Sea of Thieves Riddle Guide

If you want to become a pirate legend in Sea of Thieves, you may need to learn how to solve the tricky riddles. As we know, Sea of Thieves riddles are commonly quite tricky, so almost all the riddles will earn you some complicated steps to complete.

No worries! If you are looking for the steps to complete Sea of Thieves riddles, this post will show you some riddles and solutions that you may complete in Sea of Thieves. We obtained Sea of Thieves riddle solutions from some sources. Here you go!

Sea of Thieves Riddle Guide

Sea of Thieves Riddle Guide and Solutions

In fact, some riddles in Sea of Thieves may be hard to solve, but others are easier to figure out. In this post, we will show you some Sea of Thieves riddles, along with solutions to complete. However, we will not explain all the Sea of Thieves riddles, instead giving you some riddle solutions that will help you to solve your current riddles in Sea of Thieves.

One important thing you should know is that some of the islands will offer different puzzles or riddles that lead to the same location. If the riddle that we’ve listed is not the same as yours, you definitely can follow the directions that we’ve given to help you complete your goal.

Here are some Sea of Thieves riddles with solutions:

    1. Devil’s Ridge Riddle

The first Sea of Thieves riddle that you may need to complete is ‘Devil’s Ridge’. (1) To complete this riddle, you may need to find the location of Devil’s Ridge. You should sail there. If you try to look for the location through the naval chart, you need to find its exact location at U-24.

(2) After you are near Devil’s Ridge, you can then go to the Northmost part of the island. After there, you can drop your anchor and go ashore. (3) You will then need to find ‘Lone Hunter’ Cave Paintings. The paintings will show a red hunter that holds a spear (Legendary Lone Hunter). As you’ve found these paintings, you can turn yourself, so you will be facing East-by-North East.

(4) Afterwards, you need to face East-by-North East and take nine steps as indicated by the clue. (5) Once completing nine steps, you must be at the location to solve the Devil’s Ridge riddle. If you do not locate the loot in that exact location, try to step one pace east, west, north or south of the spot. Then, you need to dig there since some players have had difficulty finding it exactly after nine paces. The location of the chest may be near the water.

    1. Snake Island Riddle

To complete the Sea of Thieves ‘Snake Island’ riddle, (1) you have to find the Shark Bait Cove location and sail there. If you use the naval chart, you can find the location of the island at N-19. (2) When you sail to the right location, you need to notice the largest and centermost island in the group where Snake Island is located. You can then go to the South West side of the island dropping anchor and heading ashore.

(3) In the following step, you need to find ‘SunStone’ Painting. After finding it, you need to stand beside the sunstone to prepare for your final step. (4) After that, you need to walk seven paces West-by-North West  from your spot beside the Sunstone. The spot where you will dig is in a small alcove in the cliff.

    1. Crook’s Hollow Riddle

If you want to solve the ‘Crook’s Hollow’ riddle, (1) you may have to find the Crook’s Hollow location first. If you look through the naval chart, you need to find its exact location at Q-19.

(2) After finding the location, you need to find ‘Endless Lizard’ Painting in a certain cave. A great way to find the painting is to search for the Wooden Pier. Here, you will see a cave and go into that cave and go down it until you view a skeleton lying against a wall. In this location, you will also view the remains of a campfire there and look at the wall opposite the skeleton. Then, you will view a painting with two lizards chasing each other in a circle.

(3) After you’ve found the paintings, you need to pull out the compass and tin until it directs  South-by-South East. Here, you need to take six steps in the direction and then start digging for the treasure.

    1. Shark Bait Cove Riddle

In Sea of Thieves, you may need to complete the Shark Bait Cove riddle. (1) To complete this riddle, you need to find the Shark Bait Cove location. If you look for the location through the naval chart, you will find the exact location at 1-24.

(2) Then, you need to search for the outer ring and sail to the island in the southwestern part of it after you get near the archipelago. Make sure to anchor your ship there and go ashore.

(3) After you are on shore, you need to locate the part of it facing towards the ocean. Somewhere in that location you must view a stone wall with a painting of a stick person fishing. You can look around until you view ruins of a boat and a campfire that still burns. Make sure to position yourself beside the campfire.

(4) You can then walk seven paces West-by-North West and begin digging around until you find the chest. The chest could be a small rock in the sand near the right location.

Okay, those are some Sea of Thieves riddles that you may need to complete. If you want to get more Sea of Thieves riddle solutions, you can visit, as this site gives you all the Sea of Thieves riddles in detail.

If you’re wondering how many riddles you need to solve in Sea of Thieves, we’ll show you a list of Sea of Thieves riddles for you. Here they are:

    • Discovery Ridge
    • Ashen Reaches
    • Cannon Cove
    • Crescent Isle
    • Flintlock Peninsula
    • Fetcher’s Rest
    • Kraken’s Fall
    • Lone Cove
    • Marauder’s Arch
    • Mermaid’s Hideaway
    • Old Faithful Isle
    • Plunder Valley
    • Ruby’s Fall
    • Sailor’s Bounty
    • Shipwreck Bay
    • Smuggler’s Bay
    • The Crooked Masts
    • Etc.