RDR2 Online English Mace Location Map

Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of great and amazing items that you can find throughout your world. Sure, playing this game will be more fun when you explore your world to locate  all the collectibles. One of the great collectible items that you can seek in RDR2 is English Mace.

As you know, English Mace is a kind of plant available in Red Dead Redemption that can be used to craft a Special Health Cure. Aside from that, you can also use English Mace to restore Health Core or restore Horse Stamina Core. Then, how to find the English Mace for Daily Challenge Online? Let’s find out the way in our post below!

RDR2 Online English Mace Location Map

Where to Find English Mace Online in RDR2 Map?

Keep in mind, English Mace can only be obtained when you are playing RDR2 online or via multiplayer mode. If you are playing in the single player game to find English Mace, you totally cannot get it unless you have completed the campaign. Why?

That’s because English Mace will only grow in a specific part of the RDR2 map that does not open up until the Epilogue. Since English Mace is located a long way from home, it may be hard to find in the wild. English Mace is also grown in the desert that can only be accessed in the RDR2 epilogue.

Where to Find English Mace Online in RDR2 Map

There are a number of locations where English Mace can be found. Here’s a list of locations where you can find English Mace!

    • New Austin
    • Thieves Landing
    • Grizzlies eats
    • Wild West
    • Hennigan’s stead
    • Rio Bravo
    • cholla springs
    • Gap Tooth Ridge

Here are the additional information about each location listed above:

    • In RDR2, you will find a Component of Ambarino territory that consists of snow and mountains. There, you will find the English Mace in the Grizzlies east near the lake.
    • Another location where English Mace can be found is in Hennigan’s Stead in New Austin territory.
    • You can also find English Mace in one state among five American states and in the largest states and another location called Fortier.
    • One of the regions where English Mace is located is Hennigan’s stead that was located in the state of New Austin.
    • In New Austin Territory, you can also find English Mace in RDR2.
    • English Mace can also be found on the southernmost region of territory in New Austin Territory that was a northeast border region of cholla springs.
    • In the westernmost region of New Austin Territory, that’s one of the RDR2 regions where you can find English Mace. This location was a northeast border region to the cholla springs.

Okay, those are all locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 where you can find English Mace, one of the useful collectibles in the game. So, make sure to explore your RDR2 world in order to find the English Mace as easily as possible.

How to Spot English Mace in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Since English Mace can be found throughout the RDR2 world, you may find it hard to spot this plant. However, finding English Mace is pretty easy to do, as this plant has tall yellow flowers.

You can also identify English Mace by their long stems, a number of small creamy yellow flowers and also serrated leaves. Generally, English Mace is growing near the river banks in Rio Bravo, New Austin.

Need more guidance? If our explanation is unclear and cannot give what you want, you can watch some tutorial videos on YouTube that show a guide of how to find English Mace. Here are some YouTube Video links that you can visit to watch the tutorial:

    • A video entitled ‘RDR2 Online – Easy English Mace locations for Daily Challenge’ that was uploaded by Finn Pup Channel can be watched here.
    • A video entitled ‘English Mace Locations for Daily Challenges – Red Dead Online Beta (RDR2)’ that was uploaded by Dirty Tyler can be watched here.
    • A video entitled ‘RED DEAD ONLINE Where to Find English Mace? 8 Locations Found – Daily Challenges’ that was uploaded by sixburn gaming can be watched here.

Other Collectible Plants Available in RDR2

In Red Dead Redemption, there are a number of plants that you can find through Plant Gathering,  one of the activities in the game. Plant Gathering means the players attempt to find the plants throughout the RDR2 world.

Generally, the plants in RDR2 are growing within the explorable regions of the game. The RDR2 plants come in a variety of types that are commonly edible. While exploring the RDR2  world, you will be able to learn and gather plants. You can then use them to craft cooking recipes, sell them to increase your profit or donate them to camp.

The RDR2’s plants and herbs can be used for seasonings for cooking, medicine, poison weapons, tonics and also elixirs. Sure, this activity can be performed through crafting in a camp.

In the case of finding the plants and herbs, you may need Eagle Eye where it will easily spot nearby plants and herbs that glows with a yellow tinge. You can also gather any one type of a plant or herb in your satchel. However, you may need to upgrade it to increase its carrying capacity.

To sell the plants, it’s recommended for you to sell them to Doctors, as they will buy harvested plants for $0.25 each, except for orchids. So, you can increase your profit by selling any plants and herbs in RDR2.

Here’s a list of collectible plants and herbs you can find in RDR2:

    • Alaskan Ginseng
    • American Ginseng
    • Burdock Root
    • Blackcurrant
    • Common Bulrush
    • Desert Sage
    • English Mace
    • Golden Currant
    • Hummingbird Sage
    • Indian Tobacco
    • Milkweed
    • Oleander Sage
    • Prairie Poppy
    • Red Sage
    • Vanilla Flower
    • Violet Snowdrop
    • Wild Carrot
    • Wild Feverfew
    • Yarrow


    • Blackberry
    • Red Raspberry
    • Evergreen Huckleberry
    • Wintergreen Berry


    • Bay Bolete
    • Parasol Mushroom
    • Chanterelles
    • Ram’s Head

Seasoning Herbs

    • Creeping Thyme
    • Oregano
    • Wild Mint


    • Acuna’s Star Orchid
    • Cigar Orchid
    • Clamshell Orchid
    • Dragon’s Mouth Orchid
    • Ghost Orchid
    • Lady of the Night Orchid
    • Lady Slipper Orchid
    • Moccasin Orchid
    • Night scented Orchid
    • Queen’s Orchid
    • Rat Tail Orchid
    • Sparrow Egg Orchid
    • Spider Orchid

Okay, that’s a list of all plants and herbs found in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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