How to Reset ADT Alarm Panel After Power Outage

If you want to reset the ADT alarm after a power outage, you need to know the steps for doing it. If you do it without clearly knowing the correct steps, you may make a mistake. So here, you are able to read the steps for resetting the ADT alarm after a power outage.

The Things You Should Know Before Resetting ADT Security System

There are several things that you have to consider before you reset ADT security systems as you can read below according to the Sense Mother site.

    • You have to find the reset passcode that comes with the ADT system. You have to examine the manual or any other papers. It is because you cannot do anything without this code.
    • If you get into the erroneous security code to disable the alarm, the central ADT station will be informed by the alarm and you may get a call from them to check what is happening.
    • Let’s say that you do not answer the phone and thoroughly explain the situation. If s, the central station will treat the scenario as a break-in and it will notify the police.
    • If it has gone, the # key must be pressed to restart the process from the start.

How to Reset ADT Alarm Panel After Power Outage

The Steps to Reset ADT Security System After Power Outage

According to the Sense Mother site, you can read how to reset the ADT alarm after a power outage below.

Updating the Battery of ADT Alarm

To update the battery of the ADT alarm, you are able to follow the steps below.

    • First, you have to set your computer to test mode. It is done to guarantee that your system does not send false alarms to the monitoring station.
    • Then, you have to remove the panel and then you must open it. It may require a key for some panels.
    • You have to remove the old battery from the unit. You have to make certain to pay attention to how it was linked.
    • Here, you have to connect the replacement battery, paying great attention to make sure it is connected exactly the same way the original battery was.
    • The panel must be closed and you have to double check that everything is in place.
    • Then, you must remove the system from test mode. So, it is armed and sends signals to the monitoring station.

Note that it may take up to 48 hours for the battery to charge after you have successfully replaced it.

Resetting the ADT Alarm System

To reset the ADT alarm system, you can follow the steps below.

    • You are able to find the reset code of the ADT here and it can be found in the user manual of the keypad or in documents left by the installer when the job was completed.
    • Then, you have to insert the reset passcode carefully on the keypad and pause for the ADT alarm system to restart.
    • To arm the alarm, you have to turn the system back on and then you have to input the security code.
    • Now, you have to turn off the ADT alarm.

You can confirm that the alarm system is working properly by resetting the ADT panel with the reset passcode and then activating or deactivating the unit.

Resetting the ADT Alarm System to Its Factory Settings

If you have forgotten or lost the user passcode, you have to factory reset the whole panel. It is recommended for you to call ADT and ask them to send a professional to your house so that they can help you factory reset the ADT alarm system.

If you want, you are able to restore factory settings to the alarm systems panel by yourself by following the steps below.

    • First, you have to access the alarms battery area and you can do that by taking off the backplate after you turn off the electricity to the panel. It is important for you to note that the battery may be connected to a keypad. If so, the reset must be done by a specialist.
    • Then, you have to remove the battery then find the black, white and red wires which can be found on the motherboard of the system.
    • Now, you have to take out the wires from the motherboard of the system without separating them.
    • After 60 seconds, you have to reverse the instructions (reattach the wires).

Resetting ADT User’s Access Code

    • First, after you hit the * key, you have to choose the 5 digit.Then, you have to input the master passcode by using the keypad.
    • Now, you have to enter the user’s code number and it will be the user’s two-digit number where every user has a double digit figure that highlights who they are on the systems panel. Usually, it ranges between 1 and 32.
    • Here, you have to replace the old code with a new code. Then, you have to push the pound key.

Sometimes the master code is similar to the principal user passcode, but sometimes it is different. It is needed for adding or removing new and existing users from any home security system.

You can test the recently created user’s access code by inserting it.

Resetting ADT’s Most Popular Alarm Systems

A variety of alarm systems are sold by ADT and the way to reset them varies depending on the make or model. However, all of the systems have a shared characteristics that they use an individual passcode.

If you want to avoid a possible false alarm and you want to reset this alarm, this code will be needed. Here are the way to reset common ADT alarm systems.

    • DSC ADT Impassa
      You have to enter the password to reset it. You have to type whichever key on the keypad and then you must insert your passcode if the machine is in sleep mode.
    • Command Smart Security Panel by ADT
      In the touchscreen ADT variation, there are some false alarms that may be turned off by hitting the shield icon that has an x on the center and entering your PIN.
    • Ademco Vista Series from Honeywell
      If you have entered your passcode, you have to press the 1 or Off button.

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