How to Update Aternos Server Without Losing Data

Updating the Aternos server from older version to the newest still makes the users doubt it. Why? They’re really worried to lose their data when they update the older version of the server to the new one. That’s because a lot of Minecraft servers will lose your data if you update it.

Then, how about Aternos server? It is possible if you update it without losing data? Thankfully, you surely cannot lose your data even if you update the Aternos server to the latest one. According to the official Aternos Twitter account for tweet reply  posted on October 3, 2017. They totally emphasized that the Aternos users can change the versions of the server without losing the data.

From the tweet reply here, we can conclude that the Aternos server users will keep the Minecraft data still safe and secure when they update the server to the newest one. Then, how to update Aternos server without losing data?

Updating the Aternos Server Without Losing Data

To note, even though Aternos server will keep your data when you update the old version to the newest one, we recommend you to always  backup your Minecraft data on Aternos server to avoid unwanted things that may happen someday.

Moreover, to update the new version of the Aternos server, you just simply install the new version on the software page. Then, if you stay on the same software, you shouldn’t lose anything. As there is a message which warns you all Aternos settings and Minecraft world will be deleted, of course, backing up your Minecraft data on Aternos server is such a must-way for you.

Here’s how !

Before you update your Aternos server, ensure that you already receive a message that informs your server is out of date. Once you got the message, the next way that you should do is to check what version of the server that you have used. Here, you’ll need to start looking for the latest one.

Once you get the latest version of the Aternos server, well to get the software, you need to go to the official Aternos page at Then, you need to select the software that you want to install. Here, you can choose either Vanilla, Spigot or Bukkit or more. In this post, we will choose the Vanilla software for example.

Here, you have to go to the Software button located  on the left of the sidebar. Then, select Vanilla and then select the newest version of 1.13 for Vanilla software. Once you get it, you have to install it when the download process is successfully completed.

elect Vanilla and then select the newest version of 1.13 for Vanilla software

In this step,  you should force the upgrade by choosing the World button. Then, you need to switch the option to Checklist on Force Upgrade button. Then, you need to start your server.

switch the option to Checklist on Force Upgrade button

To start your server, you have to select the Server button. Then, click on the green Start button and select the option that says “Yes, I accept the EULA”. You’re able to check the server  by choosing the Console button whether it’s running or not.

Yes, I accept the EULA

Finally, you can use the latest version of the Aternos server once you get the server status is ON. You can now try updating the Aternos server to the newest versions easily.

That’s it! Those are step-by-step that you can take to update the Aternos server without losing your Minecraft data.

Why Should You Update the Aternos Server?

However, it’s such an important thing for all Minecraft players where they should update the server to the latest one. The latest server definitely will make your Minecraft performance getting better than the older one. Moreover,

The older version of the Aternos server will not work for the latest version of Minecraft. Indeed, the old Aternos server version does not match with the Minecraft latest version. Well, connecting the older Minecraft version to the latest version of Aternos server may be hard at all.

In this section, we definitely recommend you to update the Aternos server if the newest version of the Aternos server is currently available. However, that’s so easy for you to update your Aternos server if you do not miss a step above.

Is It Possible to Connect the Latest Aternos Server to Older Minecraft Versions?

Sometimes, you just want to  update the Aternos server without updating the Minecraft version too. You may wonder, does it totally work? In this case, we cannot 100% guarantee that if you connect the latest Aternos server to the older Minecraft version it will work well. In fact, there are a lot of players who try to run it but just a few of them are successful.

But it’s not totally wrong if you still want to try to connect the latest Aternos server to the older Minecraft version. Of course, to perform it, you surely need to follow some ways that we show as follow:

  • Firstly, you need to open the Minecraft launcher.
  • After that, make sure that you click on the Installations.
  • Once you click it, you have to click on New button.
  • In this step, you can also give a name on your profile and select the Minecraft version in the Version drop-down.
  • Click on the Create button and continue to click on Play button.
  • Here,  you’re also able to use the arrow on the right of the active version to change your profile.
  • Last, you need to click on Play button.

Well, those are the steps that you can  take to try connecting your latest Aternos server to the older Minecraft version.

Important Notes!

Even though updating the Aternos server cannot lose your data, keep in mind that the server will get cleared if the new software does not support the existing world. Of course, you have to keep your Minecraft data and your progress safe and secure by always backing it up.

When the server that you currently update and evidently loses your Minecraft data, if you back it up, that’s no worry at all. Once you update it, you can now download your world and Minecraft progress again, switch the software and upload the map again. That’s it!