What Are Primogems Used for?

Genshin Impact is known as a role playing game based on gacha in which you, as a player, are able to use a different amount of different currencies for the chance of getting rare items, characters, and so on. You are able to obtain these currencies by playing the game naturally or using microtransactions.

In Genshin Impact, Primogems refer to premium currency that are able to be used to:

  1. 1st Priority: Exchanging Fates or Purchasing Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate in Paimon’s Bargains or the Wishes (Gacha) menu.

Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fate are included in Wishing Items that can be used to roll the gacha.

Item Primogem Cost
Intertwined Fate 160 Primogems
Acquaint Fate 160 Primogems

You are recommended to spend the Primogems on Intertwined Fates, which are usually used for the Featured Pickup Wish Banners. The reason is because they have a higher chance of getting 5 star characters, and have a guaranteed 4 star character with 10 pulls.

  1. 2nd Priority: Refilling Original Resin (Energy/Stamina)

Original Resin is defined as the energy resource item that is used to claim rewards in Abyssal Domainsm Ley Line Blossoms, particular bosses, and Events. This one is limited at 120 and regenerates at a rate of 1 unit per 8 minutes.

The cost of Primogems for refilling Original Resin:

Attempts Primogem Cost Amount Restored
1st try 50 60
2nd try 100 60
3rd try 100 60
4th try 150 60
5th try 200 60
6th try 200 60

Even though Primogems are able to be used to restore the Original Resin, you are not recommended to use them since you are able to use the Fragile Resin instead if you want to refill them. It is better for you to postpone the use of Primogems for Wishes instead.

Primogems are quite helpful for everyone who wants to get a rare currency so that they are able to get amazing items in the game. They are important to get a summons in the game. A summon is able to be used to get ten Intertwined or Acquaint Fates if you have enough Primogems, which is about 1600 Primogems or roughly $20, in the game.

However, you are recommended to collect these currencies enough if you want to open a door for you to get the bulk summons that can be used to increase your chances of getting one or more four star or higher items. Keep in mind that you can only do it if you purchase the bundle of ten summons.

Aside from that, if you wish to be a pro player of Genshin Impact. you must know a very essential thing about the game and that is why you need to be comfortable at character switching. You will be asked by the gacha game to perform your best in all the characters offered in it. In this case, please get used to switching between characters, both during the fights and normally.

If after knowing the use of Primogems you want to farm them, here are some different ways that you can try to get them:

  1. Daily Commissions

Daily Commissions are the ones that are available at AR12. This one is the easiest to access and the easiest way to farm Primogems. The Adventurers’ Guild will give you 4 commissions every day, in which each of them gives you 10 Primogems. If you complete all of them, you will get an additional 20 Primogems. So, in total, you will get 60 Primogems every day.

  1. Spiral Abyss

The thing called Spiral Abyss is available at AR20. At the beginning, the stages only give once off the first clear Primogem reward. However, you will get more later. Apparently, the Floors 9+ of the Spiral Abyss will be reset once every two weeks. Each floor gives you 150 Primogems. Unfortunately, these floors are quite hard. Unlike with the Daily Commissions, Spiral Abyss is able to be accessed by beginners.

There are currently 12 Floors available, which means 1,200 Primogems per month. If you go out every day for a month or 30 days, it is 3,000 Primogems that you can get from Daily Commissions and Spiral Abyss in total.

  1. Monthly Card

As you probably can guess, a monthly card is a paid method and it is not included in another source of consistent Primogems. The term “monthly card” is also popular as Blessings of the Welkin Moon. How much money do you need to spend if you want to get the monthly card? Everyone is able to buy it with various things for the price of $4.99. By spending that amount of money, you will get 300 Genesis Crystals instantly with the addition of 90 Primogems per day. Feel free to convert the Genesis Crystals into Primogems at a 1:1 ratio. In total, it is the same as 3,000 Primogems per month. This monthly card has the ability to double what you can gain as a F2P player.

  1. Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is available at AR20, just like the Spiral Abyss. For those who are not familiar with Battle Pass, it is a seasonal feature with a set of rewards that you can unlock by leveling the Battle Pass. Everyone who has purchased the premium Battle Pass is the one that will be given the Primogem as the reward. However, it is possible that the rewards will change in the future. As of now, reaching Level 50 (Max) Battle Pass will give you 680 Primogems.

Logging into Genshin Impact is the easiest way to get the Primogems. You will get a daily login gift by just logging in every day. In case you miss a day, you will not get the final reward. The second easiest method is to play the game. When you play the game, there are some quests, tasks, challenges, so on. Please take all of them and get your rewards. Hitting the Adventure Rank 12 also gives you Primogems. There are definitely lots of ways to obtain them.