Minecraft Ender Dragon Skin Template Review with Wings

Do you like Ender Dragon in Minecraft? And then now, you may want to make the skin by yourself so that now you need the Ender Dragon skin template with wings. Well, we will give you some information about it here.

Ender Dragon Skin Template with Wings

If you are looking for the skin template of Ender Dragon  with wings, you are able to find it on Pinterest. When we tried to look for the skin template of Ender Dragon with wings, we found it on Pinterest. You can search using your browser and then choose Picture search. Even we found a template which has a note about the part of the Ender Dragon body such as the neck, head, body, tail, back legs, and front legs. As you know that the Ender Dragon is black. So, the templates that we found are also black with grey color in some parts of it.

Ender Dragon Skin Template with Wings

If you want to make an Ender Dragon skin template by yourself, you are able to make it on the Paper Minecraft site. There, you are able to find a template generator. The thing that you can do there is to choose a texture pack. Then, you can choose tiles from the tileset and then paste them into the template. In the tileset, you are able to see a lot of tiles that you are able to choose. Then, you can choose the block size whether it is large or small. At last, you can generate a PDF and print your Minecraft block.

About Ender Dragon

Do you know how Ender Dragon is? Well, it is a flying hostile boss mob which can be found when you first get into the End. It is dangerous and it is the biggest naturally spawning mob in the game. It is also known as the main antagonist and final boss in Minecraft.

 Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon spawns soon when there is a player who first arrives in the End. As a player, you are able to re-summon the Ender Dragon when the fight is over. You can do that by putting four end crystals on the edges of the exit portal. When you re-summon the dragon, there will be a series of explosions which resets the obsidian pillars, end crystals and iron bars. You will see that the top of each pillar comes up to explode and it destroys any player-placed blocks. If you do not get the dragon egg and begin to re-summon the dragon, the dragon egg will be gone.

Behaviour of Ender Dragon

If you battle with the Ender Dragon, there will be a unique music named Boss. The battle will keep loaded some chunks around the X,Z=0,0, regardless if the player exists. These things will happen when you fight the dragon.

At the top of your screen, you are able to see the light purple health bar of the Ender Dragon. Its health is often restored by nearby End crystals. It is indicated by a magical white beam which connects the dragon and the crystal. If you destroy an End crystal which is actively healing the dragon, it can cause 10 damage to the Ender Dragon.

For your information, the dragon is able to take damage only from explosions and player based damage. It will take 1/4 normal damage when it hits on any part that is not her head. It is also important for you to know that the dragon is immune to all status effects such as poison and even instant effects like instant damage.

If you use the F3 + B shortcut, the bounding box of the dragon will appear. This dragon is not able to be damaged at just any spot this large volume: eight green sub hitboxes are also known which indicates the area where the dragon is able to take damage including the body, tail, head and wings.

How about the movement of Ender Dragon? It is a flying mob which actually cannot stand on the ground. This mob flies around the end of the main island while it is fighting the player. This mob can pass through all blocks and destroy almost all types. But, there are blocks which cannot be destroyed by the dragon. Those are the blocks which are naturally generated on the central End island and the blocks which are intended to be indestructible except crying obsidian and respawn anchors. Here are the blocks which cannot be destroyed: Obsidian, End stone, Command block, Bedrock, Barrier, Iron Bars, End Portal, End Portal Frame, End gateway, Crying Obsidian but in Java only, Respawn Anchor but in Java only and Structure Block.

The Attack Of the Ender Dragon

If you want to know how it attacks, you need to know that the dragon never aims any entity except the player. When struck, other mobs may turn hostile to the dragon. If there are entities which are hit by its wings, they will deal 5 damage or 10 damage if they are hit by its head. And they are thrown into the air. They can be thrown to fatal heights or even off the island.

There are four main states of Ender Dragon behavior. Those are listed below.

  • Circling. The dragon starts in this state. It will circle the ring of obsidian pillars on either the outside if there are still End crystals or the inside of the crystals are destroyed. When the dragon finds itself less than 10 blocks, or bigger than 150 blocks from its current target, the dragon will try to choose a new target.
  • Strafing. The dragon switches to strafing upon the destruction of an End crystal. When it is in 64 blocks, it will shoot a fireball at the player.
  • Diving. It will dive onto the position of the target player and it is taken at the beginning of the dive.
  • Perching. The Ender dragon will go to the exit portal structure and then land on the highest block of the coordinates. For your information, the Ender Dragon is immune to arrows in this state.