About Genshin Impact Unlimited Opportunity

If you are playing Genshin Impact now on your device, and you want to complete the Unlimited Opportunity, you need to know about this quest. The things that you need to know is what this quest is and how to complete it. Here, we inform you about it and also other things related to this quest.

What is Unlimited Opportunity?

In the Genshin Impact game, Unlimited Opportunity is a quest which is part of the Unreconciled Star Event. In this quest, Ivanovich must be convinced by you that using meteorites is not a good business opportunity. However, you need to note that you must choose your responses wisely because it may affect your friendship with Ivanovich.

Unlimited Opportunity

If you want to accept this quest, you need to be Adventure Rank 20 and have completed the story quest What the Skies Conceal the Water Reveals. If you have not completed them, then you are not able to access the Unreconciled Star Event. It is important because this quest sets the whole 3rd phase, Star of Destiny in motion. It means that without that, you will not be able to find the Unlimited Opportunity Quest active.

The quest starts at Liyue Harbour, Liyue. This quest is simple to do. If you want to activate it, you have to access the Unreconciled Stars event page. After that, the thing that you have to do is to click the Meteoric Wave button that can be found on the bottom left and then scroll down to the tab which says Unlimited Opportunity. If you have done it, then the quest will be active.

The Guide of Ivanovich Quest in Genshin Impact

You have to go to Liyue Harbour if you have turned on navigation for the Quest. There, Ivanovich, the marchant, will be found by you. You need to convince Ivanovich into giving you the quest through a series of dialogues. If you worry, you do not have to because this is no Witcher 3. It means that what dialogue that you select as a response will not give an effect to the end result.

At the end of the conversation, you will be brought to spot on the map. There, the thing that you will find is Sweet Flowers that you have to collect and give back to Ivanovich. Also, you will be able to find a Pyro Whopperflower that you may select to either defeat or leave alone.

Then, you have to go back to Liyue and give the flowers to Ivanovich. You will get 25k Mora and 40 Primogems as a Quest Reward and 20 Fading Star Essence as the Event Reward which is part of Unreconciled Stars.

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Who is Ivanovich That You Meet In The Unlimited Opportunity Quest?

Who is Ivanovich That You Meet In The Unlimited Opportunity Quest

As explained above that in the Unlimited Opportunity quest, you have to find Ivanovich and say something to him. But, who is actually Ivanovich? He is an NPC which can be found in Liyue Harbor near the left side of the docks. If you are able to follow a dialogue branch for the first time, you are able to get a Shivade Jade Fragment.

He considers himself a distributor as he says that selling everyday items produced in Snezhnaya. Also, he acts as an agent for Cor Lapis merchants selling to Snezhnayan factories.

About Unreconciled Stars Event in Genshin Impact

Unlimited Opportunity is a part of Unreconciled Stars even in the Genshin Impact game. This event is in limited time because it is available from November 16th, 2020 to November 30th, 2020 so that if you want to complete it, you have to do it soon. There are two main additions which come with this event. The one is the Event Shop and another is Character Boosts while participating in certains missions.

In the Event Shop, you are able to exchange meteorite shards that you have discovered for character ascension materials, talent materials, more and more. All items in the shop will be available only during the period of the event. All shards that you have found will vanish when the shops are closed. It means that you need to make sure that you use them. For this event, there are two new types of currencies which can only be obtained by participating.

Now, how about Character Boosts? These characters will get 60 percent damage which is dealt boosts during both meteor remains and fallen star challenges. Those are Fischl, Mona, Liza, Beidou, Chongyun, Tartaglia, Ningguang, Noelle and Xiangling.

If you want to begin Unreconciled Stars, you have to be at least Adventure Rank 20 and then you will need to take on the introductory quest. It is straightforward. You have to go to Mondstadt’s Adventurer’s Guild and then you have to speak with Katheryne. With Fischl and her raven familiar OZ you will be paired and you will also be given a task to go to Springvale to check out the situation.

If you have completed the first quest, then you will see that a new menu comes up and it can be accessed through the Events menu. It is a new hub of sorts for all things which are related to the questlines. And here, you will be able to get new quests, check rewards, visit the event shop and many more.