Nine Pillars of Peace Genshin Impact Chest Locked Guide

If you are playing Genshin Impact now, you will have to face the world quest named Nine Pillars of Peace. This quest begins in Cuijue Slope, Liyue and it revolves on the player collecting 9 Stone Remembrance to be able to fight a dungeon with a lot of rewards.

Guide For Nine Pillars of Peace in Genshin Impact

According to Genshin Impact Wiki, you are able to begin the quest by communicating with the stone pillar at the middle of the Cuijue Slope, Liyue.

  • You have to collect all the Stone of Remembrance. You are able to get them by making offerings to Statues of The Seven in Liyue.
  • You have to climb each of the pillars and then insert the stone. You have to gather the exquisite chest which spawns after inlaying each Stone of Remembrance. You also need to know that enemies would spawn at the bottom of the pillar, so you have to be careful with them.
  • Now, you have to enter the ruins.
  • Then, you must search the ruins. Here, you have to prepare for the hard fight ahead. There will be 3 waves of enemies and Pyro infusion stones will spawn periodically during the fight. The waves are Ruin Guard 1x, Geovishap Hatchlings x2, and Ruin Hunter x1. It is important for you to know that a Geovhishap Hatchling and trap will spawn together with the infusion stone when  you are facing the Ruin Hunter.
  • Then, you have to search the ruins. In the room in the back, there are 1 Luxurious chest, 1 Precious chest and 1 Royal Flora (5 star).
  • Here, you have to fetch a good price for the Full Ring. You have to choose one option whether you want to talk to Bolai at Liuyue Harbor or Talk to Linlang. If you choose to talk to Bolai at Liuyue Harbor, you are able to choose to sell the ring that will net you 180k more + ‘add ons’ (5 Adeptus Temptation) or you are able to choose to keep it. If you choose to talk to Linlang, you are able to choose to sell the ring which will net you 200k mora. Alternatively, you are able to choose to keep it.

Nine Pillars of Peace Genshin Impact Chest Locked Guide

Even though this is not a hard quest to complete, but it needs some time. This quest will reward you 450x Adventure Experience Points and 50x Primogems. In the Genshin Impact Wiki, it is also stated that if you are able to complete this quest, you will also be rewarded the Scourge of the Battlefield Wonders of the World achievement.

To start the mission, you can do it in solo mode and then invite some friends. However, only you are able to interact with the pillars and only you are able to claim the rewards. However, they are able to help you with the fight. It is important for you to note that the enemies in the ruin will be buffed by various kinds of totems that will provide various kinds of elemental buff. You are able to select not to destroy the pillar from for a more challenging fight against the Ruin Hunter.

If you ask when the quest will end, well the quest will not end unless you select to sell the ring to either one of them. The dull ring is not the 5 star artifact and Royal Flora is a 5 star artifact which is part of the set Noblesse Oblige.

If you want to know more about the guide of this quest or you may find a difficulty in the game when you are completing this quest, you are able to visit some forums such as forum in the Genshin Impact site.

What is Stone of Remembrance?

Stone of Remembrance

In the guide of Nine Pillar above, you are required to collect all Stone of Remembrance. But, what is it? It is a quest item in the game and it is used in the Nine Pillars of Peace quest. The rarity of this item is 1 star and the item type is quest item. This is an unusual gemstone which is able to remove a seal somewhere. When you are holding it in your hand, you are able to feel the turbulent thoughts which race relentless within.

What is Liyue in Genshin Impact?


As explained above that Nine Pillars of Peace is a quest that begins in Cuijue Slope, Liyue. In Teyvat, Liyue is one of the seven nations. Also, it is the city-state that worships Morax, the Geo Archon. According to the description about this nation in Genshin Impact Wiki, it is written that Liyue is a harbor which lies in the east of Teyvat. Here, you are also able to find mountains which stand tall alongside the stone forest that together with the open plains and lively rivers, make up the bountiful landscape of Liyue. It shows its unique beauty through each of the four seasons.

There are some playable characters from Liyue. Here they are:

  • Beidou. The element is Electro and the weapon is Claymore.
  • Chongyun. The element is Cryo and the weapon is Claymore.
  • Keqing. The element is Electro and the weapon is Sword.
  • Ningguang. The element is Geo and the weapon is Catalyst.
  • Qiqi. The element is Cryo and the weapon is Sword.
  • Xiangling. The element is Pyro and the weapon is Polearm.
  • Xingqiu. The element is Hydro and the weapon is Sword.

It seems that Liyue is inspired by China. The meaning of Liyue is Lapis Moon in Mandarin Chinese. Liyue is said to be an economical center which is the same as any port city in China. This nation is the most prosperous of the seven nations. In an Organization Known as Wangsheng, it is stated that this nation has 3700 years’ worth of history. Also, Ganyu corroborates that Liyue was founded exactly 3,700 years ago.

That’s the information about the Genshin Impact game specifically about nine pillars of peace guide. If you need more information about it, you can visit some forums about this game.