OSRS Blue Dragon Location Taverly Dungeon

There are a few locations to find blue dragon in the game known as Old School RuneScape. One of them is called Taverley Dungeon. Do you want to know more about this location? Find out the details of this place below.

The thing called Taverley Dungeon is included as one of the biggest dungeons featured in the game. There are a lot of monsters live here, including baby black dragon, baby blue dragon, black demon, black dragon, black knight, blue dragon, chaos druid, chaos dwarf, Cerberus, magic axe, hellbound, hill giant, giant bat, jailer, lesser demon, Monk of Zamorak, poison spider, poison scorpion, skeleton, suit of armor, and ghost. In addition to the monsters, there are also some notable personalities, such as Lord Daquarius, Velrak the explorer, Kharid Scorpion, Slieve, and Eve.

Taverley Dungeon OSRS


    • Released: February 27, 2002
    • Floors: 2
    • Location: Asgarnia
    • Inhabitants: Demons, Dragons, Undead, Spiders, Bats
    • Music: Courage
map Taverly Dungeon

The player is able to find the entrance to the Taverley Dungeon fourth of Taverley and west of Falador. In order to get there, here are some ways:

    • Falador Teleport spell or tablet
    • Teleport to House if the house of the player is in Taverley or Teverley teleport tablet
    • Burthorpe Games Room minigame teleport or games necklace to Burthrope, and then go south
    • Exploring’s ring 2 or better teleport to the cabbage patch south of Falador
    • Balloon transport system to Taverley
    • The south portal in the Wizards’ Guild of Yanille brings the player to the Dark Wizards’ Tower located just south

If you want to access the deeper areas of the blue dragon, you will have to get the dusty key, the one that can be obtained by going through the dungeon headed south to the Kinshra’s headquarters. Then, go into the narrow eastern passageway. When you are there, you will need to kill the Jailer (level 47). Apparently, the jail key is dropped by him. Once it is dropped, you can use it to open the door of the jail cell. When the jail cell is opened, talk to the prisoner named Velrak the explorer and get the key. Keep in mind that you will not get the dusty key if you are asking for a reward. If you make a mistake, please speak to him for the second time and change the conversation. The man will not going anywhere but in case the key from his hand is lost, there is another one that can be obtained by using the same way. If you are eyeing for more than one key at the same time, you are recommended to use drop trick.

The dusty key is not something that can be traded. However, everyone is able to purchase it in the shop of Legends’ Guild. This key usually shows up in the dungeon close to the lava eel fishing area. The ones who do not have a copy of this key are not able to go to the area due to the fact that it is located behind the gate. Everyone with level 70 Agility has a privilege to get this key by using the shortcut to the blue dragon area and going south to the lava eel area.

Taverley Dungeon is divided into three parts. The first half is able to be accessed by everyone. There are some notable features, as follows:

    • The Cauldron of Thunder, the one that is used in the Druidic Ritual quest.
    • A total of two agility shortcuts to the other part of the dungeon. It requires 70 and 80 Agility to use.
    • A black dragon lair with 12 black dragons and 5 baby black dragons. Everything here is guarded by Slieve, the one who will only allow the players to kill them if they have a black dragon task.
    • A blue dragon lair with 12 blue dragons. Eve is the one who guards it. The ones that are allowed by her to kill them are the ones with the blue dragon task.
    • Chaos druids located in the north eastern area of the dungeon.
    • The Kinshra hideout, the place where Lord Daquarius lives.
    • A metal door, the one that limits the access to the rest of the dungeon.

The second half of the dungeon is where the much stronger monsters live. A dusty key is needed to enter this area. Actually, it is also fine if you have at least 70 Agility to use the obstacle pipe. Some of the notable features include:

    • Baby blue dragons, blue dragons, and some blue dragons scale spawns located in blue dragon lair.
    • Lava eel fishing spots, the ones that are used during the Heroes Quest if not heading to the Lava Maze.
    • Black demons.
    • Hellhounds, the addition to the extra chamber which is the place to fight Cerberus.
    • A total of two black dragon spawns.
    • The Obelisk of Fire, the one that is able to be found west of the two black dragons.
    • The Obelisk of water, the one that is able to be found above the dungeon and has a ladder close to the black dragons.

The last part is called the upper level. This one features blue and black dragons, which all of them can only be killed if the players are assigned as a slayer task.

    • In the lair of the black dragon, there are a total of 12 black dragons and 5 baby black dragons. This place is able to be accessed through a staircase west of the Cauldron of Thunder. Slieve is the guard of this place. The players will be only allowed by the guard to kill them if they have a black dragon task.
    • The lair of the blue dragon has 12 blue dragons. This one can be accessed through a staircase in the blue dragon area. The ones with 70 Agility have a privilege to jump up the rocks that are across the stairs that lead to the black dragons in the upper level. Eve is the name of the guide, the one who will let the players to kill them as long as they have a blue dragon task.

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