OSRS Blue Dragon Safe Spot Taverly

A lot of things that you need to know about blue dragon. One of them is about safespot. Here, we will give you the explanation about it together with the other things related to this dragon. So, you can read it below.

Blue Dragon Safe Spot

If you have partially completed Link to Watchtower, you can find safespots in the Ogre Enclave with six dragons that spawn. Ogre Enclave is located southwest of Yanille and can be accessed through the cave in the market of Gu’Tanoth. Ogre Enclave is one of the few locations which has blue dragons and it can be visited during the Watchtower. The monster which can be found in this location include blue dragons (6), ogre chieftain, ogre shamans (only during the Watchtower Quest), spiders (level 1), greater demons (5 total, 4 trapped in a cage), giant bats, skeletons (level 22).

In Taverley Dungeon, you are also able to find some safespots with the use of the columns and big eggs. This dungeon is one of the biggest dungeons in RuneScape. There are a lot of monsters here which range from low to high combat levels. There area also the stronger monsters which can be found deeper in the dungeon. The monsters include poisonous monsters.

You are able to find the entrance to Taverley Dungeon south of Taverley and west of Falador. There are some ways to get there including Falador or Taverley teletabs, Games Room minigame teleport or Explorer’s Ring 2 or better.

The first half of Taverley dungeon can be accessed by everyone and here are some notable features.

    • The Cauldron of Thunder
    • Two agility shortcuts to the other half of the dungeon
    • A black dragon lair
    • A blue dragon lair which has 12  blue dragons.
    • Chaos druids
    • The Kinshra
    • A metal door

In the second half of  Taverley Dungeon, there are some notable features as mentioned below.

    • Blue dragon lair which has multiple baby blue dragons, blue dragons and some blue dragon scape spawns.
    • Lava eel fishing spots
    • Black demons
    • Hellhounds
    • Two black dragon spawns
    • The Obelisk of Fire
    • The Obelisk of Water

In the upper level of Taverley Dungeon, there are these things.

    • Black dragon lair which has 12 black dragons and 5 baby black dragons and they are guarded by Slieve who will let players kill them of they have a black dragon task
    • Blue dragon lair which has 12 blue dragons and they are guarded by Eve who will permit players to kill them if they have a blue dragon task

What Is A Safespot?

A safe spot in Old School RunSacpe is a position where a monster may be able to be attacked by using Ranged or Magic combat or using a halberd through an obstacle without getting a revenge. Occasionally, you are able to do safe-spot by attacking a monster which is located one square out of its wander radius. Doing this kind of attacks is termed ‘safe spotting’.

What Is A Safespot

It can work because NPC’s and some automatic player movements.  It always moves directly to their target and do not detour around obstacles if that would mean moving away. Bigger monsters such as dragons may snagged on a corner even though it looks like they have an almost direct path.

You may wonder how safe a spot really is. It depends on circumtances as explained below.

    • It is impossible to reliably use safespot tactics against other players even though a temporary advantage can be obtained.
    • Typically, it is impossible against opponents who use a ranged or magic attack. If you stand outside their patrol area, it will force them to retreat and lure you from the safe spot. There are some opponents which can be safe-spotted when your weapon has longer range than the attack of the opponent.
    • It is hard to reach a safe position against aggressive monsters. There are some safe spots which are only effective when the monsters have become tolerant such as skeletal wyverns.
    • Monsters that retreat are not able to be reliably safe-spotted. However, longbows and spells sometimes have a range long enough to be able to hit the enemy at the farthest retreating location.
    • There are some common examples of safe spots including rocks, fences, elevated areas and even rivers.

Training Ranged and Magic from Safe Spots

According to Old School RuneScape Wiki, you are able to train Ranged and Magic easily from safe spots in the places that we explain below.

    • Barbarian Village
    • Asgarnia Ice Dungeon, in the white snow spot between the hobgoblins and the ice warriors
    • Black demons which are located at Taverley Dungeon or Edgeville Dungeon behind the stalagmites
    • Behind sulphur vents in Mor UI Rek and TzHaar-Ket and TzHaar-Xil
    • Bloodveld at the Slayer Tower
    • Blue dragons in any of their locations
    • Fire giants in the Waterfall Dungeon
    • Duck ponds in Lumbridge
    • Greater demons which are located inside the ruins in the Demonic Ruins
    • Goblins and giant spiders across the Lumbridge bridge wall
    • Green dragons between the Graveyard of Shadows and Bone Yard
    • Lava dragons north of chaos dwarfs, circa 35 to 40 Wilderness, over the peninsula
    • Moss giants on the island of Crandor
    • Lesser demons which are located in the Karamja Volcano Dungeon and also behind the stalagmites in Taverley Dungeon
    • Scorpions in the Al Kharid Mine
    • Red dragons which are located in Brimhaven Dungeon from a spot in the middle of rocks on the northern wall
    • Skeletal Wyverns in the Asgarnia Ice Caves north of Mudskipper Point behind the cave entrance which asks the monsters to be tolerant and needs 72 slayer to kill
    • Skeletons which are located near the Wilderness ditch and guards from the other side of the ditch
    • Tortoises in the Tree Gnome Stronghold
    • White Knights’ Castle in Falador
    • Behind certain fences such as level 27 minotaurs in Stronghold of Security, first level – Mages or archers are also able to go behind fences without being retaliated. It is famous for lower levels to train in Combat Training Camp and behind the fences in Lumbridge cow fence.
    • You are able to trap a monster behind another to range or mage it.
    • The hill giants in the Edgeville Dungeon. In this area, there is an estimated 106 safe spots together with about 16 to 18 double-kill safe spots.

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