How to Switch Characters in Genshin Impact

Switching the characters in the Genshin Impact game may take some steps but it’s quite easy to do. When you want to switch your character, make sure that you already have your desired character. In fact, there are a total of 23 different characters available in this game.

Then, how to switch your character in the Genshin Impact game? Here’s how!

Step 1: Go to Settings Menu

First, you have to open the settings in the upper left corner on your device. Now if you are using a PC, please press ALT then point the cursor to the settings menu. To be fast you can also press ESC.

Step 2: Choose Party Setup

Choose Party Setup

Then you will see many menus in the settings menu. Here, you need to choose Party Setup. Once pressed, you will see the animation showcase as a reference to change the character or use the character that you got previously.

Step 3: Choose Your Desired Character

In this step, you can remove your current character to add your new desired character. You just have the characters you want to use. To switch your character, you can click remove or remove the character first and replace it with another character. To add a new one is  very easy. You only need to press Add or the + sign and it will immediately have a character.

Once you choose your desired character, you can click on the Switch button to change your character.

Additional Way: If you are during the battle and then you want to switch your character, you can tap the character’s icon on the upper right side of your game screen. Then, you can see which characters active by clicking the upper right part of the screen.

Well, those are multiple steps that you can take to switch your current character to the new one. That’s easy to do, isn’t it?

However, that’s easy enough to use or change your characters in theGenshin Impact game. For more information, you can use only 4 characters in the game Genshin Impact, each character has a cooldown time of 0.5 seconds to make a switch.

With these 4 characters, of course you can play the existing character combos. Starting from the use of elements and others. We will also provide additional tips for using the characters you need.

The tips here is that you can use a character with a high grade or tier which has a good role to play. There are three roles in Genshin Impact, namely DPS, Healer and also Support, you can have 2 DPS heroes (default characters and new characters) 1 support character and one healer.

With this combination, it will add strength when you carry out a mission in Genshin Impact. Now it’s quite easy not to replace or add characters in Genshin Impact.

The Tier List of Genshin Impact Characters

You may also wonder for the tier list that you can find in the Genshin Impact characters. Need to know, the assessment of the Genshin Impact tier list for this character is based on the role and Constellation at rank 0. Per character, the rank is divided into 5 categories, namely Exploration, Bosses, Dungeons and Abyss then averaged all of them so that they become tier (Overall).

Which characters are recommended for you to have? Let’s see the list below!

Which characters are recommended for you to have? Let’s see the list below!

  1. Tier S

Tier S is the strongest and most recommended level for you to have. Well, the characters in this tier are very competent in their respective roles and are able to optimally synergize their abilities with other characters. The characters in Tier S are:

  • Diluc (DPS)
  • Fischl (Support)
  • Qiqi (Healer)
  • Venti (Support)
  1. Tier A

Tier A is categorized as the list of the characters that you must have. It’s not as strong as tier S, but characters in this level are more than enough to help you complete all the missions and dungeons in Genshin Impact.

The characters in Tier A are:

  • Barbara (Healer)
  • Chongyun (DPS)
  • Jean (Healer)
  • Keqing (DPS)
  • Mona (DPS)
  • Razor (DPS)
  • Anemo element traveler (Support)
  • Xiangling (DPS or Support)
  1. Tier B

This tier can be a choice if you do not have a role or element in tiers A and S, they definitely can change it. The characters are recommended to use in certain conditions because they have quite interesting skills.

The characters in Tier B are:

  • Kaeya (Support)
  • Klee (DPS)
  • Ningguang (DPS)
  • Sucrose (Support)
  • Geo element traveler (Support)
  • Xingqiu (Support)
  1. Tier C

The Genshin Impact’s character in tier C is arguably the last choice for you to use if nothing else, unless you really like the character. The skills and synergies with other characters are mediocre and some are better than them.

The characters in Tier C are:

  • Beidou (DPS)
  • Bennett (DPS or Support)
  • Lisa (Support)
  • Noelle (DPS or Healer)
  1. Tier D

This lowest tier is only filled by Amber (for now). Every Genshin Impact player must have this archer girl and have used it. The status itself is quite okay, but unfortunately Amber’s skills are not good enough to be used in open worlds and in dungeons. Unless, if you decide Amber as waifu. It doesn’t matter if you increase his abilities to the maximum.

The characters in Tier C is only:

  • Amber (Support)

Well, the Genshin Impact tier list above hopefully can be your guide to determine which character you want to choose and improve its abilities.

Basically, this list is such a recommended character’s list. But it is still depending on your choice to determine which your favorite and strong character you think. For example, if you like playing with Lisa, it’s needed for you to improve her abilities and don’t need to pay attention to other people’s opinions.

Aside from switching your character, you can also change the Team Roster by summoning Paimon and choosing “change character” from the menu. It surely will allow you to organize a 4 character group. To note, there are multiple sets for team compositions.

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