Sea of Thieves: The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale Guide

In Sea of Thieves, you will find the second Tall Tale in the Shore of Gold Arc called ‘The Cursed Rogue.’ This quest will be available after you have completed the first Tall Tale called ‘The Shroudbreaker’. During completing this Tall Tale, you will be able to unlock two Checkpoints.

If you need a guide for completing The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale, no worries, you can just dive into our post to get the guide. So, here’s how to complete The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale in an easy guide!

Stage 1: Speak with Madame Olivia on Plunder Outpost

Speak with Madame Olivia on Plunder Outpost

To complete the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale, you need to go to Plunder Outpost, after completing ‘The Shroud Breaker’ Tall Tale. After there, you will speak with the Order of Souls representative, Madame Olivia. Then, you will interact with the book to the left of her where it should require you to vote on The Cursed Rogue that will start your journey matey formally.

Madame Olivia will task you with destroying the abomination that is known as Briggsy. Inside the book, you will find two series: one about the chest and another about a key. Certainly, you will need the key to open up the chest, so what you should do is to look for the key first.

Stage 2: Find the Skeleton Key

Find the Skeleton Key

The first thing you need to do is to find the Skeleton Key, before finding the Skeleton chest. To get the location of the key, you may have to use the story as clues for where to go. When you read the story, you will find the biggest clue in the second page since it will tell you which part of the map to search in. Sure, it could be the Ancient Isles, the Southern Isles or somewhere else.

You will see the key image on the left page and the island on the right page. Certainly, you have to sail to the area of the map page on the right that will direct you to and keep an eye out for the island represented on the page.

After you arrive on the island, you can turn the page and will view two more pages with sketches. Those two pages will give you a clue where you can find the key. For more information, the page may require the crew camped out at night atop the island or also say the crew hid inside a cave for the night.

Furthermore, those two pages will lead you to a certain location where the key can be found. When you arrive at a certain location, you will meet Captain Avery and his skeleton crew. To get the Skeleton Key, you need to defeat them. After you get the key, you can then use it to track down the Skeleton Chest.

Stage 3: Find the Skeleton Chest

Find the Skeleton Chest

In the second story in your journal, it leads you to the key. Certainly, it will not say exactly which island the chest is located on. Instead, you need to use the story as clues for where to go. On the first two pages in the story, it may lead you to the island. Well, you have to sail to the area of the map where the pages direct you.

Make sure to keep an eye out for an island which matches the one represented on the left page. On the next couple of pages, it will tell you where to locate the chest on the island that you have arrived at.

The biggest clue for where to search for is in the fifth image in the second story of your journal. Unlike when looking for the Skeleton Key, to get Skeleton Chest, you may need to dig in front of wherever the fifth picture shows you. Then, you will likely run into Captain Blake at the digging spot and take him and his crew out first to create digging up the chest easier.

Once finding the Skeleton Chest, you can use the Skeleton key to open it up. On the chest, you will find Briggsy’s Star Map and Briggsy’s Broken Spyglass. Finally, you can take both of those items to Madame Olivia at Plunder Outpost.

Stage 4: Create  the Enchanted Compass

Create  the Enchanted Compass

After you give both Briggsy’s Star Map and Briggsy’s Broken Spyglass to Madame Olivia, she will do a ritual to make an Enchanted Compass that can only point to Captain Briggsy. After creating an Enchanted Compass is done, you can use it to find Captain Briggsy.

Stage 5: Find Captain Briggsy

Find Captain Briggsy

Just simply follow the Enchanted Compass, you will likely have a bigger chance to find Captain Briggsy. You may need to sail to an island by setting your ship’s wheel in the direction of the compass. So, you can point and step off of it to watch the compass.

If you arrive at a certain island depending on the compass taking you, you need to keep the compass in your hand and step onto the island. Make sure to follow the arrow all the way to Captain Briggsy.

Stage 6: Defeat Captain Briggsy

Defeat Captain Briggsy

After arriving at Briggsy’s location, you will see her speaking with two other skeletons that are sitting on the ground. Well, this is a great opportunity for you to shoot her with a good or two pistol at her. Once you do that, Captain Briggsy will attack you as quickly as possible.

As a clue, she owns three attacks to watch for including Ground Pound, Disappear, Sword Attack, Pistol Shot, Resurrection. If you successfully defeat Captain Briggsy, she will drop Briggsy’s Skull.

Stage 7: Bring Briggsy’s Skull to Madame Olivia

Bring Briggsy’s Skull to Madame Olivia

Since Captain Briggsy will drop the skull after she is defeated, you will need to pick it up. However, you should bring the Briggsy’s Skull to Madame Olivia on Plunder Outpost. If you bring Briggsy’s Skull to her, that means you successfully complete ‘The Cursed Rogue’ Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves.

bring the Briggsy’s Skull to Madame Olivia on Plunder Outpost

Okay, those are all the stages of completing the ‘The Cursed Rogue’ Tall Tale that you can find in Sea of Thieves. Now, it’s your turn to start completing the ‘The Cursed Rogue’ Tall Tale in order to continue to complete the Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale.