How to Make the Perfect Snowman in ACNH

A perfect snowman will be needed to get the large snowflakes. In other words, you will receive a large snowflake after building a perfect snowman. Of course, the snowflakes here can be used to craft any winter furniture, as almost most winter recipes are made by snowflakes such as frozen floor, frozen wall, frozen bed, frozen table, etc.

That’s why you should create a snowman as perfect as possible in order to obtain the large snowflakes. Do you already know how to create a perfect snowman in New Horizons? If not yet, no worries, this post will give you a guide of how to create a perfect snowman below!

How to Make the Perfect Snowman in ACNH

Building a Perfect Snowman in New Horizons, Here’s How!

In the case of building a perfect snowman, you should collect as many snowballs as possible. With enough snowballs, you will be able to build a snowman freely. Certainly, there are some extra steps that you can do to create a snowman as perfect as possible.

Here’s how to create a perfect snowman!

Step 1: Locate two snowballs

 Locate two snowballs1

All you need to do is to find two snowballs that can be found scattered throughout your Animal Crossing island. It’s important to note, you totally cannot create a snowman with only one snowball. So, make sure to find both and plan ahead.

As an easy clue, snowballs can be found nearby each other. Snowballs will always appear on the same layer whether on your cliff areas or on the ground level. However, you do not have to worry, as they will be close to each other. Every day, you can only create one snowman in order to get the DIY recipes and materials.

Step 2: Kick the snowballs

Kick the snowballs

After finding the snowballs, you need to kick it 13 times to make it larger. To note, you can only apply 13 kicks if you do not kick it over any non-snow-filled areas. You definitely can find the snowballs on the island in pretty small size. Then, you should kick it to make it roll and grow larger.

You just simply walk towards the snowballs to kick it and get the ball rolling and then your character will do the rest. When you kick the snowball, it will move a set distance ahead. Need to know, in the case of kicking the snowball, it can easily break the walls and other objects or also fall into rivers. So, make sure to be careful while you move it around.

Step 3: Push the snowball with your hands

Push the snowball with your hands

Once you kick the snowball 13 times and reach a certain size, you can roll it with your hands. To create the perfect snowman, you will need a large bottom and a smaller top in just the right proportions. So, make sure to keep that before you roll it away.

You may also need to create the snowball smaller by rolling it over snow-free ground. If you get a too big snowball, you can also decrease its size by rolling it over ground which does not have snow on it.

When rolling over bridges and inclines, you should be careful, as both will roll down your snowball at a faster speed. Sure, you may not be able to control them. So, make sure the area below is free of any obstacles.

Step 4: Roll the second snowball into the larger snowball

Roll the second snowball into the larger snowball

Once making the two snowballs into the perfect size, it’s a great time for you to create a snowman. To form a snowman, you just simply roll the smaller snowball into the large snowball. Just kicking the snowball, it will form into a snowman automatically.

Step 5: Get rewards

Get rewards

If you have created a snowman perfectly, you will then receive a reward. The rewards that you receive after creating a perfect snowman is such a large  snowflake and also a DIY recipe from the Ice (Frozen) series. If you want to get more large snowflakes, of course you should create more snowmans by rolling more snowballs as well.

Okay, that’s how to create a perfect snowman to get any rewards. You can then use the snowman’s reward to craft any in-game winter furniture.

Then, how to respawn your snowball if you accidentally destroy it? You shouldn’t worry if you accidentally destroy your snowball. To respawn it, you just simply enter and exit any building. After a while, a fresh snowball will appear. But sometimes, it may be the fastest way to bring your two snowballs together.

Tips and Tricks to Create a Perfect Snowman

As a beginner in building a snowman, you may need some tips and tricks that will lead you to get the perfect one. Certainly, you may need some extra tips and tricks to create a perfect snowman, here you go!

    1. Try using the camera app
      Using the camera app is necessary to measure the snowball proportions. To measure the snowball before putting them together, it’s highly recommended for you to use the camera app on Nook Phone.
    2. Make sure the snowman’s body reach the top of your ears
      You also should roll the snowball for the body until its size reaches the top of your ears and the middle of your eyes. Make sure to remove your accessories to help you measure it.
    3. Make sure the head reach below your ears
      It’s also highly recommended for you to roll the snowball until its size reaches up to your chin or also the bottom end of your ears. Keep in mind, cameras will also make a whole lot of difference. So, you can match the snowball by rolling it for the head until it reaches between below our ears and your chin.
    4. Prevent from Dung Beetles
      You should always keep the snowball from the Dung Beetles, because they will be able to roll your snowballs without you knowing it. If you see your snowball moving on its own, it means you have obtained the beetle trouble. So, make sure to check as carefully as possible before you put two snowballs together.

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