RDR2 Best Horse to Buy and Locations

In Red Dead Redemption 2, horses are the most important thing that the players should have. When completing a RDR2 mission, horses are totally your one constant companion. That’s why riding on horseback is the main thing of exploring around the Red Dead Redemption 2 world.

In RDR2, the horses come in a variety of types where most of them have superior strength, others may not be good enough to accompany you for completing the RDR2 mission. It’s highly recommended for you to have the best of the best  horse to make it easier for you to complete the RDR2 missions. Let’s see how to get the best horse in RDR2!

RDR2 Best Horse to Buy and Locations

What Is the Best Horse in Red Dead Redemption 2?

That said, there’s no ‘best horse’ in Red Dead Redemption. Instead, there are only strong horses that are much better than the standard horses you may find early on. In RDR2, horses are placed into categories to tell you what they are good at.

It can be defined that each breed may have their respective expertise such as good at riding, work, race, work and also draft. Moreover, all horses also have handling styles including the standard style, race style and heavy style.

According to some sources, the horses that have more capabilities than other horses are Arabian Horses. That’s why Arabian Horses are categorized as the best horses in Red Dead Redemption. Aside from that, the Arabian horses also have their own category called ‘Superior’ with ‘elite’ style.

The Rose Gray Bay Arabian Horse is the best of the best horse among Arabian Breeds. This breed is rated 6 in speed and acceleration  and rated 7 in health and stamina. However, you can increase the health and stamina of Arabian horses through horse bonding.

For the speed and acceleration of Arabian horses, they can be increased by two points with stirrups. So, after you have kitted it out and fully bonded with it, this breed will get 10 in health and stamina and 8 in speed and acceleration.

Where to Buy Rose Gray Bay Arabian Horse?

      Rose Gray Bay Arabian Horse

As the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2, it may be a bit hard for you to get the Rose Gray Bay Arabian Horse. That’s because this Arabian horse does not appear in a stable to purchase and is very late in the game.

Instead, you can only buy this Arabian Horse in the Blackwater stables after the first epilog. After The Rose Gray Bay Arabian Horse is already available, it may  really cost a pocket draining approximately $1,250 or 50 gold bars.

Here’s the stats of Rose Gray Bay Arabian Horse:

    • Stamina: 70.00
    • Health: 70.00
    • Speed: 60.00
    • Acceleration: 60.00
    • Handling: 80.00
    • Total: 68.00

Here are the additional information about the Rose Gray Bay Arabian Horse:

    • Horse Breed: Arabian Horse
    • Horse Class: Superior Horse
    • Handling Type: Elite
    • Coat Style / Color: Rose Gray Bay
    • Available From: Blackwater Stable
    • Available After Mission (Story Mode): Epilogue – Part 1
    • Price Value: $1,250.00 Or 50 Gold Bars

Here’s the story mode sale price (based on bonding level):

LV.0 LV.1 LV.2 LV.3 LV.4
At stable (purchased) $625.00 $812.50 $1,000.00 $1,187.50
At stable (stolen) $25.00 $50.00 $125.00 $187.50 $250.00
At horse fence $50.00 $100.00 $150.00 $250.00 $375.00

More Arabian Horses in Red Dead Redemption

In addition to Rose Gray Bay Arabian Horses, there are also other Arabian breeds with no less powerful. It is known that Arabian horses are a superior horse class in Red Dead Redemption 2 that is identified by high tail carriage and dished head.

The Arabian horses will handle very well and remain royal. They are popular with perfect endurance horses with their good speed and acceleration and their great health and stamina. In Red Dead Redemption 2, there are three Arabian horses that you can find including:

    • Rose Gray Bay Arabian Horse
    • White Arabian Horse
    • Black Arabian Horse

In this section, we will focus on two remaining Arabian horses, they are white Arabian and Black arabian.

    • White Arabian Horse

White Arabian Horse

The White Arabian horses can be found in the wild, so you need to spot the maps to find them. That said, these Arabian breeds are commonly around the edge of Lake Isabella. However, you may get a bit hard to tame then, so make sure to be persistent in following it around. Then, you can calm them down enough before you can approach it.

The White Arabian horse has 6 in speed and acceleration, but it only has a 6 in health and stamina. It means that it will have an 8 in every stat after you have fully bonded with it, which is a big improvement among every other horse you can buy in the game.

If we compare to other Arabian breeds, the White Arabian horse has the lowest base health and stamina stats, although it is still much higher than any of standard horse breeds. The White Arabian Horse will cost around $1,200 to buy.

    • Black Arabian Horse

Black Arabian Horse

Black Arabian horses can be bought during Chapter 4 at the Saint Denis Stable. With decent health and stamina, the Black Arabian Horse has most of the well-rounded stats of the Arabian Horses. If you want to have the Black Arabian Horse, you need to spend around $1,050 to buy from a seller.

Just like other Arabian breeds, the Black Arabian horse will also boost your efforts in the game. So, it would be better for you to add this Arabian horse to your stable to have this big chance.

The Black Arabian horse is not available until a certain point of the game. To get the Black Arabian horse, you may need to progress all the way to Chapter 4 before you can obtain it. If you have performed your progress, the Black Arabian horse can be accessed through a stable in Saint Denis. You can find the stable in the south of the city.

For more information, the Black Arabian horse has 6 in speed and acceleration, but it only has a 6 in health and stamina.