How to Find Jack Sparrow in Sea of Thieves

Jack Sparrow finally came to Sea of Thieves that will accompany you to adventure across the sea. However, Jack Sparrow is not directly available, instead you have to unlock him first. In case of unlocking Jack Sparrow, you may need to find a location where he can be found.

To unlock Jack Sparrow, it may encourage you to take some extra ways ahead. But, it doesn’t matter, since Jack Sparrow will make your way to reach your goal easily. So, where to find Jack Sparrow in Sea of Thieves? To find the easy guide, let’s see our post below!

How to Find Jack Sparrow in Sea of Thieves

Unlocking Jack Sparrow in Sea of Thieves, Here’s How!

It is known that Jack Sparrow is available in A Pirate’s Life that has just been released in Sea of Thieves. That means to unlock Jack Sparrow, you may need to download the free content on June 22, 2021, its release date.

It’s important to note, you cannot play as Jack Sparrow, as he seems to lead a story based on the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. With the lengthy mission called A Pirate’s Life, it will allow you to find Jack Sparrow and also gain the rewards after its quest completion.

Here’s how to complete A Pirate’s Life Tall Tale series to find Jack Sparrow!

Step 1: Take a Pirate’s Life  mission

Before setting sail in Sea of Thieves, you may need to click the ‘Play’ menu. Here, you will find an option for ‘A Pirate’s Life’. To take this mission, you can just click it and pick your ship and crew. Then, you will land on an outpost after a loading screen.

Step 2: Talk to Castaway

To start the expansion, you need to speak with Castaway that will give you a quest. From here, you need to find the quest on the far left called ‘A Pirate’s Life’. You may need to press ‘X’ to drop your knife on it. After your crew performs the same, the voyage will begin.

The Castaway will require you to visit the Sea of the Damned and will open up a portal inside the rock directly behind you. You will automatically have to sail through it. After you perform it, you will enter a gloomy green are and after a few scripted scenes, you will find yourself in a new area called Strange Shores.

Step 3: Find a bell-toting statues in a broken ship

In Strange Shores, you need to dock your ship on the island when you regain control. You will find a broken ship and follow the wall to create a passage, so you can walk through. From here, you may need to use the lantern to solve the puzzles.

You may need to stoke your lantern using the green flame indoors and light the other two lanterns in the following room to open the door. After you light the lantern in a broken rowboat, the door will be opened by ghosts turning an anchor.

After you get out, you need to go behind the waterfall to find a room with a skeleton wielding a broken oar. You can take and use it to open the door in the waterfall room.

Step 4: Activate an anchor with lantern

You may need to go through to the next area. Here, you will find another lantern to light on your way to an anchor. To activate the anchor, you may need to light the lantern and raise it to proceed.

Afterwards, you need to head across the bridge that you have just lowered and use the pulley, a rope hanging from the ceiling to raise a platform. You definitely can use it to get to another lantern at the end of the path. You can light it to lower the bridge.

Once a scripted sequence, you will be in a room full of gold. You can head up the path and up the ladder to your right. Then, you can cut the rope with your sword. To summon another platform, you can use a pulley. You can cut the rope to head outside and find a small city. To complete the mission, you may need to light the lantern on your way.

Step 5: Go to the ghost town

Once you are at the ghost town, you will start hearing a disembodied voice that is coming from a cage hanging from a mast in the sky. You have to free the skull occupying it. To free it, you can climb the ship and follow the fallen masts toa set of pulley lifts and platform.

To drop the skull, you can use your sword and will tell you that you need a key to open his cage. Well, the key here is in the tavern, located just north of the cage and in another broken ship on your left. You can drop the chandelier with the pulley and then take the key that is left on it. However, it will allow you to unlock the captain’s cage, so you can pick up his skull.

Afterwards, you need to take the Captain’s head and use it to raise the bridge. You can then put his disembodied head on the headless skeleton. Here, you can head up the ladder behind you and light the brazier.

Step 6: Get a key from the cursed captain’s book

After it is done, you will gain a key found in the cursed captain’s book. After that, you can put his head on the captain’s body at the top of the vessel for a cutscene. Then, grab the key from him.

Step 7: Unlock Captain Jack Sparrow

You can use the key  to open the door and use the rowboat to sail to the black ship out at sea, the Ferry of the Damned. After you are on the ship, you can light the Well of Fates. Then, you have to head downstairs and light another lantern near a locked door.

You can light the two lanterns inside and get to the cage where Captain Jack Sparrow is prisoned. You can let him out and get ready for a scrap on the top deck. To defeat the dutchman, you can use the cannons. You also need to take down the Ocean Crawlers and crab monsters with your swords and guns.

Okay, that’s how to unlock the Legendary Captain Jack Sparrow in Sea of Thieves.