How to Time Travel in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In the Animal Crossing game, the players are allowed to manually change the time in the game. However, changing the time in Animal Crossing is totally done when the players want to take the Time Travel option. There are a lot of players who try to take this option in order to get any benefits within.

The benefits of Time Travel is to have a chance in getting the advantages from the seasonal events, fish, bugs, moving villagers in, moving villagers out, progressing store, upgrading shops and many more. Aside from those, the Time Travel is usually used to manipulate the ABD interest where a certain percentage by the end of each month is added to the player’s Bell amount in their bank accounts.

Even though Time Travel is actually controversial among the Animal Crossing fans, considering all players who take the Time Travel will take the risk of their town to become populated with weeds but some of the players really need to time travel because of some reasons.

Are you one of the Animal Crossing who need Time Travel? If so, let’s see how to do it!

Here’s How to Time Travel in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Time Travel totally refers to jumping around in time. In order to accelerate the time as they desire to play more or compensate for bad availability, of course the players will take the Time Travel option. Time Travel means changing the time of your Animal Crossing island so that the time does not flow alongside in real life.

At least, there are two ways to take Time Travel option in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. They are:

  • Way 1: Changing the Time in the Game
  • Way 2: Changing the Time through your DS

So, let’s see both ways that we’ll explain below!

Way 1: Changing the Time in the Game

If you take the first way to change the time in the game, so here’s what you should do:

  • First of all, you have to load the Animal Crossing game.

load the Animal Crossing game

  • In your first boot up to turn on your DS in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Isabelle then will be there to ask you whether you’re ready to start the game.
  • Here, you shouldn’t choose “Yes, Let’s” to start the game, but choose “I need help first…” option to show another branch of dialogue.

Get help

  • From the dialogue, Isabelle is able to either assist you with setting the time, re-creating the town or demolishing your home.
  • Well, to take the Time Travel option, you should choose the “Set the Time” option. Then, Isabelle will ask you to select the date and the time. Set the date and the time based on your desire.

choose the “Set the Time” option

  • Once you set the time, you can then start playing the game. Then, you will find the date has changed to reflect your adjustments.

start playing the game

  • Of course, it can be done however many times you want.
  • Finally, you can play a whole Animal Crossing month in one real-life day.

Congratulations! You can start playing the Animal Crossing game in the time when you really want to travel.

Those are all ways that you can do to Time Travel by changing the time in the game.

Way 2: Changing the Time Through Your DS

Aside from changing the time in the game, to take the Time Travel option, you can also change the time outside the game by turning on your DS. Here’s how to change the time through DS!

  • First, you need to turn your DS on to be able to change the time outside of the game.

turn your DS on

  • Once you turn your DS on, you can go to the Settings menu. Here, you can click on the settings icon that you can find on the DS menu.

go to the Settings menu

  • To note, if you are running the game, of course  system settings will not open. Then, DS will inform you that there’s software which needs to be closed to show the system settings.
  • Then, you have to choose “Other Settings”.

Date & Time

  • Once you have clicked on the system settings, you will then find four different panels. Then, the Other Settings can be found in the lower-right corner.
  • After that, you can see the Date & Time option. Tap on it to change the date and the time. Here, you can change the current time, today’s date or also both.

Other Settings

  • Well, you can start playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf once you have changed the date and the time as your desire.

start playing Animal Crossing

  • Finally, you can see that the date and the time in the game has been changed.

Congratulations! You can start playing the Animal Crossing: New Leaf and take the Time Travel option.

Those are all ways that you can do to Time Travel by changing the time outside of the game.

Pros and Cons of Time Travel

As we’ve mentioned above, the Time Travel will have some effects on your island either positive or negative. Here they are:

Positive Effect

  • Fruit trees and bamboo will grow.
  • The expansions of the house will be completed.
  • The shop upgrades/ new shops and also the public work projects will be completed between 1 and 5 days based on the nature of the build.
  • Fast-forwarding to a holiday or any events such as New Year or Summer Solstice which may allow the players to play on the days they miss the event because of any reasons.

Negative Effects

  • More weeds will rapidly grow if the player time travels forward every day.
  • If the players take the Time Travel more than a day, of course the flowers will wilt and die without someone to water them.
  • The players’ villagers will move away faster.
  • The players will be distressed for losing a prized villager and co-mayor.
  • The Time Travel forward multiple days in one will still count as one day for creating the project purposes.
  • A lot of cockroaches will spawn in the player’s house.
  • The mailbox in the player’s house will fill up.
  • The player will get the bed head.

Of course, there are still many cons which seemingly happen to the players’ island when they try to Time Travel.

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