Sea of Thieves Fish Rarity Chart

In Sea of Thieves, fish are passive creatures and there are 10 species of them. Those are Splashtails, Pondies, Islehoppers, Ancientscales, Plentifins, Wildsplashes, Devilfish, Battlegills, Wreckers, and Stormfish. You are able to fish, cook and sell the fish. Do you want to know the fish rarity chart in this game? You can see them below according to the Sea of Thieves Wiki.

Fish Rarity Chart in Sea of Thieves

According to the Sea of Thieves wiki, here is the Sea of Thieves fish rarity chart.

Ruby Splashtail Base variant
Sunny Splashtail Common variant
Indigo Splashtail Uncommon variant
Umber Splashtail Rare variant
Seafoam Splashtail Night variant
Charcoal Pondie Base variant
Orchid Pondie Common variant
Bronze Pondie Uncommon variant
Bright Pondie Rare variant
Moonsky Pondie Night variant
Almond Ancientscales Base variant
Sapphire Ancientscales Common variant
Smoke Ancientscales Uncommon variant
Bone Ancientscales Rare variant
Starshine Ancientscales Night variant
Olive Plentifin Base variant
Amber Plentifin Common variant
Cloudy Plentifin Uncommon variant
Bonedust Plentifin Rare variant
Watery Plentifin Night variant
Russet Wildsplash Base variant
Sandy Wildsplash Common variant
Ocean Wildsplash Uncommon variant
Muddy Wildsplash Rare variant
Coral Wildsplash Night variant
Ashen Devilfish Base variant
Seashell Devilfish Common variant
Lava Devilfish Uncommon variant
Forsaken Devilfish Rare variant
Firelight Devilfish Night variant
Jade Battlegill Base variant
Sky Battlegill Common variant
Rum Battlegill Uncommon variant
Sand Battlegill Rare variant
Bittersweet Battlegill Night variant
Rose Wrecker Base variant
Sun Wrecker Common variant
Blackcloud Wrecker Storm variant
Snow Wrecker Rare variant
Moon Wrecker Night variant
Ancient Stormfish The Ancient Isles variant
Shores Stormfish The Shores of Plenty variant
Wild Stormfish The Wilds variant
Shadow Stormfish Rare variant
Twilight Stormfish Night variant

Catching Fish in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Fish Rarity Chart

In Sea of Thieves, you are able to catch fish with a fishing rod and bait. However, there are some fish which do not require bait to catch. According to the Eurogamer site, here is the way to catch fish in Sea of Thieves.

Do you want to fish in this game? If so, you need your fishing rod and some open water. You are able to discover and equip your fishing pole at 6 o’clock in the second inventory wheel. The thing that you need to do is just to open the inventory wheel by holding Q or the left bumper on the controller. After that, you must press F or X on the controller to swap to the second wheel.

You may wonder whether you must buy a fishing rod or not. Well, the answer is no. You do not need to purchase a fishing rod. It is because you will find it in your inventory. However, you can buy different rods at any outpost. If you buy it there, you need to note that they are purely cosmetic and they will not affect the fish you catch.

After you have got your rod, you need some bait for your hook. It is important for you to know that there are three types of bait. Those are grubs, earthworms and leeches. Each of these bait is able to attract a different type of fish.

Bait is able to be found in barrels across the Sea of Thieves and you are also able to dig up them with a shovel as well. You are able to discover earthworms from digging up dirt or earth and you are able to find grubs underneath sand. Leeches are able to be found under shallow water like the coast.

Do you want to equip the bait? If yes, you must open the inventory wheel and there should be a new prompt to hold R or B on your controller. It must be held to attach bait and then you need to choose the bait that you want to use. You need to make sure that you do not eat the bait.  It is because bait does not taste very nice and it is much more suitable for the fish.

If your line is ready, you are able to get into position. Casting out into any body of water is able to be done by you . Are you on solid ground or a moving ship? No problem, you are able to fish there.

Let’s say that your line touches any solid object. If so, it will break. So, you must make sure that there are no rocks or rigging nearby before casting off. If you are happy, you must cast the line out with the left click or right trigger on the controller. Then, the thing that you have to do is to wait for a fish to bite.

If you find that the fish has taken the bait or the empty hook, the thing that you have to do is to tire it out by pulling in the line in the opposite direction to the way the fish is moving. It is able to be done with WASD or the left thumbstick.

Luckily, the fish will only pull right, left or straight away. However, if it is in large waves, sometimes it is difficult to tell which way the fish is pulling. Are you using a controller? If so, it will vibrate when the line is about to snap so that it gives you an opportunity to correct your mistake. However, if you are using keyboard and mouse, you have to look out for the tell-tale shaky screen to check whether you are pulling the line the wrong way.

If you find that the fish has stopped pulling, then you are free to reel in as fast as possible. Usually, most fish will not go without a fight. So, you will need to repeat this process a few times until you are able to land your catch. After the fish begins thrashing again, you have to make sure to stop reeling in. If you do not stop reeling in, the line could break.

After the fish has been catched, then you are free to admire it which is dangling from the end of your line. You have to make sure that you are not bringing around five other food stuffs. If you are bringing around five other food stuffs, you will not be able to add it to your inventory.

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