number like “SV44”. All the Pokemon cards in the Shiny Vault expansion set have a yellow alternate “A” symbol that can designate that the card is a reprint from a previous expansion set.

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