Minecraft: How Deep Is Buried Treasure Buried Inside Underwater Ruins

For those who want to know how deep is the buried treasure in the game named Minecraft, you are so lucky as you are in the right place. Actually, the exact locations of the buried treasure vary, but there are the most common ones. It can give you an estimate of the most possible place.

Apparently, a few of buried treasure chests are planted deep into the soil underneath. It is possible for them to be found in 1 or 2 blocks down under. These two are the easiest ones that you can dig up and discover. However, some buried treasure chests are so deep down. It means it might take a lot of time up to hours for you to find them.

How Deep Is Buried Treasure Buried Inside Underwater Ruins

Buried treasures can be buried 10 blocks underground. Some of them are 3 to 6 blocks underneath the ground while some are not even underground. The buried treasure chests might also be found in caves. it is proven true that the locations of the buried treasure vary. It is also worth noting that not all maps lead to the buried treasure. Rather than leading to buried treasure, some lead to the other rare structures. In this case, it is a must for you to know which map that will lead you to the buried treasure.

The thing is, finding a buried treasure chest seems like a scary thing to do. In case you cannot manage to find anything directly underneath the X and have been looking for it for hours, then it might be the best time for you to change up your approach. It is always fine to change your approach, as long as you will be able to reach your final destination.

You are recommended to start digging around the X. Keep in mind that you have to dig around it and not under it. Doing the opposite thing will make everything over. A lot of players have reported that they have found the buried treasure chests by digging around it. Some people also said that the buried treasure chests also spawn under rocks.

Another thing to take a note is the fact that X does not indicate directly to the location where the buried treasure chest is located. In fact, the X is just a general spot that indicates that the buried treasure chest is located somewhere close so it does not mean you will succeed when you see X. It is just a beginning. This is the reason why it is really important to dig deeper and wider until you see the real one.

Several Youtubers have found the location of the buried treasure chest to be around 40 blocks down in the underground cave system. A few players are also aware that the buried treasure chests never usually show up under a stone. Even so, they are able to show up under sand or gravel.

It seems like it can be concluded that the buried treasure chests can appear in any place that does not have sunlight exposure. It has also been known that they spawn in bizarre locations such as homes.

As you already have found out about the weird spawning habits of the buried treasure chest, it would be easier for you to find it when you play the game next time. Please remember everything and write it down if needed and if you do feel confident with your memory. The only accurate method to get the buried treasure chest is as follow:

  • Get in close to the X from the south. Please look at the X with North centered.
  • Keep going forward until the time where the white market has almost disappeared.
  • In this step, there should be only one pixel left, which is able to be seen under the X. This one is the key.
  • Keep going straight underneath and get to digging. It is really helpful to find the buried treasure chest.

By reading the whole guide, now you know how deep the buried treasure is and you should be able to get it if you follow the guide well. For more information about how deep it is and anything related to the game, you are recommended to visit a site-like-dictionary called Wiki. You can also join the communities or forums of Minecraft to know more. In the same communities and forums, you might want to ask something that has been in your brain. Feel free to ask anything and to start or join the discussion. Do not be shy to start something. If needed, you are also able to try to reach out the developers of the game, Mojang, or any representative of the game to help you.

Minecraft by Mojang was released for the first time in late 2011. This sandbox game still has some many followings. There are a lot of million people around the world who play and enjoy the game. The game was released for Windows, OS X, and Linux, and has since been the frontrunner in its field. There are also some spin offs such as Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft: Story Mode, and Minecraft Earth.

The structure called buried treasure featured for the first time in Minecraft update 1.13. This update known as The Update Aquatic comes with a long of new things, one of them is buried treasure.

When it comes to the appearance, the buried treasure can be described as a brown chest that is buried deep underground. This one contains loot items, including tools, armors, and previous jewels inside. It can show up in any biome. It also has a Heart of the Sea. Do take note that this is the only location where you are able to get the Heart of the Sea other than the Creative mode inventory or the commands.

Everyone is able to find the buried treasure by following any Exploration Map, which is able to be found in shipwrecks located underneath or in the other Underwater Ruins.

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