Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Key Locations

There are a few Shrien of Depths owned by Mondstadt region in Genshin Impact. Here is the list of the location for all the Shrine of Depths in the Mondstadt region of the game:

  1. The first Shrine is located near Brightcrown Canyon. You can just head towards the north for a little bit from the teleportation portal.
  2. The second Shrine is located near the Cecilia Garden in Wolvendom. It is on the south side from the teleportation portal after a big wall.
  3. The third Shrine is located near the Statue of The Seven, which is near Dawn Vinery. You can go towards the edge of the cliff to find the Shrine of Depths.
  4. The fourth Shrine is located in the Mondstadt Windwail Highland in the Springvale area. You can find it above a big stone wall.
  5. The fifth, the sixth, and the seventh Shrines are located near the Temple of the Lion. The fifth one faces the east from the domain, the six one faces the west from the domain, and the seventh one faces the south of the sixth one and you will need to jump over a cliff to reach land there.
  6. The eighth Shrine is located in the Stormbearer mountains. Feel free to use the Mondstadt Starfell Valley Teleportation Portal to get there. You can move towards the northwest to find the Shrine.
  7. The ninth one is located near the Startsnatch Cliff. There is the Midsummer Courtyard teleportation portal to take you there. You will need to climb up the big wall beside the portal and go to the top of the edge of it. Once you are there, please jump down and find the ninth Shrine of Depths.
  8. The location of the final Mondstadt Shrine of Depth is a little far. It takes more time compared to the previous ones. You can use the Statue of The Seven teleportation portal in Dawn winery. Keep going to the southwest until you see a waterfall. When you see it, jump over it and keep going using the same direction and the Shrine of Depths should be able to be seen.

Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Key Locations

Before finding the Shrine of the Depths key, you will have to reach Adventure Rank 12. Once you own Adventure Rank 12, the next thing that you will need to do is to complete the Temple of the Falcon, Explore Windy Cliff dungeon. For your information, the entrance is just Southeast of Mondstadt, across the bride, near the fast travel point. After completing the dungeon, you will get the Shrine of Depths key.

The Shrine of the Depths are not common, but they are easy to spot. They are huge with blue color, glowing like a window. There is one in the Stormbearer Mountains near a world boss. It is really safe so you have nothing to worry if you want to get there. If it is too far away, you might find one on your way, so please do not worry about tracking one down.

Apparently, the dungeon cannot be repeated but there might be the other shrine keys available once you are at a high enough level to make the Explore element of each of the other dungeons on the map unlocked. Within the Shrine, there is usually a Luxurious Chest locked, consisting of Primogems, weapons, experience points boots, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and some other valuable loot within the shrines so they are definitely worth tracking down.

Genshin Impact is the name of a rising role-playing game that sets in an open world fantasy environment. Everyone is allowed to play the game freely and it is also available for a lot of platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS. In the world of the game, there is Shrine of Depths. They are known as very old shrines that have been closed down from the world when the people who built them were driven to extinction. As the player of the game, you will have to look for Shrine of Depth keys in order to unlock these shrines and access the luxurious loot held by the shrine.

As stated before, these old Shrine of Depths were lost to the world when the civilization that built them was no longer around. Everyone has been hunting to get the Shrine of Depth keys to make them unlocked and get the wealthy loot that it has got in store. You can get these keys by performing specific quests in the world of Genshin Impact. Another way to obtain them is to opt to complete the one-time Abyssal Domains.

Mondstadt Quests:

  • New Horizons of Adventure (Archon Quest, 1 key)
  • Adventure Rank Ascension 1 (Adventure Rank 25, 1 key)

Liyue Quests:

  • The Chi of Guyun (1 key)
  • The Tree who Stands Alone (1 key)
  • Treasure Lost, Treasure Found (1 key)
  • Adventure Rank Ascension 2 (Adventure Rank 35, 3 keys)

Mondstadt Domains:

  • Temple of the Falcon (Adventure Rank 12, 1 key)
  • Temple of the Wolf (Adventure Rank 15, 1 key)
  • Temple of the Lion (Adventure Rank 18, 1 key)
  • Eagle’s Gate (Adventure Rank 21, 1 key)

Liyue Domains:

  • Domain of Forsaken Ruins (Adventure Rank 24, 1 key)
  • Domain of the Wayward Path (Adventure Rank 27, 1 key)
  • Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula Voyage to the Sanguine Sky (Adventure Rank 30, 1 key)
  • Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula Travels of the Moonlit Venturer (Adventure Rank 35, 1 key)

Every region in Genshin Impact has its own certain Shrine. You will need to find all the keys on the map to match the particular shrine so that you can access it. By opening these Shrines, you will get the reward. One is able to gain 60 Adventure Rank EXP, 40 Primogems, 10 sigils according to the region, and some different kinds of weapons and artifacts.

For better understanding about the Mondstadt Shrine of Depth key locations, it is better for you to look at the map, which will show the exact location clearly.

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