8 Secret Games on Google and How to Play

Apparently, Google has some secret games hidden in its search engine. You will be able to play these Google games for free without having to download an application. For your information, some of these Google games were brought up to commemorate the anniversary and celebrate the game’s birthday. However, in fact, these Google games are still available and can still be played today. Well, here we are going to share some secret games on Google and how to play them.

1. Play Snake

The first secret game on Google is Play Snake. Actually, this snake game is similar to the snake game on old school Nokia phones. Now, on Google, you are still able to play it for free with funnier visuals and colors. If you want to try playing this game, simply you are able to type “Play Snake” on the Google search page.

Play Snake

After that, you are able to click “Play” on the panel in the search results. Next, a pop-up will appear to start playing. To make the snake move and grab as much food as possible, you are able to use the navigation keyboard; right, left, up, and down arrows.

2. Tic-Tac-Toe


The second secret game on Google is Tic-tac-Toe. It is also known as SOS. If you want to try playing this game, simply you are able to type “Tic-tac-Toe” on the Google search page. After that, the results page will show a 3×3 board on the top panel. Also, you are able to adjust the difficulty of the game by clicking on the small arrow menu in the top left corner of the screen. To start the game, click your first mark, facing the computer as your opponent.

3. Solitaire


The third secret game on Google is Solitaire. Apparently, Solitaire is an iconic 90s game that you can play to keep boredom at bay. If you want to try playing this game, simply you are able to type “Solitaire ” on the Google search page. To become the winner of the game, you have to race against time arranging the card numbers in order from large to small alternating red and black colors. Please do this until all the cards are successfully opened and declared a win. We get information that the initial appearance of this game was said to help the users familiarize their fingers using the mouse such as right-left clicking and drag and drop in a fun way.

4. Minesweeper


The fourth secret game on Google is Minesweeper. It is a puzzle video game that involves a single player. The way to play this game is to clear a board scattered with hidden mines or bombs. To become the winner of the game, you have to clear all the boards without blowing them up. Also, playing the game of Minesweeper has a trick with simple math. When you click on a field, usually, it will open several other fields next to it. Then, you are able to use the adjacent number clues in each field.

5. Pac-Man


The fifth secret game on Google is Pac-Man. Apparently, the rules of the game are the same as the classic Pac-Man game in general. As a player, you have to control a yellow icon called Pac-Man and must eat as many yellow dots as possible by going around the hallway. Simultaneously, you have to avoid meeting the four ghosts on guard, until the yellow dot runs out. For those who want to try playing the game of Pac-Man, simply you are able to type ‘Pac-Man’ on the Google search page. Immediately, you are going to be directed to start the game.

6. Zerg Rush

The sixth secret game on Google is Zerg Rush. When you search for this game on Google search, the page is instantly bombarded with little balls. You have to destroy these red and yellow balls quickly by clicking them with your mouse. Otherwise, they are going to crash into the search results and eliminate them completely. In gaming terms, Zerg Rush means being bombarded by the enemies that are difficult to defeat because there are so many of them.

7. Doodle Champion Island Games

Doodle Champion Island Games

The seventh secret game on Google is Doodle Champion Island Games. Based on the research, Doodle Champion Island Games is one of the most played secret games to date. The game’s graphics are still in the form of an old-school Nintendo-style RPG. To play the game, you as Lucky the Ninja Cat will travel around the island to participate in sports and face enemies to win the game. Originally, the game was launched as an interactive Google Doodle to commemorate the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and was re-released at the start of the Paralympics. For your information, Doodle Champion Island Games provides seven sports-themed minigames such as skateboarding, table tennis, archery, rugby, artistic swimming, rock climbing and marathon.

8. Dino Run

Another secret game on Google is Dino Run. When computer users are offline or there is no internet connection, Dino Run or T-Rex is the most played game. Usually, when the Google Chrome webpage is not connected to the internet, you are going to get the message “No Internet”, along with T-Rex. You are able to start the game by pressing the Space key on the keyboard. Then, the T-Rex will keep running and you have to jump by pressing the Space key to avoid obstacles.