Can Armored Mewtwo Be Transfer to Sword and Shield

Armored Mewtwo was released on July 11, 2019, and it appeared only in Five Star Raid Battles. By the way, can Armored Mewtwo be transferred to Pokemon Sword and Shield? Let us find out that answer here.

Can Armored Mewtwo be transferred to Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Actually, there are some opinions about whether Armored Mewtwo can be transferred to Pokemon Sword and Shield. Some of them said that Armored Mewtwo cannot be transferred to Pokemon Sword and Shield. But, some others said that, since Armoured Mewtwo is in Pokemon Go, you will be able to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sword and shield, Armoured mewtwo might exist there.

Can Armored Mewtwo Be Transfer to Sword and Shield

Talking about this, in a forum, there is a player of Pokemon who said that, to bring certain Pokemon caught in Pokemon GO and transferred to Pokemon Home into the Pokemon Sword and Shield, you must have registered that Pokemon’s species to your Pokedex or have got a Pokemon of that species at any point in that game. A list of applicable Pokemon can be discovered by going to the Help menu in the mobile device version of Pokemon Home and selecting Other.

Aside from that, we have a video from YouTube related to Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In that video we take a look at Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In fact, this is the armored mewtwo mod for Pokemon sword and shield which allows you to add Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon sword and shield. This Armored Mewtwo mod is really amazing and is in reality a armor mewtwo.

Getting Mewtwo into Pokemon Sword & Shield

One of the most powerful Pokemon of all time returns, because Pokemon Home lets you bring Mewtwo into Pokemon Sword & Shield. Finally, Mewtwo struck back at its unjust removal from Pokemon Sword & Shield. Game Freak had been planning to add it all along and the moment eventually came with Pokemon Home’s arrival. Probably, it is the second one. Whatever the reason for its post-release entrance, now Mewtwo from older Pokemon games can be transferred into the Galar region of Pokemon Sword & Shield legitimately. All you need is a Pokemon Home account, working internet, and follow the instructions.

How Pokemon Home Works?

Pokemon Home is an app which provides cloud-based storage for all of your Pokemon. Although it is free to download and use, a paid Premium Plan gives you way more storage and the ability to transfer Pokemon from the 3DS games. There is a phone version and a Nintendo Switch version. While each serves as an all encompassing Poke-database, the Nintendo Switch version is what you need for Pokemon transfers. After you have gotten your account set up, you are able to put the Sword or Shield cartridge in your Nintendo Switch. This is going to allow Home to transport Pokemon directly to your game. If you have the digital version of Sword and Shield, just skip this step.

Transferring Mewtwo From Pokémon Let’s Go

Mewtwo is the final boss of the Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee! However just like any other Pokémon, you are able to tuck it into a Poke Ball and also add it to your collection. As long as you have it, and as long as your Let’s Go cartridge (or digital copy) is in the Nintendo Switch, you are able to transfer it over to your Pokemon Home storage. From there it is able to be transferred again into the world of Sword and Shield. There is one essential thing to remember about this method. Pokemon that travel from Let’s Go to Home will not be able to be moved back. After Mewtwo leaves, it is a one-way trip.

Transferring Mewtwo from an Older Game

Veteran Pokemon players likely have at least one Mewtwo sitting in an older game. It could have been a Mystery Gift in Black, caught in X, or obtained from the Virtual Console version of Yellow. Whatever the case, if you are able to get it into Pokemon Bank, you will be able to get it into Pokemon Home. You will need a working 3DS and Nintendo Switch to initiate a transfer from Bank to Home. Then, you have to follow the instructions given by both apps, next simply transfer Mewtwo from Pokemon Home to Pokemon Sword and Shield once it is all over. Please remember that this method needs a paid Premium Plan to Pokemon Home.

There are some players who did one of the above transfer methods as soon as Pokemon Home came out. If they have a Mewtwo to spare, the easiest method to get it is to trade with them. Also, surprise Trade and GTS can get you a Mewtwo, just be careful about those hacked Legendaries going around.

Transferring Mewtwo From Pokemon GO

Pokemon Home should work with Pokemon GO at some point. This is going to make it the easiest method to get shiny or high IV Mewtwo into Pokemon Sword and Shield. We are going to update when this info is available.

The Evolutions of Mewtwo

For your information, Mewtwo had the gift of Mega Evolution in the 3DS games, however sadly it is no more. Pokemon Sword and Shield do not support the Mega Evolution mechanic.

What Mewtwo Does in Battle?

Mewtwo is still a terror built for battle in the game of Pokemon. It owns a big special attack and speed stats, thus it should be your team’s go-to attacker. Also, it has an extremely varied set of possible moves, meaning it will be able to account for almost every situation. Of course, give it a Psychic-type move (Psychic and Psystrike are both great), but also you have to give it some fun surprises. Thunderbolt, Ice Beam and Flamethrower are all solid based on your team’s needs. A Fighting-type move is a must to counter Dark-types which Mewtwo is weak against. Aura Sphere or Focus Blast are highly recommended.