Minecraft Hunger Games Server List

Everyone knows that the popular survival-based Minecraft mini-game known as Minecraft hunger games is inspired by the bestselling novels by the American writer Suzanne Collins called the Hunger Games.

The common Minecraft hunger game servers share the same focus on battle royale style game mode. When playing in these servers, the main goal of the players is to be the last one standing within a free-for-all PvP enabled map.

Usually, the best Minecraft hunger games servers put their own spin on the standard game mode. The custom made server plugins are usually used to add unique features that can make the gameplay more interesting with fresh mechanics, concepts, maps, and items.

If you are a die hard fan of Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, including the novels and the movies, you might want to check out the list of the Minecraft hunger games servers below:

    1. Hypixel

Minecraft Hunger Games Server Hypixel

Hypixel is known as the biggest Minecraft server and the gap to the runner up is quite huge. It is really popular as it leads to unique, thrilling, and epic end game battles. This server is a few times bigger than the runner up. One of the things that make this server has so many following is the fact that it has its own unique spin on the classic hunger game mode called blitz survival games.

Apparently, blitz survival games are the same to a number of the core elements that have made the classic hunger games game mode have so many fans. Actually, these games also keep improving and keep making the less loved aspects to be better.

Blitz star is one of the things added by Hypixel to the standard hunger games game mode. Apparently, this item spawns randomly in a chest at some point in the game and the one who manages to find it will be able to unlock access to special blitz attacks.

    1. MC Central

MC Central

Even though a Minecraft server network named MC Central has been around since years ago, it just added the Minecraft hunger games game mode. This server is clearly one of the most popular servers that are known by many fans of Minecraft PvP.

MC Central has many things to offer, including a lot of custom hunger games maps. Not only that, it also has its own custom enchant system within the game. One thing that sets it apart from its competitors is the fact that it allows the teams in the game mode. It is also one of the reasons why so many players like this server to the death.

The feature that allows the players to team up with the other players in a team is actually surprising as it is not expected from the Minecraft hunger game server where the players usually work alone to win and aim to be the last man standing so that they can get the reward.

While a lot of people like the idea of working with the others in a Minecraft hunger game server, however, it is clearly not a good thing for the solo players as they will have a hard time to hold up against the big teams.

    1. Mineplex

Minecraft Hunger Games Server Mineplex

Miniplex is also a mini games server that offers the hunger game mode. Among the community, the name Mineplex is known as a household. This server has so many followings at any given point on the network. Due to this fact, it would be easy for anyone to find a match.

One of the things that make the hunger games on Miniplex different compared to the others is that it has the unique spin of offering kits that the players enter the game with. Keep in mind that these kits are able to be unlocked only by the universal gems currency. If you have no idea how to get these gems, all that you have to do is to play games on the network. From this system, actually, not everyone will gain. Those who just joined the server and are new to it will get the disadvantage as they will be unable to afford suitable kits due to the lack of gems.

    1. The Hive

 The Hive

The Hive makes it to the list of top Minecraft server networks in terms of raw popularity and player count. From thousands of concurrent players, you can tell how popular and how good it is. According to some sources, almost 6 million unique players have played on this server. A lot of people believe that the success of the game mode is likely due to the use of a few exclusive and custom features, including loot drops, cache cows, and a custom hunger system, the one that adds a unique spin upon how the classic game is played.

    1. MC Prison

MC Prison

While it is true that MC Prison is not known as a dedicated Minecraft hunger games server, it is still worth making it to the list as it is amazing. For those who are not looking for a boring dedicated hunger games server, this server is recommended as it does not feature real consequences to winning or losing. In this server, those who complete the special events will be rewarded with something that is valuable and useful within the primary prison game mode.

Once again, MC Prison is the only one here that is not considered as a dedicated hunger games server. It makes it to the list because it is that great. It is perfect for people looking for some hunger games fun mixed in with a longer term and lasting game mode.

Which Minecraft hunger games server do you find amazing? Go try it now. Besides, do not forget to try the other ones as well. Every Minecraft hunger game server mentioned above is best. Apparently, all of them have an active community. Not only that, they also have some unique features. One of the reasons why they are popular is the fact that they keep updating.

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