What is the Point of RDR2 Online Everything You Need to Know

RDR2 Online mode has gathered much success after leaving beta in the year of 2019. Red Dead Online is developing cooperative and competitive multiplayer experiences. Although it’s nowhere near as successful as the behemoth GTA Online, it has gathered a large audience. Apparently, the online mode can be quite complicated, so we are going to share everything you need to know about RDR2 Online.

About RDR2 Online – Everything You Need to Know

Here is a list of everything you need to know about RDR2 Online:

What is the Point of RDR2 Online Everything You Need to Know

Free for All RDR2 Players

While Rockstar sees RDR2 Online as a separate game, anyone who has a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) obtains free access to the experience. But, like almost all online multiplayer games on console, you will need an Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus subscription to play RDR2 Online.

How to Access RDR2 Online?

After you have installed RDR2 onto your PC, PS4, or Xbox One, then you will be able to choose the online option. You have to wait for a loading screen. If it is your first time, you will need to make your own character.

How to Make Your Own Character?

How to Make Your Own Character

When you first hop online, you are going to make your own outlaw. Using the customization features, you will be able to manage your abilities to make the outlaws play to your power. After making your own character, then you are going to land at the Sisika Penitentiary. You will be able to set up your camp, grab a horse, and also search for a treasure.

AT this time, RDR2 Online supports 32 players on a server. Story missions are able to be completed cooperatively. In between each mission, you are able to travel the map solo and participate in many tasks. Also, you have the ability to fast-travel to many little towns across the map by using the signposts.

Competitive Multiplayer Modes

There are many different competitive game modes to try out. You are able to access Multiplayer playlists in the menu at any time. You are able to join a Showdown Series, which supports up to 16 players, or Showdown Series Large, which expands the play area and accommodates up to 32 players. Here are several of the game modes you are able to participate in:

    • Gun Rush
      This is a game mode that can be played solo or with a small team. The players rush to discover the weapons and ammunition because the playable area shrinks over time.
    • Shootout
      This is a standard deathmatch mode which can be played free-for-all or with a team.
    • Most Wanted
      A deathmatch with an attractive ruleset. When you climb the leaderboard, other players will get more points for killing you. This is not about how many kills you get, but this is about who you kill.
    • Make it Count
      RDR2 Online battle royale drops 16/ 32 players in a playable area which shrinks over time. With a bow or knives, the aim is to be the last standing. You have limited ammunition, thus you have to use it wisely.
    • Name Your Weapon
      In this game mode, kill points are assigned by the weapon you use. The more difficult weapon to get a kill with, the more points you obtain. This game mode can be played free-for-all and in a team format.
    • Hostile Territory
      This is a strategic game mode which pits two teams against one another to see who may capture and hold the most land.
    • Races
      To take a break from shooting other outlaws, you are able to participate in three different styles of races: Standard point A to point B races, checkpoint races and lap races.

Here are modes which randomly appear called Free Roam Events:

    • Cold Dead Hands
    • Dispatch Rider
    • King of the Castle
    • Master Archer
    • Fool’s Gold
    • Fishing Challenges (River, Lake, Swamp)
    • Wild Animal Kills Challenge
    • Railroad Baron

After the addition of Roles, some new modes have been included:

    • Day of Reckoning (Bounty Hunter)
    • Manhunt (Bounty Hunter)
    • Trade Route (Trader)
    • Salvage (Collector)
    • Condor Egg (Collector)

Cooperative missions and Honor system

Cooperative missions and Honor system

In RDR2 Online, you are going to find missions which are meant to be played with 2 to 4 players. At this time, those missions fall under storylines called A Land of Opportunities and A Life of ‘Shine.

A Land of Opportunities missions:

Intro mission

    • Honor Among Horse Thieves

Choice missions

    • Love and Honor
    • The Right Side of the Tracks
    • If the Hat Fits

Path of the Gunslinger

    • Where Your Morals Lead You
    • Highly Illegal and Highly Moral
    • Bring a Goddamn Posse
    • The Hanging of Tom Davies

Path of the Outlaw

    • Kerosene, Tar, and Greed
    • More Than One Way to Earn Buck
    • These Bastards Can Fight
    • Banks Don’t Rob Themselves

LeClerk missions

    • Kill Them, Each and Every One
    • Destroyed By Grief

A Life of ‘Shine missions:

Intro missions

    • Rescue Cook
    • Get Equipment

Story missions

    • Blood is Thicker Than ‘Shine
    • Where There is Smoke, There’s Firewater
    • Come Hell, Come High Water
    • Bitter Means to the Bitter End
    • The Certainty of Death and Taxes

The quest lines feature lots of missions. According to Rockstar, their aspects are able to change based on your Honor. After you enter a mission, you are going to be queued up with 1 to 3 players.

Making Money Fast in RDR2 Online

Some people say that money makes the world go round, and that holds true in RDR2 Online. If you want to buy high-level items, upgrades and new weapons, then you have the money to support it. With the current state of the game’s economy it is hard to get. Next, we are going to investigate different strategies for obtaining money, to give you the best methods for how to make money fast in RDR2 Online.

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